Trust Bank Singapore: Your Ticket to Financial Bliss

In a world where financial dreams soar to new heights, one name stands above in the digital banking era – Trust Bank Singapore. If you’re wondering if it’s an average bank, the truth is, it’s far from that. 

First and foremost, it’s a remarkable digital banking institution. It focuses on empowering you and other Singaporean communities to attain your financial goals. 

If you want to learn more about the bank’s history, fascinating facts, and delightful quirks, prepare to uncover a true gem in the banking terrain. 

Trust Bank Singapore

Could you ever think of a more clever name for a bank than “Trust”?  It may not be unique, but it speaks loud about the bank’s mission and vision. 

The bank is known as “Trust” and is a digitally-native bank. It’s the kind of bank that grew in the presence of the current digital technology or within the information age. 

It’s suitable with a robust IT presence, and the bank will offer the valued customers comfort and fluent banking technologies.

Trust Bank Singapore’s Mighty and Influential Heritage

A common misconception about the bank is it came about on its own and that it’s a different entity that emerged like a unicorn amidst the traditional banks in the Lion City’s jungle. 

Expect to be surprised because Trust Bank Singapore is backed by two unique, powerful, and mighty companies! The extraordinary and distinctive partnership between FairPrice Group and Standard Chartered Bank stunned many industries with their competitive approach.

Standard Chartered Bank:

The Standard Chartered Bank has been among the leading international banks globally since its establishment in 1853. Its headquarters is in the United Kingdom, but 90% of its profits come from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

The bank’s Singapore chapter was opened in 1859 and, from then on, has taken the country’s banking industry by storm.

FairPrice Group:

Singapore’s FairPrice Group was founded in 1973 by the labour movement with the social mission to moderate the country’s cost of living.

The company’s beginning was humble and exceptionally modest. It started only from a single supermarket. With its appetite for continuous excellence, it has since optimised its resources.

It’s because the partnership between two enormously stable, resilient, and globally acknowledged companies brought together a leading international bank and a social enterprise with more than two centuries of combined experience in Singapore’s business industry.  

Trust Bank Singapore Officially Launched 

Singapore’s financing industry has always been a great market. It’s lucrative, profitable and has garnered many opportunities for Singaporean citizens and businesses.

For one, you can apply for personal loans and other financial products! Isn’t that the service you deserve?

But upon Trust Bank Singapore’s launching on September 1st, 2022, what can you expect from such a monumental milestone in the digital banking industry?

The services are comprehensive, including:

  • Credit Card
  • Savings Account
  • Personal Accident Insurance

Get Linked with Trust Bank Singapore

It sounds authentic when they say all the best things are free, especially when you know how to play cards. You must get linked if you genuinely want the best points exchange and instant savings!

Does it sound too good to be true? 

How can such rewards be possible?

You have to be linked with a suitable linkage! It’s only possible for you to obtain these specific bonuses and compensation with Link Rewards!

With Link rewards and its loyalty programme, you’re obtaining more benefits with each transaction with Trust Bank Singapore. 

Trust is for Singapore!

Every customer in Singapore seeks a bank that will fulfil their banking needs up to the most complex demands or requirements. Some banks may need to be more open with their policies, disheartening many banking clients.

The great advantage of Trust is it is built solely for Singapore and the Singaporean citizens and communities. You’ll receive a high-quality customer-centric approach when you open your savings account and proceed to other services.

Trust Bank Singapore’s heart culture enables customers to obtain the best-in-class technology and create an outstanding user experience. 

Ease of Language Switch

Are you more comfortable conversing in English?

Or do you prefer to keep with your Mandarin heritage?

No worries, the Trust Bank Singapore app offers quite an enhanced accessibility. You can easily switch from one language to another founded on your discretion!

Delight in Transparency with Trust

Who wouldn’t want to partner with a bank that you can truly trust?

It’s the most basic and crucial factor when opening a savings account and choosing financial assistance and the product of your choice. You may acquire this with Trust.

When you bank with Trust, you’ll experience its state-of-the-art digital innovation from its platform, thus granting you an interface that’s secure and high-standard. To add more delight, you can attain self-service and convenient features to use Trust securely 24/7.

The Numberless Credit Card

Okay, I see you already look confused. As everyone is accustomed, numbers help recognise one’s account or ownership. Thus, it’s pretty confusing to hear about a credit card that lacks any number.

But does it have no numbers? 

Yes, it doesn’t have any numbers. It’s truly the first in the market. Trust Bank Singapore has imprinted its state-of-the-art innovations in this digital banking method.

The numberless credit card has a specific security feature that efficiently protects your credit card against fraud and theft. Of course, you can easily access the card’s actual number since you’re the owner. You may do it via your Trust app.

Moreover, the card allows you to select your repayment date freely and thus effectively eliminates the massive load of fees! That’s certainly a credit card worth having!

What is dual functionality?

Have you ever wondered if a credit card can offer you more than only a swipe? 

You can achieve it with Trust’s credit card, which doubles as a debit card. So you won’t have to use or carry more cards than you need.

Financial Bliss Begins with Trust Bank Singapore

Trust Bank Singapore stands bright as a truly digital banking visionary in the banking realm. It leads the way towards your financial bliss. As it’s founded on solid and influential partnerships, it has woven trust, personalised experiences, and innovation in its glorious fabric of digital banking services,

With the commitment and dedication to building a meaningful relationship and embracing the digital age, Trust Bang Singapore is the compass you need to navigate your financial goals easily. 

And if you’re seeking alternative solutions, do you have options? Of course, and it’s Accredit. A licensed moneylender that presents viable personal loans and other financial products in a flash! As Trust Bank grants specialised comprehensive banking services, you can acquire Accredit’s lending services for diverse financial needs.

Leap your financial bliss and choose one that aligns perfectly with your goals. Let your journey begin now!

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