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A personal loan is a loan disbursed on a short term basis for a personal requirement. This facility is available for any qualifying citizen of Singapore with a steady income. You can also apply for a personal loan if you are a foreigner with a valid pass to work and live in Singapore. Accredit Loan provides easy personal loans in Singapore with quick approvals and reasonable interest rates. We also enable you to choose an appropriate reimbursement plan for your loan to make the repayment a stress-free and hassle-free process.

Know Your
Loan Eligibility


Borrower’s Annual Income Singapore/Permanent Residents Foreigners
Less than $10,000 $3000 $500
Between $10,000 to $20,000 $3000 $3000
Greater than $20,000 6X monthly income 6X monthly income

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Longer Tenures

We offer the best personal loans in Singapore with longer tenures to help borrowers manage their repayment schedules. We firmly believe that personal loan and financing should help borrowers with their problems rather than becoming a financial burden. Longer tenures will greatly relieve borrowers from their monthly debt obligations.

Competitive Pricing

Our Competitive Pricing model will allow borrowers with good repayment behavior to benefit from lower interest rates and fees. By offering cross-branch repayment and various repayment channels to maximize convenience, we encourage all borrowers to make timely repayments to enjoy our Competitive Pricing.


A loan is not a permanent solution to your cash flow problems. Accredit Moneylender offers you short term solutions to your cash management. We advise you to engage in proper financial planning to make sure you do not become debt-ridden.


You are legally obligated to repay the amount that you borrow, as per your repayment plan. Defaulting might result in a decline in your credit worthiness. Never borrow more than you can afford to repay. Our consultants will help you work out a manageable repayment plan.


Unlicensed Moneylenders, or Loan Sharks, are rampant these days. Please exercise your caution when dealing with a personal loan source you are unfamiliar with. You are encouraged to check with the Ministry of Law’s List of Licensed Moneylenders in Singapore to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate source. 

Importance of Credit Score affect personal loan

In Singapore, score report is important while applying a personal loan or mortgage loan. As usual bank will check your credit history, base on the credit score report they will make decision whether approve your personal loan or not. Its will affect the interest rate on personal loan also. Below is some tips on how to manage your credit score. 

personal loan | Personal loan credit score

Tips On How To Handle Your Credit Score For Personal Loan

Nobody is going to differ with the truth that credit cards will have their benefits. It is equally genuine that when made use of recklessly, they even can turn into a significant threat to consume away your comfort. Many people get confused with the relieve as well as compassion for making use of credit cards for purchasing whichever they desire as well as embark on a buying spree. These a mindset can pull all of them into a credit card debt trap as well as their credit rating will indeed eventually get a critical defeating. To stay away from these a situation, you may carry out some suggestions.

Employ a Credit Professional To Fix Your Credit Rating

Credit professionals might enhance your rating by fixing incorrect reporting or even taking away negative data in the credit report.

Continually Payout Your Minimum Paybacks Promptly

Should you fail to pay the very least payment contact the customer support division for the Personal Loan Company or even financial institution thereby making an debt payment arrangement. At least you need to pay back them anything instead of absolutely nothing. Make a deal to pay out the balance.

By regulation a personal loan creditor or even Collection Company are not able to mark the credit card should you be under an arrangement to pay back. Generally, a lot of people make plans to pay off once their credit card is damaged. A less complicated way is not allowing it to reach that level. Payment record makes up 35% of your full credit standing!

Keep The Revolving Credit Balances Under 30% Of Their Control

It is easy. Don’t make use of a lot more than 30% of your available credit. When you have a $ 10, 000 bank cards, and then deal with it like it is a $ 3, 000 bank card. Preferably you might like to be at 10% or even under but not zero. You would like to show the loan merchants that you are currently making use of and not abusing credit rating lines. Customers who usually do not make use of over 30% of their credit card limitations for a couple of months are thought the low risk with higher credit scores. Credit application entails 30% of your whole credit standing!

Pay Your Home Loan Before Further Debts

Mortgage repayments are weighted in another way after those other paybacks by the agencies. Ensure you pay off no less than the least refund promptly or even contact to figure out a program should you be going to be short or even behind. They may work with you when you have them in the loop. Or so long as you have an agreement they could not mark the credit rating. The most awful issue you could do would be to just disregard it.

What if you are under financial state or low credit score. Personal loan application from a bank or financial institution are not easy to get approved. However, applying from money lender you will get the loan. This is because they are able to take a risk to offer you the money loan to recover your credit rate. Money lender will able to understand your financial income then forecast the most suitable package for you. Besides that, advice on how to manage your financial and offering you the personal loan that you demand.

Establish Payment Preparations

Establish payment plans for almost any future duty debts. They certainly have an intelligent method of coping with past income tax liens; contact them to find out more regarding that. The state, as well as authorities, doesn’t have around dealing with duty debts. They may be tough to debate the authenticity whenever you or even your company files the taxes with the social security, as well as birth date, as well as documents which you signed at work. Don’t allow it to develop to a judgment or even lien, establish a payment program that is suitable for each party. Once again by regulation, they are unable to mark the credit rating so long as you are under an obligation arrangement. Establish that agreement before you decide to obtain a lien or even thoughts on credit history.

Speak to Personal Loan Provider

In case, you intend to proceed on your loan reconstructing you have to examine your current credit rating. However, you can grab a personal loan to settle all your debts. In Accredit have group of credit solutions them might suitable for you such as personal loanbusiness loanshort term loan and foreigner loan

Accredit is a reliable personal loan lender in Singapore. Drop by our office to get FREE consultation 503 Tampines Central 1,
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Checking whether you are valid for Personal Loan

The eligibility for a personal loan in Accredit Pte Limited is very straightforward and simple. To apply for a personal loan in Singapore, applicant must have a steady income in yearly S$ 10,000 and above or business operation revenue. However, Applicant must be citizens of Singapore or Permanent Residents in Singapore with more than 21 years old which is stipulated by Singapore Law.

For personal loan application process you have to present your original NRIC and mobile bill or original PUB bill that can show your residential address. Your income evidence which most recent six months CPF contribution statement. If borrowers unable to provide all required document and information completely the personal loan application will be rejected by the money lender.

  • Singaporean, Permanent Residents in Singapore.
  • NRIC
  • Evidence of your residential address (any bill that show address)
  • Recent employment letter.
  • Latest 3 months or more income statement.
  • Latest 6 months or more CPF Contribution Statement.
  • IRAS NOA letter.
  • In case, before this had declare bankrupt just show us the letter of discharge.
Apply Best Personal Loan in Singapore from Accredit Licensed Moneylender

With this personal loan you use as your wedding expenses, get your latest iPhone, clear hospitalization fees or memorable getaway. Accredit will offer you the low interest personal loan to help you complete your dream. In fact, personal loan is not add on burden but it help you to solve your immediate financial state. Fully utilize the personal loan make your life accomplish.  Apply your personal loan now! 

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