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Potong Pasir Money Lender

    Accredit Licensed Money Lender Potong Pasir
    Accredit Licensed Money Lender Potong Pasir

    Potong Pasir is a housing estate located between Toa Payoh and Sennett Estate in the Central Region of Singapore. For urban planning purposes, it is classified under the Toa Payoh area. Potong Pasir is particularly notable for being the longest-held opposition ward in one-party dominant Singapore. Its Opposition Member of Parliament Chiam See Tong held the ward from 1984 to 2011. Potong Pasir is easily accessible by the MRT station on the North East line.

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    The History of Potong Pasir

    From 1910 to 1937, it was dominated by sand-quarries, hence giving it its present name, which means ‘cut sand’ in Malay. These mining activities created four ponds linked to the Kallang River, although they were reduced to two due to massive flooding in 1968. The ponds provided a good source of food for the local village folk, until pollution set in later.

    In the mid 1950s, Potong Pasir was one of the most important vegetable growing areas in Singapore. The land here had been cultivated since the 1830s. The farmers there were almost all Cantonese and they used traditional methods with great success.

    Potong Pasir Today

    Potong Pasir estate is home to St Andrew’s Village, a mega cluster of schools part of The Saints Family. It comprises St Andrew’s Junior SchoolSt Andrew’s Secondary School and St Andrew’s Junior College; together forming St. Andrew’s School. The name of the school is usually abbreviated as SA or SAS. Its students and alumni (‘Old Boys’ and ‘Old Girls’) are referred to as Saints.

    In the 2000s, as part of the St Andrew’s Village project, all three schools were planned to reunite in Potong Pasir. Renovation and expansion of the Junior School started in 2003, and the new buildings opened in December 2004. Construction of a new Secondary School started in 2003, opposite the Junior School along Francis Thomas Drive, and opened in December 2004. Construction of the Junior College started in June 2003 after the Secondary School vacated the site and shifted to its holding location. The Junior College opened in December 2005 and a ceremony was held to mark its return to Potong Pasir. The Village was officially opened on 26 August 2006, with the ceremony being held at the 1000-seater Cultural Centre in the Junior College.

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