MNC Banks in Singapore: The Inspiring Truths Behind SG’s Multinational Banks

Do you want to partner with a bank that fits all your banking needs? Then you might be the perfect soulmate with the MNC banks in Singapore. Just like the illuminating presence of the Marina Bay Sand, glowing iridescently beautifully under the night sky, some notable multinational banks command the spotlight.

Are you ready to delve into the fascinating details of its prime existence, akin to the unravelling intricately astounding past and secure future with these banks? Don’t wait any longer, and read and embark on this fascinating tale now!

What are MNC Banks in Singapore?

These banks are one of a kind in the history of banking. A bank is considered a multinational bank if it’s “a bank that has ownership and controls banking activities within two or more countries.”

Like our beloved Singapore, each country has its banking laws and regulations. Many prefer partnering with MNC banks in Singapore primarily because creating an international account from such financial institutions means avoiding banking hassles, especially when sending money overseas.

Furthermore, many banks offer superb financing services and security so customers like you won’t fear your wealth’s safety. Thus, you can be sure all your banking transactions are screened and safeguarded.

Which multinational banks in Singapore would entice you to partner with them and obtain assistance like personal loans and more?

Citibank Singapore: The Merlion of Banking

Did you know that Citibank Singapore is a true icon?

It has been a legendary Merlion in Singapore’s banking world since its establishment in 1902. In truth, it’s among the country’s first and notably the earliest financial institutions. It’s still operating today and roaring in the domestic and international banking markets.

But back then, it wasn’t named Citibank at all. It’s far from that. Its original name is the International Banking Corporation (IBC). 

Aside from being among the leading banks in Singapore, it’s also the first bank from the United States of America to ever made its presence known in the Merlion’s jungle. The bank’s primary function was to provide trade financing for tin exports and Malayan rubber in the early 20th century.

Over the years, Citibank transformed into the multinational bank it is with its formidable global presence. Why? Because it roars like the mighty Merlion with a diverse palette of banking services that range from personal banking to efficient wealth management.

Fun Fact:

Did you know Citibank made a massive mark in Singapore’s banking history in the 1980s?

How did they do it?

Well, Citibank Singapore branch popularised using the famous Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)!

Wouldn’t you say it’s the type of bank that thinks about your better future?

Standard Chartered Singapore: The Universal Studios Among the MNC Banks in Singapore

With thrilling rides, roller coasters, and magical experiences – that’s Universal Studios Singapore for you. Now, picture a ban that can provide a similarly exhilarating experience in financing assistance. 

Is it hard to believe?

Well, you have to meet Standard Chartered Singapore.

From its establishment in the late 1850s, it kept its relevance in supplying an excitingly excellent roller coaster ride, overcoming financial loops and economic crises and still delivers an array of stimulating banking services. From retail banking to commercial banking – they have it all for you!

Fun Fact:

It’s Singapore’s first bank! Many consider it the Battlestar Galactica at Universal Studios because Standard Chartered Singapore is the financial world star attraction—no wonder it’s a recognised MNC Bank in Singapore.

HSBC Singapore: The Financing World’s Sentosa Island

Have you ever compared HSBC Singapore to a famous tourist spot? What would it be?

Would you say it’s similar to Sentosa Island? Well, you got that right! If you’re asking why, the answer is obvious. 

It’s because HSBC Singapore is just like the world-renowned Sentosa Island presents many stunning and mesmerising attractions at its best. HSBC grants a massive variety of financial services, from personal loans, credit cards, bank accounts and savings, debit cards, digital banking and more!

It’s indeed Singaporeans’ one-stop financial sanctuary since 1877. 

Fun Fact:

Did you know that regarding banking innovations, HSBC Singapore aims to be a leader for their customers?

Yes, that’s a fact. To testify to their commitment to the advocacy, HSBC was among the earliest banks to introduce ATM services in Lion City. It’s a fun reminder that the bank will always bring something new and relevant, just like an actual multinational bank.

DBS Singapore: The Gardens by the Bay of Finance

Did you know that among the MNC Bank Singapore, there’s a younger bank in the lot?

Yes, and it’s none other than the DBS Singapore. The bank was founded in 1968. DBS Singapore perfectly reflects the allure and appeal of the Gardens by the Bay.


Well, it’s fresh, exceptionally innovative, and irresistibly captivating. It grants a spectrum of financial services that will leave you breathless due to the extensive choices, from personal loans to corporate banking and more! DBS Singapore precisely how to create the perfect blend of the old, the new, and tradition with innovation, like the combination of nature and futuristic design of the Gardens.

Fun Fact:

If you presume that DBS is only a bank, you must think again. It’s a true pioneer, a movement shaping the banking future right before your eyes. Like the Gardens’ Supertrees, DBS Singapore stands tall amidst changes and is ready to bloom.

MNC Banks in Singapore Support Communities and Sustainability

One of the best features of the notable MNC banks in Singapore goes beyond the four corners of banking services. These banks have a solid conviction to surpass the financial solutions and aim to deliver you and future generations a better future.

Who would have thought that the MNC banks in Singapore are brave, courageous, and adamant supporters of sustainability? 

These banks are actively engaging in robust corporate social responsibilities. Additionally, each bank supports many communities that have projects and causes. These activities strengthen the community further because they encourage and motivate participation and cooperation, leading to more involvement and proactivity from the district, such as:

Citibank Singapore:

  • The bank has a partnership with YMCA, and the program enables Singapore’s youths to carry out community projects supporting causes they’re passionate about. It’s called the Citi-YMCA Youth for Causes

Standard Chartered Singapore:

  • The bank has a global initiative that focuses on inequality and promotes progressive economic inclusion of younger people within low-income communities, specifically concentrating on education, employability, and entrepreneurship.

HSBC Singapore:

  • With its partnership with WaterAid, Earthwatch, and WWF, HSBC Singapore pursues its global water programme enthusiastically and sincerely. It works to supply and guard water sources and also educate people regarding global water challenges. 

DBS Singapore:

  • The bank has a foundation that fully supports Singapore’s social enterprises and promotes innovative business solutions that meet everyone’s social needs. It’s the DBS Foundation Social Enterprise Grant Programme.

These banks integrate environmental and community considerations into their operations and take concrete actions to impact society and the environment positively. It’s safe to say the banks have positioned themselves as responsible financial institutions dedicated to creating Singapore’s better future.

Personal Loans and You

Okay, many people go through financial troubles these days. Some haven’t fully recovered from COVID-19 and are still seeking ways to resolve their financial crisis. 

Personal loans are among the most reliable options from a bank in Singapore. These are the most flexible loans you can find in the country, with reasonable fees and terms. 

But, if you don’t have a bank account with a particular bank and need urgent funds, you may look at Accredit as your personal loan superhero. Accredit is a licensed moneylender in Singapore with an unprecedented reputation for moneylending credibility and integrity. 

So, if you haven’t opened an account yet at any MNC bank in Singapore, Accredit is a financial partner that’ll grant the financial solution that suits your needs in a flash.

A Financing Partner for Life

The tale of the famed MNC Banks in Singapore making a mark in the Lion City is like a story of perseverance, customer commitment, and unlimited innovation pursuits.

In a world as captivatingly fascinating as the dynamic Kecak dance, isn’t it comforting to have a financial partner you can count on?

These banks and Accredit extend their arms to Singaporean citizens and communities for various financial solutions. So whichever financial institution you choose, let these be your economic partner for life.

Such financial institutions will assist you in the exotic landscape of your financial goals, helping you navigate towards a prosperous future.

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