Things to Do in Singapore on Good Friday


Welcome to the vibrant city of Singapore, where there is always something to do, especially on Good Friday. This public holiday is a time for reflection and celebration, and there are plenty of ways to make the most of your day off. Whether local or a tourist, you’ll find something to suit your interests and budget.

The Magic of Good Friday in Singapore is palpable, and there are many ways to experience it. You can immerse yourself in the day’s spirit, from attending church services to visiting cultural landmarks. Many attractions and events are also open so that you can enjoy a day of fun and relaxation with family and friends.

Unmissable Attractions abound in Singapore, and Good Friday is the perfect time to explore them. From the iconic Marina Bay Sands to the lush Gardens by the Bay, you can take in the sights and sounds of this vibrant city. There are also many museums, galleries, and cultural centres to learn more about Singapore’s rich history and diverse culture.

Key Takeaways

  • Good Friday is a public holiday in Singapore, and there are plenty of ways to celebrate and reflect.
  • Many attractions and events are open on Good Friday so that you can enjoy a day of fun and relaxation.
  • From cultural landmarks to shopping and dining, Singapore has something to offer everyone on Good Friday.

The Magic of Good Friday in Singapore


Good Friday is a public holiday in Singapore of great significance for Christians worldwide. It is a day of reflection, prayer, and contemplation, and there are many ways to experience the magic of Good Friday in Singapore.

Church Service

One of the most popular ways to celebrate Good Friday in Singapore is by attending a church service. Many churches in Singapore hold special services on this day, and it is an excellent opportunity to connect with the community and reflect on the meaning of this important day.

Family-Friendly Activities and Events

If you’re looking for something more family-friendly, plenty of activities and events are happening around Singapore on Good Friday. You could visit the Jurong Bird Park, where you can see over 5,000 birds from 400 different species, or head to the Singapore Zoo, where you can see animals worldwide.

Asian Civilisations Museum

For those looking for a more cultural experience, you could visit the Asian Civilisations Museum, which houses a vast collection of artefacts from all over Asia. Alternatively, you could visit the National Museum of Singapore, which offers a fascinating insight into the history and culture of Singapore.

No matter how you spend your Good Friday in Singapore, it will surely be a memorable and meaningful experience. So why not take some time out of your busy schedule to reflect, connect with others, and celebrate the magic of this special day?

Unmissable Attractions on Good Friday in Singapore


Check out these unmissable attractions if you want things to do in Singapore on Good Friday. From exploring Sentosa Island to visiting the iconic Gardens by the Bay, there is something for everyone.

Sentosa Island Exploration

Sentosa Island is a must-visit destination in Singapore. With its beautiful beaches, fun activities, and stunning views, you won’t want to miss out on this experience. Head to Siloso Beach for some sun, sand, and sea, or try out some of the many attractions on the island, such as Universal Studios Singapore, Adventure Cove Waterpark, and the S.E.A. Aquarium.

Marina Bay Sands Adventure

Marina Bay Sands is an iconic landmark in Singapore and a great place to spend your Good Friday. Take a stroll around the Marina Bay area and admire the stunning views of the city skyline. If you’re feeling adventurous, head to the SkyPark Observation Deck for panoramic views of Singapore. You can also try your luck at the casino or catch a show at the Sands Theatre.

Gardens by the Bay Visit

Gardens by the Bay is a must-visit attraction in Singapore, especially on Good Friday. Explore the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest to see some of the most beautiful and exotic plants worldwide. Don’t forget to walk around the Supertrees and catch the Garden Rhapsody light and sound show in the evening.

ArtScience Museum Tour

The ArtScience Museum is a unique museum in Singapore that fascinatingly combines art and science. Check out the latest exhibition, or take a museum tour to learn about the intersection of art and science. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the augmented reality exhibits, which will surely amaze you.

No matter your interests, these unmissable attractions will surely make your Good Friday in Singapore unforgettable.

Shopping Extravaganza on a Good Friday in Singapore


Singapore has you covered if you’re looking for a shopping extravaganza on Good Friday. With a plethora of malls and shopping streets, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here are two shopping areas that you should check out:

Jewel Changi Airport Shopping

Jewel Changi Airport is a shopping paradise perfect for locals and tourists. With over 280 shops, you can shop till you drop. The mall has many stores, including luxury brands like Chanel, Gucci, and Hermès. If you want something unique, head to the Pokemon Center or the Shake Shack outlet. You can also find souvenirs and gifts at the souvenir shops.

Apart from shopping, Jewel Changi Airport also has a lot of other attractions. You can stroll through the indoor forest, marvel at the world’s tallest waterfall, or catch a movie at the cinema. Don’t forget to grab a bite at one of the many restaurants.

Orchard Road Shopping

For good reason, Orchard Road is Singapore’s most famous shopping street. With over 20 shopping malls, you can shop till you drop. The malls range from high-end luxury brands to more affordable options. You can find everything from fashion to electronics to souvenirs.

Apart from shopping, Orchard Road also has a lot of other attractions. You can catch a movie at the cinema, visit the art galleries, or grab a bite to eat at one of the many restaurants. There are often special events and promotions during Good Friday, so keep an eye out for those.

Overall, Singapore is a shopper’s paradise, and Good Friday is the perfect time to indulge in some retail therapy. Whether you’re looking for luxury brands or affordable options, there’s something for everyone. So grab your shopping bags and get ready to shop till you drop!

Food and Drink Delights on a Good Friday in Singapore


Looking for some exciting dining options in Singapore this Good Friday? Look no further than Marina Bay Sands, Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar, and Kampong Gelam.

Dining at Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is home to some of the best restaurants in Singapore. From Michelin-starred fine dining to casual eateries, there is something for everyone. You can dine with a view at rooftop restaurants like LAVO or CE LA VI or enjoy a seafood feast at The Fish Market.

Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar

If you want a unique food experience, head to the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar. During Ramadan, this vibrant market is filled with food stalls selling traditional Malay dishes like nasi lemak, satay, and kueh. Don’t miss out on the famous Ramly burger, a juicy beef patty wrapped in egg and topped with a special sauce.

Kampong Gelam Food Experience

Kampong Gelam is a historic district with a rich culinary heritage. Take a food tour and explore the area’s diverse flavours. You can sample traditional Malay dishes like beef rendang and nasi padang or try fusion cuisine like Japanese-Peranakan fusion at The Blue Ginger. Don’t forget to stop by the famous Haji Lane for some Instagram-worthy desserts and drinks.

So, whether you’re in the mood for fine dining or street food, Marina Bay Sands, Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar, and Kampong Gelam have got you covered. Enjoy the diverse culinary delights that Singapore has to offer this Good Friday.

Nightlife in Singapore on a Good Friday


You’re in luck if you’re looking for a fun night on Good Friday in Singapore. The city-state has a vibrant nightlife scene that offers something for everyone. There’s no shortage of things to do after the sun, from bars and clubs to live music venues.

Clarke Quay Nightlife

One of the most popular nightlife destinations in Singapore is Clarke Quay. This scenic riverside area is home to a wide range of bars, restaurants, and clubs that offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a quiet drink by the river or a night of dancing and partying, you’ll find it here.

Some of the top bars and clubs in Clarke Quay include:

  • Zouk: This iconic club is one of the most popular in Singapore, and for good reason. With multiple dance floors and a wide range of music genres, it’s the perfect place to dance the night away.
  • Attica: If you’re a fan of mainstream dance music, Attica is the place to be. This club delivers a feel-good party atmosphere from Wednesday to Saturday.
  • Piedra Negra: This Mexican-inspired bar and restaurant offers a fun and lively atmosphere with live music and weekend DJs.

Halloween Horror Nights

If you’re looking for a spooky way to spend your Good Friday night, look no further than Halloween Horror Nights. This annual event at Universal Studios Singapore features haunted houses, scare zones, and more.

Some of the highlights of Halloween Horror Nights include:

  • Haunted Houses: These immersive experiences are designed to scare you. With themes ranging from classic horror movies to original creations, there’s something for everyone.
  • Scare Zones: These outdoor areas are filled with terrifying creatures and special effects that will leave you screaming.
  • Live Shows: If you need a break from all the scares, check out one of the live shows at Halloween Horror Nights. From dance performances to comedy acts, there’s always something entertaining happening.

No matter how you spend your Good Friday night in Singapore, you will have a great time. With so many options for nightlife and entertainment, the city-state is the perfect destination for a fun and exciting night out.

Free Activities in Singapore on a Good Friday


If you’re looking for free things to do in Singapore on Good Friday, you’re in luck! There are plenty of activities that won’t cost you a penny. Here are two great options to get you started:

Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade Walk

One of Singapore’s best free activities is walking along the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade. This scenic walkway offers stunning views of the city skyline and the Marina Bay Sands resort. You can also see the iconic Merlion statue and the ArtScience Museum along the way.

The promenade is about 3.5 kilometres long and perfect for a leisurely stroll. You can also rent a bike or a scooter if you prefer. There are plenty of benches and rest areas along the way, so you can take a break and enjoy the view.

Singapore Botanic Garden Visit

Another great free activity in Singapore is to visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens. This 160-year-old garden is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to over 10,000 species of plants.

The garden is open daily from 5 a.m. to midnight, so that you can visit anytime. You can take a leisurely stroll through the garden or join a free guided tour. There are also several picnic areas where you can enjoy a snack or a meal.

In addition to these two activities, there are plenty of other free things to do in Singapore on Good Friday. You can visit the National Museum of Singapore, explore the Chinatown Heritage Centre, or walk through the Gardens by the Bay. Whatever you choose, you’ll enjoy exploring this vibrant city without spending a penny.

Cultural Experiences on a Good Friday in Singapore


There are plenty of options if you’re looking for a cultural experience in Singapore this Good Friday. Here are a few sub-sections to consider:

National Gallery Visit

The National Gallery is a great place to spend time on Good Friday. This museum is home to a vast collection of Southeast Asian art and works from around the world. The building is also worth seeing, as it was once the City Hall and Supreme Court of Singapore. You can easily spend a few hours exploring the galleries here, and there are also plenty of cafes and restaurants on-site if you need a break.

LKY: The Experience

If you’re interested in Singapore’s political history, the LKY: The Experience exhibition is a must-see. This immersive exhibition takes you through the life and legacy of Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s founding father and first prime minister. Through a series of interactive displays and multimedia installations, you’ll learn about his challenges in building a new nation and how he shaped Singapore into its thriving city-state today.

Shepard Fairey Exhibition

Check out the Shepard Fairey exhibition at the Singapore Contemporary Art Museum for something more contemporary. Fairey is a renowned street artist and graphic designer, best known for his iconic “Hope” poster of Barack Obama. This exhibition features his work, from his early street art to his recent political pieces. It’s a great way to see how art can be used to comment on society and politics.

No matter what your interests are, there’s sure to be a cultural experience in Singapore that will appeal to you. So why not explore the city’s museums and galleries this Good Friday?

Special Events on a Good Friday in Singapore


Looking for something unique to do this Good Friday in Singapore? Look no further than these three exciting events that will make your day unforgettable!

Magical Shores at Siloso

Head to Sentosa Island to experience the Magical Shores at Siloso. This interactive light and sound show is perfect for all ages and features stunning visuals and music that will transport you to another world.

You’ll be able to walk through a magical forest, interact with the living creatures, and create your own light show with a unique interactive installation. This is a must-see event that you won’t want to miss!

Museum of Ice Cream

If you’re a fan of all things sweet, then the Museum of Ice Cream is the perfect place. This immersive exhibition is filled with interactive installations, sculptures, and plenty of ice cream!

You’ll be able to explore ice cream’s history, learn about its science, and even create your own unique flavour. This is an excellent event for families or anyone with a sweet tooth!

All of Us Are Dead Experience

If you’re a fan of horror games, then the All of Us Are Dead Experience is the perfect event for you. This interactive game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where you must work with other players to survive. You’ll need to solve puzzles, fight off zombies, and make tough decisions that will impact the game’s outcome. This is a thrilling and immersive experience that is sure to get your heart racing!

No matter your interest, there’s something for everyone in Singapore this Good Friday. Whether you want to explore the magical shores of Siloso, indulge in some delicious ice cream at the Museum of Ice Cream, or test your survival skills in the All of Us Are Dead Experience, you will surely have an exciting and memorable day.

Good Friday and Easter in Singapore


Good Friday and Easter are two of the most critical events in the Christian calendar. As a result, many events and activities take place in Singapore during this time.

Special Services on This Day

Good Friday is the day when Christians remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is a solemn day of reflection and prayer. Many churches in Singapore hold special services on this day. You may want to consider attending one of these services to reflect on the significance of this day.

In addition to church services, many other events and activities occur in Singapore during Good Friday and Easter. For example, you may want to visit Jewel Changi Airport and take part in the Jewel-rassic Quest. This interactive dinosaur-themed event is great for families and includes missions, games, and prizes.

Another option is visiting Fort Canning Park and participating in the Easter Egg Hunt. This fun event is great for children and includes prizes and activities.

Overall, there are many things to do in Singapore on Good Friday and Easter. Whether you attend a church service, participate in an event, or spend time with family and friends, there is something for everyone.

Practical Information

If you’re planning to spend your Good Friday in Singapore, it’s important to remember that it’s a public holiday. This means that schools and most businesses will be closed. However, some tourist attractions and restaurants will remain open, so you won’t be short of things to do.

Check the opening hours of the places you plan to visit, as some may have shorter hours or be closed for the holiday. You can easily find this information on their websites or by calling ahead.

As October is typically a busy month for tourism in Singapore, it’s a good idea to book your accommodations and activities in advance to avoid disappointment. This is especially important if you visit popular tourist spots such as Sentosa Island or Gardens by the Bay.

When it comes to transportation, Singapore’s public transport system is reliable and affordable. The MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) and buses will still be running on Good Friday, but do note that some bus routes may be diverted due to road closures for religious processions. You can check the latest updates on the TransportSG website or app.

If you prefer to drive, renting a car is a convenient option. You can easily rent a car in Singapore with GetGo, and they offer a wide range of vehicles to suit your needs. Just make sure to book in advance to secure your preferred vehicle.

With some planning and preparation, you can have an exciting and enjoyable Good Friday in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions

What fun activities do you do in Singapore during the Good Friday weekend?

There are plenty of fun activities in Singapore during the Good Friday weekend! You can visit the Singapore Zoo, Universal Studios Singapore or stroll through Gardens by the Bay.

If you want something more adventurous, try indoor skydiving at iFly Singapore or bungee jumping at AJ Hackett Sentosa.

Where can I find Easter egg hunts in Singapore, particularly at Fort Canning?

Fort Canning is a great place to start if you’re looking for Easter egg hunts in Singapore. You can check out the Easter Family Carnival at Fort Canning Green, which includes egg hunts, carnival games, and food stalls.

Other places to find Easter egg hunts include the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Sentosa Island.

What are some unique places to visit in Singapore on Good Friday?

If you’re looking for unique places to visit in Singapore on Good Friday, you can check out Haw Par Villa, a theme park filled with Chinese mythology and folklore. You can also visit the S.E.A. Aquarium, home to over 100,000 marine animals.

For a more cultural experience, you can explore the Chinatown Heritage Centre or the Peranakan Museum.

Are any special events or shows happening in Singapore during the Easter weekend?

Yes, plenty of special events and shows are happening in Singapore during the Easter weekend. You can catch the Easter Wonderland at the Supertree Grove, which includes light displays, carnival games, and food stalls.

You can also check out the Easter Brunch at the Fullerton Bay Hotel, which features a live band and a buffet spread.

Which restaurants in Singapore are open on Good Friday?

Many restaurants in Singapore are open on Good Friday, but it’s always best to check beforehand to avoid disappointment. Some popular options include The Black Swan, which serves European cuisine, and The White Rabbit, which is housed in a restored chapel and serves modern European fare.

You can also try The Dempsey Cookhouse and Bar, which offers contemporary Asian-European fusion dishes.

How do Singaporeans typically celebrate Good Friday?

Good Friday is a public holiday in Singapore, and many Singaporeans typically spend the day with family and friends. Some may attend church services, while others may participate in community events or enjoy a day exploring the city.

It’s also common for Singaporeans to observe fasting or abstinence on Good Friday as a sign of respect for the day’s religious significance.

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