Things to Do in Pasir Panjang Singapore


If you’re looking for a quiet and charming neighbourhood in Singapore, Pasir Panjang is the perfect destination. Located in the southwestern part of the island, this area is well-known for its rich history, scenic coastline, and laid-back atmosphere. Whether you’re a local looking for a weekend getaway or a tourist looking for a unique experience, there are plenty of things to do in Pasir Panjang.

One of the most exciting aspects of Pasir Panjang is its historical significance. During World War II, the area was the site of a significant battle between Allied and Japanese forces. Today, you can visit the Reflections at Bukit Chandu Museum to learn more about this important event. Additionally, the area is home to several other historical sites, such as the Labrador Battery and the Pasir Panjang Heritage Trail.

Key Takeaways

  • Pasir Panjang is a charming neighbourhood in Singapore with a rich history and scenic coastline.
  • Visitors can learn about the area’s World War II history at the Reflections at Bukit Chandu Museum and other historical sites.
  • There are plenty of other things to do in Pasir Panjang, including visiting top attractions, trying culinary delights, and enjoying spa and wellness centres.

Historical Overview of Pasir Panjang


As you explore Pasir Panjang, you’ll quickly discover its rich and fascinating history. The area was once a Malay fishing village, and it has since grown and developed into the bustling neighbourhood it is today.

During World War II, Pasir Panjang played an essential role in the defence of Singapore. The Battle of Pasir Panjang was fought here in 1942, a significant turning point in the war. Today, you can visit the war memorials and learn more about this pivotal moment in Singapore’s history.

If you want to learn more about the Malay culture and heritage, Pasir Panjang is a great place to start. The area is home to several traditional Malay houses, some of which have been preserved as museums. These houses offer a glimpse into the lives of the Malay people in Singapore, and they are a must-visit for anyone interested in history and culture.

Overall, Pasir Panjang is a fascinating neighbourhood with a rich and diverse history. If you’re interested in World War II, Malay culture, or Singapore’s heritage, you will find something interesting here.

Residential and Commercial Estates in Pasir Panjang


Pasir Panjang is a neighbourhood in Singapore with a mix of residential and commercial estates. The area is known for its proximity to the sea and lush greenery. Here are some of the estates that you can explore in Pasir Panjang:

Residential Estates

Pasir Panjang has a range of residential estates that offer various housing options. You can find everything from high-rise apartments to landed properties. Some of the prominent residential estates in Pasir Panjang include:

  • The Orient
  • The Verandah Residences
  • Bijou
  • Kent Ridge Hill Residences

These residential estates offer a range of amenities, such as swimming pools, gyms, and playgrounds. They are also close to schools, shopping malls, and public transportation.

Commercial Estates

Pasir Panjang is also home to several commercial estates offering various businesses and services. Some of the famous commercial estates in Pasir Panjang include:

  • Mapletree Business City
  • Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre
  • Haw Par Villa

Mapletree Business City is a modern business park that houses several multinational corporations. The Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre is a hub for fresh produce and seafood, while Haw Par Villa is a popular tourist attraction with a theme park and museum.

Whether you’re looking for a place to call home or a place to do business, Pasir Panjang has something for everyone.

Top Attractions in Pasir Panjang


You won’t be disappointed if you look for things to do in Pasir Panjang, Singapore. The area has several top attractions that will keep you entertained during your visit. Here are some of the must-see attractions in the area:

Kent Ridge Park

Kent Ridge Park is part of the Southern Ridges and is a great place to go if you’re looking for a nature trail. The park is known for its greenery and plants, and there are plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife. It’s a great place to go for a walk or a hike, with plenty of scenic views.

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa is a unique attraction that’s worth a visit. Known as the “Hell’s Museum,” it’s filled with statues and exhibits that depict scenes from Chinese mythology and folklore. It’s a fascinating and slightly eerie place to explore, and you’re sure to learn something new there.


If you’re a fan of botanic gardens, you won’t want to miss HortPark. This beautiful park is filled with various plants and flowers, and plenty of opportunities exist to relax and enjoy the scenery. There’s also a nature-themed playground for kids, so it’s a great place to bring the whole family.

West Coast Park

West Coast Park is a great place to go if you’re looking for a beach day. The park has a beautiful beach perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying plenty of activities. You can rent bikes, play mini-golf, or even go fishing.

Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum is a must-visit for animal lovers. The museum is home to a wide variety of exhibits that showcase the natural history of Singapore and the surrounding area. You can learn everything from dinosaurs to modern-day wildlife, and plenty of interactive exhibits keep you engaged.

No matter what interests you, there’s something for everyone in Pasir Panjang. These top attractions are just the beginning, so explore the area and see what else you can discover.

Culinary Delights in Pasir Panjang


As you explore Pasir Panjang, you’ll find various delicious food options to satisfy your cravings. From hawker stalls to upscale restaurants, there’s something for everyone.

Hainanese Chicken Rice

One of the must-try dishes in the area is the famous Hainanese chicken rice. This dish consists of tender steamed chicken served with fragrant rice cooked in chicken broth and various dipping sauces. This dish is found at many hawker stalls in Pasir Panjang, including the famous Loo’s Hainanese Curry Rice.

Ayam Penyet Ria

If you’re in the mood for something spicy, head to the Ayam Penyet Ria restaurant for their signature dish, ayam penyet. This Indonesian dish features fried chicken that’s been smashed to make it extra crispy, served with spicy sambal sauce, rice, and various side dishes.

Pasir Panjang Wholesale Fish Market

The Pasir Panjang Wholesale Fish Market is a must-visit destination for seafood lovers. You can choose from a wide variety of fresh seafood, including crabs, prawns, and fish, and have it cooked to your liking at one of the many seafood restaurants in the area.

Ah Chew Desserts

If you want a sweet treat, visit the famous Ah Chew Desserts for their signature durian pengat. This creamy dessert is made with fresh durian and coconut milk and is the perfect way to end your culinary adventure in Pasir Panjang.

No matter what your taste buds crave, you will find something delicious in Pasir Panjang. So grab a friend and start exploring the culinary delights of this vibrant neighbourhood.

Nightlife and Entertainment in Pasir Panjang


Pasir Panjang comes alive with a vibrant nightlife scene when the sun goes down. From rooftop bars to underground clubs, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


If you’re looking for a glamorous night out, Lavo is the place to be. This rooftop bar in the Marina Bay area offers stunning views of the city skyline. Sip on a signature cocktail while you dance the night away to the latest hits.

Origin Bar

For a more laid-back vibe, check out Origin Bar in Chinatown. This speakeasy-style bar serves up unique cocktails inspired by the history and culture of Singapore. The dimly lit atmosphere and live music make it the perfect spot for a romantic date or a night out with friends.

Wellaholic (Orchard)

If you’re in the mood for some pampering, head to Wellaholic in Orchard. This wellness centre offers a variety of treatments, including massages, facials, and hair removal. After a long day of exploring Pasir Panjang, unwind with a relaxing spa session.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, Pasir Panjang has plenty of options for a fun night out.

Spa and Wellness Centres in Pasir Panjang


If you’re looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, Pasir Panjang has a variety of spa and wellness centres to choose from. Here are a few options to consider:

Ikeda Spa

Ikeda Spa offers a range of Japanese-inspired treatments, including massages, facials, and body scrubs. You can choose from a variety of packages, such as the “Sento Hinoki Onsen Experience” which includes a soak in a traditional wooden tub, or the “Geisha Organic Facial”, which uses natural ingredients to leave your skin feeling refreshed and glowing. The spa also has a relaxation lounge to enjoy complimentary tea and snacks before or after treatment.

Sense De Belle

Sense De Belle offers a range of beauty and wellness treatments, including facials, body massages, and slimming treatments. The spa uses high-quality products and techniques to help you achieve your desired results. You can choose from a variety of packages, such as the “Signature Body Massage”, which uses a combination of Swedish, Thai, and Shiatsu techniques to relieve tension and improve circulation, or the “Detox and Slimming Treatment”, which uses lymphatic drainage and heat therapy to help eliminate toxins and reduce cellulite.


Wellaholic offers a range of beauty and wellness treatments, including hair removal, fat freeze, and facial treatments. The spa uses the latest technology and techniques to help you achieve your desired results. You can choose from various packages, such as the “Brazilian IPL Hair Removal”, which uses intense pulsed light to remove hair permanently, or the “CryoFacial”, which uses cold therapy to reduce inflammation and improve skin tone.

No matter which spa or wellness centre you choose, you’re sure to leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. So why not treat yourself to self-care and book a treatment today?

Experiences for Family and Friends in Pasir Panjang


Pasir Panjang is an excellent destination for families and friends looking for fun and exciting activities. Here are some experiences you can enjoy with your loved ones:

1. Explore the Southern Ridges

The Southern Ridges is a 10-km trail that connects several parks and nature reserves in Singapore, including Kent Ridge Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, and Mount Faber Park. The trail offers breathtaking views of the city skyline and the lush greenery of the parks. You can also see Henderson Waves, the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore, and stroll on the Forest Walk, a 1.3-km walkway that takes you through the canopy of trees.

2. Visit Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa is a unique theme park with over 1,000 statues and dioramas depicting Chinese mythology and folklore. The park was built in the 1930s by the creators of Tiger Balm, and it is a great place to learn about Chinese culture and history. You can also watch live performances and enjoy traditional Chinese snacks at the park.

3. Go on a Food Tour

Pasir Panjang is known for its delicious and diverse food scene. You can take a food tour and sample local dishes such as laksa, nasi lemak, and satay. You can also visit the Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre, a bustling market where you can buy fresh seafood, fruits, and vegetables.

4. Visit the Labrador Nature Reserve

The Labrador Nature Reserve is a 35-hectare park with a mangrove swamp, a rocky shore, and a secondary forest. You can go on a guided tour and learn about the flora and fauna of the park, or you can explore on your own and enjoy the scenic views. You can also visit the Labrador Secret Tunnels, a series of underground tunnels built during World War II.

5. Go on a Kayaking Adventure

Pasir Panjang is located near the coast and is a great place to go on a kayaking adventure. You can rent a kayak and explore the nearby islands, such as Sentosa and Lazarus Island. You can also go on a guided tour and learn about the marine life and the area’s history.

Whether looking for a relaxing day out or an adventurous experience, Pasir Panjang has something to offer everyone.

Accommodations in Pasir Panjang


If you plan a trip to Pasir Panjang, you’ll need a place to stay. Luckily, a few accommodation options offer comfortable and convenient stays.

Pasir Panjang Inn

One of the most popular accommodation options in Pasir Panjang is the Pasir Panjang Inn. This friendly inn offers a range of rooms to suit different budgets and needs. Whether travelling solo, as a couple, or with your family, you can find a room that suits your requirements.

The rooms at Pasir Panjang Inn are clean, comfortable, and well-equipped. Each room has air conditioning, a private bathroom, and free Wi-Fi. There’s also a TV in every room, so you can catch up on your favourite shows after a long day of exploring.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, you might want to consider the economy rooms at Pasir Panjang Inn. These rooms are smaller than the standard ones but still offer all the essential amenities needed for a comfortable stay.

Overall, Pasir Panjang Inn is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a friendly and affordable place to stay in Pasir Panjang.

Tips for Tourists in Pasir Panjang


If you’re planning a trip to Pasir Panjang, Singapore, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make the most of your visit. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Getting Around

One of the best ways to explore Pasir Panjang is on foot. The area is relatively small, so you can easily walk between attractions. However, several options are available if you prefer public transportation, including buses and taxis.

Food and Drink

Pasir Panjang is home to a variety of restaurants and cafes, so you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to dining. If you’re looking for something unique, be sure to check out Commune Kitchen, a famous food hall with a variety of local and international cuisine.


Several attractions in Pasir Panjang are worth visiting, including the Labrador Nature Reserve, which offers hiking trails and stunning sea views. Other popular attractions include the Reflections at Bukit Chandu Museum, which tells the story of Singapore’s role in World War II, and the Haw Par Villa, a theme park that features exhibits on Chinese mythology.

Local Customs

When visiting Pasir Panjang, it’s essential to respect local customs. For example, it’s considered impolite to point with your feet or to touch someone’s head. Additionally, when entering a temple or mosque, remove your shoes.


Singapore is known for its hot and humid weather, so pack light, breathable clothing. It’s also a good idea to bring a hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun.

Overall, Pasir Panjang is an excellent destination for tourists looking to experience Singapore’s rich culture and history. With a little planning and preparation, you will indeed have a memorable trip.

Getting There

If you plan to explore Pasir Panjang, there are several ways to get there. Here are some of the options available:

MRT Station

The nearest MRT station to Pasir Panjang is Haw Par Villa MRT station. You can take a bus or taxi to Pasir Panjang Road from there. Alternatively, you can take a leisurely stroll along Pasir Panjang Road, which will take you past several historical landmarks and beautiful parks.


Several bus services stop at Pasir Panjang Road, including bus numbers 10, 30, 51, 143, and 176. These buses run regularly throughout the day, making getting to Pasir Panjang from other parts of Singapore easy.


A taxi is a convenient way to get to Pasir Panjang, especially if travelling in a group or with luggage. You can hail a taxi from anywhere in Singapore and ask the driver to take you to Pasir Panjang Road.


You can take the West Coast Highway or the Ayer Rajah Expressway to get to Pasir Panjang if you’re driving. Several car parks are located along Pasir Panjang Road, so finding a parking spot shouldn’t be a problem.

No matter how you get to Pasir Panjang, you’ll be rewarded with a vibrant neighbourhood filled with history, culture, and natural beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some must-see attractions in Pasir Panjang?

Pasir Panjang has several must-see attractions, including the Labrador Nature Reserve, which offers stunning sea views and lush greenery. The Reflections at Bukit Chandu Museum is also a must-visit for history buffs, as it tells the story of the brave soldiers who fought during the Battle of Pasir Panjang in World War II.

Where is the Pasir Panjang MRT station located?

The Pasir Panjang MRT station is on the Circle Line of Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit system. It is situated at the Pasir Panjang Road and West Coast Highway intersection.

What is the history behind Pasir Panjang Power Station?

The Pasir Panjang Power Station was built in the 1950s and served as a crucial source of electricity for Singapore for several decades. However, it was decommissioned in 1997 and has since been converted into a unique arts and cultural space.

What are some excellent restaurants to try in Pasir Panjang?

Pasir Panjang is home to several excellent restaurants, including the famous Pasir Panjang Food Centre, which offers a wide range of local dishes at affordable prices. Other notable restaurants include The Alkaff Mansion, which serves delicious Mediterranean cuisine, and The Naked Finn, known for its fresh seafood dishes.

What are some outdoor activities to do in Pasir Panjang?

Pasir Panjang is a great place to get outdoors and enjoy nature. The Labrador Nature Reserve offers several hiking trails and scenic spots, while the nearby Southern Ridges offers stunning views of the city skyline. For those looking for adventure, kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding are popular activities in the area.

What makes Pasir Panjang a unique neighbourhood in Singapore?

Pasir Panjang is a unique neighbourhood in Singapore due to its rich history and diverse culture. The area is home to several heritage sites, including the Pasir Panjang Power Station and the Reflections at Bukit Chandu Museum, which offer a glimpse into Singapore’s past. Additionally, the neighbourhood is known for its delicious local food and stunning natural scenery, making it a must-visit destination for tourists and locals alike.

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