Retail Banks in Singapore: A Fascinating Expedition of SG’s The Splendid Seven

Singapore’s banking and finance world is unpredictable and riveting, like a well-scripted play. Imagine a circus, and the retail banks in Singapore are the ringmaster. These banks can control the ebb and flow of the grand spectacle. 

Do you feel more intrigued? If you do, then get ready! Grab a ticket and explore this fascinating financial arena!

Defining the Jungle: What are Retail Banks in Singapore?

Take a page out of Edwin Thumboo’s poems, and dig into Singapore’s roots – retail banking. It’s similar to Singapore’s history; retail banking has transformed. It caters to any person’s banking needs, from savings accounts to mortgages and personal loans

Doesn’t that remind you of the intricate relationships in Balli Kaur Jaswal’s book? 

It’s a lot to juggle, isn’t it?

Retail banking in Singapore has had an impressive evolution, mirroring the nation’s growth itself, and it has been an utterly extraordinary venture! Why wouldn’t it be? 

Could banking afford to take the backseat in a nation where the wheels of ingenuity never stop turning?

Who are the Prime Customers of Retail Banks in Singapore?

Have you ever read the “Fistful of Colours?”

You can picture the characters that Suchen Christine Lim created. The myriad of clients that retail banks sustain is as varied as Lim’s various yet vibrant characters from her novel. 

The prime customers are salaried employees searching for the security of fixed deposits to entrepreneurs seeking loans to fuel their ambitions brighter. Each entrepreneur finds precisely what they require in the retail banking sector. 

Don’t you think it’s like the surprisingly spontaneous turn of events from “The Gunpowder Trail & Other Stories” by Claire Tham?

Circling Eleven Wonders: Extraordinary Retail Banks in Singapore

Of course, you shouldn’t miss the story’s main characters, right? First and foremost, Singapore’s retail banks provide consumers with the best banking services. 

Do you know how many retail banks there are in SG? 

Oh, the information will surprise you a lot! As of date, there are more than a hundred retail banks. But you’ll meet the eleven most reliable and trustworthy extraordinaire today!

1. DBS Bank

Like the hero in Catherine Lim’s “The Bondmaid,” DBS Bank, since 1968, has been a homegrown treasure. It has seen the nation through many challenging yet astounding economic phases. With a solid digital banking platform, DBS Bank grants easy-to-access services like credit cards, savings accounts, investment products, and loans. 

If DBS were a novel character, wouldn’t it be the protagonist who adapts through its adversaries and thrives?

2. OCBC Bank

The OCBC Bank was formed back in 1932. It’s a symbolic character, and it’ll be among those in Suchen Christine Lim’s “The River’s Song” that keeps growing and developing with the times. As a retail bank in Singapore, it offers massive selections of services from high-interest savings accounts, investment options, credit cards, and insurance products.

They are the ever-reliable hero, like a favoured novel series character that rises to the occasion, don’t you agree?

3. UOB 

UOB was established in 1935. From then on, it’s comparable to John D Greenwood’s  “Singapore Saga” series – exceptionally rich in heritage and legacy. It continues to play a significant role for a long, long time. UOB truly shines and stands out, primarily due to its exceptional services for SMEs, investment options, and savings accounts. 

Isn’t it astounding when the protagonist unveils unexpected strengths? 

4. Citibank

Citibank has been a global player since it was founded in 1902 in Singapore. With Citibank’s background, it’ll remind you of the diverse characters in Claire Tham’s “The Inlet”. The ban offers astonishing multi-currency accounts, loans, credit cards, and investment products.

It’s much like the fascinating characters, who keep adding an international flavour to a local story, don’t you agree?

5. Standard Chartered

It’s similar to Chua Mui Hoong’s “Singapore Disrupted”, the Standard Chartered Bank, founded in 1859, has seen the island through countless adaptations.  It stands out among its competitors because of its primary services like mortgage loans, savings accounts, and robust wealth management assistance.

It isn’t hard to appreciate a character that endures through changing times, isn’t it?


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about a bank established in 1877?

You must feel fascinated that it goes back to the late 1800s when many people’s lives differed from today. That’s precisely how fascinating HSBC is with its historical roots.

What’s more, the bank is quite insightful, like Donald Low and Sudhir Vadaket’s “Hard Choices: Challenging the Singapore Consensus”, that’s truthfully illuminating and deep-rooted. It offers various services such as loans, credit cards, savings accounts, and insurance products.

Aren’t we all drawn to lead characters with a rich backstory?

7. Maybank

Like in “As the Heart Bones Break” by Audrey Chin, Maybank, founded in 1960, smoothly weaves its presence into Singapore’s financial fabric. It provides banking services like loans, Islamic banking, and credit cards.

So, if you are a fan of characters with a satisfying experience evolving an integral part of the narrative, it’s the retail bank in Singapore for you.

These are the dazzling performers of Singapore’s financial vista. These banks, like Meira Chand’s “A Different Sky” characters, have unique specialities and strengths. There is a bank that will meet every person’s particular monetary necessities.

Now, isn’t that a wonder?

The Jugglers of Financial Support

Sometimes, your financial needs might be unique or urgent, like in the “Aunty Lee” series by Ovidia Yu stories. That’s where Accredit steps in.

They offer a different rhythm to the financial vista. These are Singapore’s licensed institutions that grant personal loans that often come with less stringent requirements than banks. It offers a safety net for people facing a pressing monetary crunch.

Could they be the unexpected hero from “The Last Lesson of Mrs de Souza” by Cyril Wong?

The Grand Finale: Have a Brighter Financial Future from Retail Banks in Singapore

As you conclude your expedition, like the rewarding book from the “Epigram Books Fiction Prize” list, reflecting on what you’ve learned is crucial. Choosing the ideal financial institution is essential, whether it’s one of the seven splendid retail banks or Accredit

It’s not merely about monetary transactions; it’s about trust. Remember, you can shape your financial stories in your hands. After all, don’t you want your economic series to be as inspiring and motivating as Josephine Chia’s “Kampong Spirit” tales? 

Now that you are armed with wisdom feel confident and at ease in selecting the most perfect retail bank in Singapore that fits your needs.

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