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Accredit Money Lender has opened its newest branch at 18 Jalan Membina, #01-04, Singapore 164018

Our third regional branch will serve the residential areas of Tiong Bahru, Redhill, Tanjong Pagar, Bukit Merah, Outram Park, Chinatown and all residents living in the Central Region of Singapore. As the Best Moneylender in Tiong Bahru, the branch is located right at the exit of the Tiong Bahru MRT Station. At an easily accessible MRT stop of the East-West Line, our location is more convenient than ever.

Walking Directions from Tiong Bahru MRT Station.

Walk about 1 min , 10 m

1. Take Tiong Bahru MRT Exit A
2. You will be able to see our shopfront from the MRT Exit A

Accredit Money Lender promises a high standard of quality for all customers that come to us. We will always try to work out a loan repayment plan that suits your needs. Together with our low interest and affordable loan plans, we are your number 1 Personal Loan Choice.

For all our friends looking for a Loan in Tiong Bahru Singapore, please visit our new branch today! 

Phone : +65 6261 2662
Email : [email protected]

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Name: Accredit Licensed Money Lender Tiong Bahru | Personal Loan Singapore
Address: 18, #01-04 Jln Membina, Singapore 164018
Phone: +65 6261 2662

[email protected]
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Operating Hours: 
Monday to Friday: 10am – 8pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 5pm

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A new Moneylender in Tiong Bahru, Accredit is located in the Central Region of Singapore


  • Nearby to Bukit Merah.
  • Nearby to Red Hill.
  • Nearby to Queenstown.
  • Nearby to Tanjong Pagar
  • Nearby to Outram Park

Offering low interest loan

Chinatown Money Lender

Accredit is located just a short distance away from Chinatown. So for all our friends that require a personal loan in Chinatown, why not come by our office and experience what we have to offer? We are able to offer you competitive low interest rate loan with monthly installment loan repayment. This way, you can enjoy more of your salary with less of a burden to pay each month. 

A licensed Moneylender nearby Bukit Merah, we bring a fast cash personal loan near you at Bukit Merah

If you face money problems or cash problems, fear not because Accredit is here to provide you with a solution. With our low interest rate loans and flexible repayment scheme, we are SURE we can solve your problem today!

We are a Moneylender nearby Tanjong Pagar, and we bring a fast cash personal loan to Tanjong Pagar

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The staff here is very nice and friendly. Very outgoing when you talk to them. First time taking loan with them and I like how responsible and detailed they are. Keep up the good work. Thank you for helping me.
Satisfied Borrower
Excellent and the location for this moneylender is very convenient!
Satisfied Borrower

Why wait any longer? Come on down to our branch and find out what makes us the BEST

There are countless reasons why people in Singapore fail to clear their loan. The most common reason is that people don’t have enough funds at the right time to repay their loan and the amount gets accumulated to become a significant debt. But we will share some amazing hacks with you that will help you get out of your debt this year. Here’s how you need to get started.

Meanwhile, here are some nifty tips on 7
Reasons Your Home Mortgage Application got Rejected

Employed people are facing a frustrating conundrum when it comes to purchasing and even selling a house. Yes, even though mortgage rates today are affordable in the country, the standards surrounding who qualifies for a mortgage has become more strict than usual. This makes it more difficult for individuals to invest in a home today. It takes a bunch of efforts from the seller’s end who has applied for a mortgage to actually convince the officials and qualify for the application to be approved and accepted.

If you have applied for a mortgage and it has been rejected, these are some of the possible reasons why a home loan or a mortgage application could be rejected in Singapore.

It can be unfortunate and frustrating when such applications are rejected, and some lenders may not even convey the real reason to you. This is a compiled list of some common factors that could reject your mortgage application.
Reason #1: If Your Monthly Loan Repayments Breaks the TDSR Limit

There should be a Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) of 60% in Singapore. This implies that your monthly home loan repayments, plus if there are any other debt obligations to pay, it cannot exceed 60% of your monthly income.

For Instance, let’s assume your monthly income is S$5,000. You already have a burden of personal loans, which expect you to repay S$900 per month. At a TDSR of 60%, your limit for loan repayments is S$3,000. You then apply for a home loan that requires you to pay S$2,500 every month. This would increase your monthly debt obligations to (S$2,500 + S$900) = S$3,400. This immediately exceeds your S$3000 TDSR limit, and hence your loan application would be rejected.

In another scenario, if your salary has increased, you can consider paying more every month. You can ask your creditor if it’s possible to make the monthly installments larger so you can pay it off faster and save on the unnecessary interests.

Reason #2: Inconsistent Employment History

Lenders need to check if they are making a deal with an individual who has been and is constantly hardworking and earning regularly. Providing limited or no proof of previous employment will guarantee a failed mortgage application. Another thing that makes lenders nervous about potential borrowers is when their employment history shows they haven’t remained stable in the job for more than 6 months. They are likely to consider someone who is settled and earning a fixed figure each month. Hence, a scattered employment history will hinder your mortgage application.

In most cases, your credit card repayments will have the highest interest rate. Think about clearing it first with cash. Also, try controlling your purchases card to avoid higher debt accumulation.

Reason #3: If You Just Started a New Job

Whether you possess an inconsistent record of employment in the past or not, any lender will also be very interested in your current employment situation. If you are currently jostling between jobs or have only just started a new job, it’s most likely that your mortgage application will be rejected. If you are currently self-employed or working on a contracted basis, it is often hard to prove where the next paycheque is coming from. This is something that doesn’t amuse the lenders. They need proof of regular income for a more foreseeable future when it comes to repayments.

Reason #4: If You have a Poor Credit Score

For applications with a poor credit score, banks itself may reject your loan. The only way you can still get a loan sanctioned is by reapplying for a smaller amount. Note that, if you have a bankruptcy on your credit record, it won’t be possible for you to apply for a mortgage or a home loan. If you are a discharged bankrupt that is if you have received an official letter stating that you are discharged from bankruptcy, you will have to wait for 5 years before this bankruptcy is removed from your credit records.

Reason #5: If the Lender isn’t confident of the Property Value

Banks will not approve to finance certain property types. The biggest reason for this is that the remaining lease time is too short. If there are only 35 years or less, then banks may require you to borrow less amount or may reject your mortgage application altogether.

Some banks or lenders may not finance over houses that they consider to be in undesirable vicinities, remote areas, or in poor conditions. However, not all lenders evaluate risk in the same way. Hence, you can try approaching different lenders.

Reason #6: If your Mortgage Tenure is Too Long

If your application for mortgage specifies a tenure that exceeds 30 years, or if your tenure plus your age exceeds 65 years, your mortgage application can be rejected. You have to either shorten your tenure or borrow less amount.

Reason #7: If Insufficient Information is provided in the Mortgage Application

Some mortgage applicants are under the impression that hiding some of their details will increase their chances of being qualified. They hide details because it might portray the applicants in a bad light in front of the lenders. While this logic is understandable, the lenders would actually prefer everything to be shown to them, even if it isn’t positive. It’s better to be honest because lenders are most likely to find out anyway. And lying might indicate you as an untrustworthy applicant.

While a myriad of reasons may exist, these common mortgage application rejection reasons will keep you alert while applying for your next mortgage. Some of the reasons may be remedied easily and quickly whereas others may take a while. But don’t forget to show prudence with each financial decision you take!

Talk to us at Accredit to see how we can help.

As you can see, there are several ways to get out of your debt. You need to have the mindset that getting out of debt is simple but not easy, so you cannot afford to slack. So just think smartly, prioritize the debts, do a little cash planning, and you will be able to tackle the debt without worrying much. It is easier than you think!

Accredit Moneylender promises to help you in whatever way we can. That includes credit counselling from our very experienced staffs. We can advise you on financial planning and how to manage your expenses. Financial planning is a very important part of managing your debt. To get out of debt, first you have to learn how to do proper financial planning. If you would like to learn more, please contact us and we will be glad to advise you further.

Accredit also offers low interest loans with a longer repayment period. This allows you to manage your Debt-Servicing Ration more easily. Since our inception, we have managed to help many borrowers with their debt problems. Our borrowers are very satisfied with our product and with our service. This can be seen from the numerous excellent reviews we have received from our customers.

Accredit pledges to be a responsible lender. We will never lend you cash that you can’t repay. We firmly believe that a loan should never be a burden, but rather, a loan should be a way to provide you with relief as and when you need it.

We also work closely with various Voluntary Welfare Organisations, or VWOs. Our partners include Arise2Care, Adullam Life Counselling, Silver Linings and Blessed Grace Social Services. Our good work over the years have managed to help many beneficiaries with their problems.

For more information, read more about us. Apply for our fast processing loan here.

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