What to Do If Your Maid Borrows from a Loan Shark

So, we all know that Singapore has its fair share of moneylenders, but some of them can be real troublemakers. These sneaky loan sharks pretend to be legit moneylenders, offering quick cash without giving you the full picture.

And here’s the scary part: once you can’t keep up with the payments, they turn into relentless pests, bombarding you with calls, texts, and even resorting to threats. It’s enough to send shivers down your spine, isn’t it?

Believe it or not, even with the strict laws in place to regulate moneylending activities, people still fall into the clutches of loan sharks here in Singapore. And here’s something that might catch you off guard—what if your maid ends up borrowing money from one of these loan sharks and drags you into the debt mess? That’s a definite “yikes” moment!

Well, worry not, in this article, we’ll address a specific scenario that might shock you—what to do if your maid borrows money from a loan shark and implicates you in debt.

The Overview of Having a Maid in Singapore

Let’s talk about having a helper in Singapore. It’s not something out of the ordinary, especially when your schedule is jam-packed and neither you nor your partner has the time to keep up with household chores and meal preparations after long hours at work. 

Picture this: you’re swamped with deadlines, your sink is overflowing with dishes, and your fridge is emptier than your wallet after a shopping spree. That’s where a helper comes to the rescue!

Now, you’ve got a couple of options on the table: a part-time maid or a full-time helper.

A part-time maid is like having your very own cleaning ninja who pops in a few days a week to tackle the chaos, whip up mouthwatering meals, and ensure your fridge is stocked with goodies that’ll make your taste buds dance.

But let’s take it up a notch, shall we? A full-time helper, also known as a foreign domestic helper, becomes an absolute rockstar in your household. They don’t just lend a hand; they become an invaluable part of your crew, living under the same roof and taking care of various tasks.

A True Event: Maid Borrows Over $3,000 from 9 Loan Sharks

The Problem

Let’s dive into a true story that sheds light on the issue we’re talking about. It’s about a maid who found herself in a tight spot after borrowing over $3,000 from not one, not two, but a staggering nine shady moneylenders. The woman who hired her, let’s call her Yan (that’s not her real name), stumbled upon this situation but decided to give her helper another shot.

The Maid’s Behavior Raises Concerns

Yan had always been happy with her helper’s dedication to work until she noticed a change in behavior earlier this year. The maid seemed lost in her thoughts, always glued to her phone. Curious, Yan asked what was going on. That’s when the maid spilled the beans—her older brother was hospitalized, and she urgently needed $3,000 for his operation. Touched by compassion, Yan lent her the money, hoping it would resolve the crisis.

Unforeseen Revelations and Threats

However, on April 26, 2023, Yan received an unexpected call from a man inquiring about her helper. Perplexed, she confronted the maid, who flatly denied any knowledge of the man. But just a few days later, Yan received a text message that shook her to the core. It revealed that her maid had borrowed money, accompanied by photos of the maid’s work permit. Shocked and worried, Yan’s fears grew even stronger when she received threatening videos. They depicted houses vandalized with red paint and set ablaze. As if that wasn’t enough, the loan sharks took pictures of Yan’s own home and sent them to her. It was a terrifying ordeal.

Maid’s Confession and Apology

Under immense pressure, the maid eventually admitted to borrowing approximately $3,150 from nine loan sharks. She tearfully confessed that she needed the money for her husband, who was seeking employment in Brunei. She had been introduced to these loan sharks through a friend, who led her down this treacherous path. Overwhelmed with regret, she offered to forfeit her salary to repay the borrowed amount and sincerely apologized to Yan.

Yan’s Decision and Call to Action

Despite the frightening experience, Yan chose not to send the maid back to Indonesia. Instead, she decided to give her a second chance. Yan made it clear that she would not hesitate to involve the police if the loan sharks returned. This incident serves as a powerful reminder to employers and agencies to caution their maids against borrowing money from illegal moneylenders.

What to Do If Your Maid Borrows from Loan Sharks

Alright, let’s talk about a situation that’s got all of us scratching our heads—what to do when your maid gets mixed up with loan sharks? Yes, it’s a real headache, but don’t worry, We’ve got your back. Here’s what you should do:

Step 1: Get the Scoop

Sit down with your maid and have a heart-to-heart. Find out exactly what happened—when she borrowed the money, how it went down, and how much is involved. The more you know, the better you can handle this.

Step 2: Identify the Moneylenders

Now, it’s time to figure out who we’re dealing with here. Are we talking about licensed moneylenders or those sneaky loan sharks? This distinction will guide your next steps.

  1. Licensed Moneylenders: If your maid borrowed from the legit ones, you’ve got options:
    • Reach out to her agency for advice. They’ve seen it all before and can guide you through this mess.
    • Talk to the moneylenders yourself and negotiate a deal. You can try to reduce the loan amount and work out an informal payment plan with your maid.
  1. Loan Sharks: But if it’s those notorious loan sharks she got tangled up with, things get a bit trickier:
    • First things first, don’t freak out! You’re not responsible for paying off her debt.
    • If those loan sharks come knocking at your door and causing a ruckus, ask them to show some ID and immediately dial the police.

Step 3: Report to the Police

Reporting the situation to the police is the next crucial step. By filing a complaint, you create a paper trail and provide important information to the authorities, helping them crack down on these loan shark activities.

Step 4: Let the Agency Know

Keep your maid’s agency in the loop. If things escalate, they can suspend her work permit, which can help control the situation. They can also assist you with legal actions and steps related to her work permit. If your maid decides to make a run for it, the agency will lend a hand in tracking her down.

Step 5: Notify the Ministry of Singapore

The powers that be at the Ministry of Singapore are dead set against these illegal loan shark activities. So, do your part and report it. By doing so, you help the authorities crack down on these scammers.


Discovering that your maid has borrowed money from a loan shark can be quite unsettling. However, by following the steps outlined in this article, we can navigate through this issue with a clear plan of action. 

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