Thai Bank in Singapore: The Fascinating Tale of Thailand’s Trifecta

Have you always been curious about which Thai bank in Singapore is the best among the best in Merlion City in offering personal loans and more? If that’s the case, you must prepare because you’re about to go on an exciting tuk-tuk ride. And it’s through the buzzy and teeming Bangkok streets, only to the land in Singapore’s heart of its financial district.

Where will your final destinations be? First, you need to meet the trio of formidable Thai banks. Is the suspense too much to take? Buckle up, then!

Thai Bank in Singapore: Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited

The first stop you will take is to visit a Thailand Bank in Singapore, renowned throughout the country as the Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited. Prepare yourself because it’ll be a chronicle resembling Wat Arun at dawn.

Imagine You’re standing at the Chao Phraya River banks, and as the first rays of the dawn glow, the majestically magnific spires of Wat Arun. In 1966, the Krungthai Bank made its momentous financial stage grand entrance, and it was determined to shine as brightly as the rising sun with a promise of plentiful opportunities.

Like the secluded Railay Beach, Krungthai Bank offers refuge to many Singaporeans citizens and communities – a steadfast economic force amidst economic tides. It grants a wide array of banking services, including:

  • Deposits
  • Card
  • Personal Loan
  • Investment
  • Insurance
  • E-Banking
  • Wealth Privileges
  • SME Loans
  • Corporate Banking

The Krung Thai Bank, as a Thailand Bank in Singapore, contributions extend beyond the monetary services. It focuses on diverse community projects like Thailand’s Vista and exemplary Singapore skyscrapers, such as “Krungthai RELIFE”, and encouraging Financial Literacy Education.

Fun fact:

Did you know an astonishing bird can be seen in the bank’s unique logo?

Yes, it is! It’s unlike any bird in Thailand or Singapore, as it’s the mythical Vayupaksa Bird.

It represents the bank flight in the banking industry domestically and internationally. With a refreshing Sky Blue brand colour, it sets the epitome of modernity, unlimited freedom, strong determination, and the power of enthusiasm to fly farther. The Sky Blue colour also identifies with the comfort, convenience, and friendliness customers may experience with the Krung Thai Bank Public Limited Singapore branch.

Thailand Bank in Singapore: Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited

Parallel to witnessing the majestic sunrise at Wat Arun, delving into Bangkok Bank’s history brings forth a sense of exceptional fascination and awe. The bank was founded in 1944 and is acknowledged as Thai banking’s elder statesman. Think of it as the timeless porcelain-shimmering spires of the temple.

It’s among the biggest banks in Thailand, particularly by total assets, a massive Southeast Asian regional bank and a notable leader in SME and corporate banking. The Bangkok Bank Singapore branch made its presence known in the mighty Merlion’s City on March 1957.

The bank started with only fourteen staff and was well within Singapore’s famed South Bridge Road. Yet, the Bangkok Bank Singapore’s branch relevance in the country’s financing industry became apparent a few years after its establishment. It grew, and the business needed to expand to accommodate more Singaporean citizens and community; in 1978, and had to relocate to 180 Cecil Street.

Bangkok Bank Singapore provides an impressive range of commercial banking services for individual and corporate customers, including:

  • Trade Finance
  • Corporate Lending
  • Deposits
  • Remittance
  • Digital Banking
  • Assistance in Managing SMEs Businesses
  • Loans for SMEs
  • International Trade
  • Insurance
  • Securities Services
  • Investment Banking

Fun fact:

Bangkok Bank is renowned globally and is still a family business at its core.

Did you know that its founder is of Chinese descent and Thai businessman Chin Sophonpanich?

Chatri Sophonpanich, his song, is now the bank’s head president. It’s like a family-run restaurant that has grown into a massive chain yet never lost its original intent, charm and authenticity. 

Thai Bank in Singapore: Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited

The Siam Commercial Bank emerged in 1907 and echoed Bangkok’s Grand Palace’s grandeur. 

The SCB was supposed to be the “Book Club” and was founded by King Chulalongkorn (Rama V)’s brother, Prince Jayanta Mongkol. As a “Book Club”, its initial legal order was to function as a government treasury bank. 

Thus, the Siam Commercial Bank PCL was acknowledged more under the Royal Charter due to its roots of royalty embedded in its establishment. It’s also the first indigenous bank.

The bank’s royalty roots came to Singapore in August 1994 and had the legal name Siam Commercial Bank PCL., Singapore Branch. The SCB PCL Singapore provides a massive range of monetary services, including:

  • Foreign Current Deposit
  • Business Lending
  • Trade Finance
  • Remittance
  • Treasury Service
  • Escrow Account

Moreover, SCB’s first Thailand bank offered an app for mobile banking in 2016. It’s among the most innovative and revolutionised Thailand banking, allowing its valued customers to seamlessly transfer money, apply for personal and other loans, and pay bills directly from their phones.

SCB is akin to a skilled and highly sought-after street food vendor deftly preparing the most famous Pad Thai and efficiently serving up the best banking services with only a touch of a button.

Fun fact:

Did you know SCB PCL is genuinely dedicated to education, like Khao Soi’s fulfilling bowl, the northern Thai dish? 

It grants undergraduates and graduate students scholarships, nurturing the successive generation of leaders. It’s as if the bank is an ingenious and generous elder guiding its customers and the young ones through their beloved students’ academic journey.

All Roads Lead to Loans – Your Guide in the Financial Maze

Navigating the personal loan scene can be daunting as braving Singapore’s bustling markets. Each Thailand Bank in Singapore presents a carefree yet smooth ride, much like a well-navigated tuk-tuk expedition; it offers diverse loans with competitive interest rates, speedy approval processes, and flexible payment terms, making them influential aspirants in the loan arena.

Not to overlook, Accredit Licensed Moneylenders grant an alternative path in the financial maze of the loan labyrinth. With their swift approvals and easygoing lending procedures, Accredit is the friendly tour guide helping you steer the intricate Singapore markets.

Divulging the Riddle: The Finest Choice for the Singaporean Community

So, which Thai forceful banks should you entrust your hard-earned money to? Which will make your financial voyage as pleasurable as cruising along the Chao Phraya River? The choice is as subjective as selecting your most favoured Thai dish.

You could focus on valuing the long-standing stability and history that Bangkok Bank proffers. Or maybe you prefer a gastronomic adventure of the perfect Pad Thai, and then you’ll appreciate the innovative strides of Krung Thai Bank. Or could the SCB’s ambitious views echo your financial goals?

Whatever it is, remember, there’s a Thai bank for every Singaporean taste. Keep in mind to inquire, to explore, to seek. In your financial exploration, you may find the most suitable banking partner. Are you now ready for the most astonishing financial journey?

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