Mizuho Bank Singapore and its 7 Most Mesmerizing Truths

Was there ever a time when you walked into a bank and felt like stepping into a massive and bustling global hub? The moment you step inside the Mizuho Bank Singapore branch that is the precise sensation you’d get! It’s tough to miss it!

Now, you will be welcomed to the fascinating financial world of the Mizuho Bank – where finance, technology, innovation, and ten intriguing facts come together!

What’s In A Name?

A name, whether a person or product, is essential, especially when it’ll also be branding for enterprises. 

Japanese name culture is also known throughout the world. People will treat the names as sacred and surrounds them with taboo. All names given must be handled with care because it carries deep cultural, personal, familial, and historical connections.

Such is the name of “Mizuho“. It’s an archaic Japanese term with a profound meaning of “golden ears or rice.” It’s the name used to describe Japan from the classical text Nihon Shoki, the second-oldest book of classical Japanese history.

Mizuho Bank’s Beginnings

Did you know that Mizuho Financial Group is Japan’s third-largest financial service company?

Yeah! You guessed it! Its total assets had an estimated $1.8 million in 2017! So, that feeling you get when you go into the bank’s branch in Singapore wasn’t an exaggeration!

Mizuho Financial Group resulted from a humungous merger between Fuji Bank, Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, and the Industrial Bank of Japan. These predecessors were already major financial institutions and had served and endured prewar and postwar eras. 

The Mizuho Bank was among the two core banking subsidiaries of the Mizuho Financial Group, and the other was Mizuho Corporate Bank. 

The Mizuho Corporate Bank concentrated on giant corporations, financing institutions, and public sector entities in Japan and overseas. The bank centralised providing individuals and SMEs in Japan until it became global.

Mizuho Bank Singapore Branch’s Birth

Mizuho Financial Group’s influence spreads worldwide like a vast network of veins pumping the lifeblood of commerce. It touched every corner of the world and every inch of the globe!

Then, once upon a time, in 1974, one of Mizuho’s heritage began its branch operations within the Lion City. Mizuho Bank Singapore’s presence has been felt widely and strongly for over 40 years in the region. 

Here’s a quick trivia you’d find intriguing:

Did you know that the Mizuho Bank Singapore branch has a Full-Bank Licence? 

Moreover, it grants banking services to more than two-thousand Japanese and non-Japanese clients. The bank’s staff strength in Singapore is more than 700! 

Talk about an absolute powerhouse in the Lion City!

Mizuho Bank Singapore Complies with Pleasure

It’s undeniable that Singapore’s strict with its laws. It’s also a significant reason the country’s gaining much respect and relevance in the tourism and financing industry! Thus, all financial institutions must comply with such lawful regulations.

Mizuho Bank Singapore branch took note of this and complied with professional pleasure. In truth, you can anticipate that all necessary financing and legal practices are in order, including:

  • Personal Data Protection Policy
  • Anti–Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Policy
  • Explanation of the effect of being treated as an Accredited Investor under the Consent Provisions
  • IBOR Transition to Risk-Free Rates

So, you are guaranteed that your data and all your transactions are protected according to the law. Mizuho Bank firmly believes that compliance does matter!

Mizuho Bank Singapore’s Awards of Excellence and Recognition 

Which would you prefer as a banking customer? 

Would you choose a bank with zero recognition for its banking services and efforts or one with some pretty awesome awards? 

You can be honest; no worries! Most probably, you’d prefer a bank that’s been recognised in the industry, correct?

Mizuho Bank Singapore branch has acquired a few yet prestigious awards since its establishment in the Lion City, including:

  • Excellent Service Star and Silver Awards by the Association of Banks in Singapore (2019)

It was an outstanding recognition of the bank’s consistent efforts to go beyond the call of duty, specifically in delivering exceptional services to their clients!

  • Excellent Service Gold Award by the Association of Banks in Singapore (2018)

The award is a testament to Mizuho Bank’s Singapore branch’s exceptional services and commitment to its customers.

  • Excellent Service Award (2018)

The industry’s seven leading bodies manage EXSA, and the award is a national recognition award to those who deliver quality services. 

Mizuho Bank Singapore’s Massive Financial Options

One person is not like another. A person may share similarities with you, but not entirely. It’s the same with a bank and its products. 

You have specific financial needs that have to be fulfilled. It’s a good thing Mizuho Bank Singapore branch grants these particular options, such as:

  • Lending 
  • Remittance
  • Deposit-Taking
  • L/C issuance, acceptance and confirmation
  • Guarantees
  • Import/export bills acceptance and negotiation
  • Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Internet Banking
  • Savings Accounts
  • Current Accounts

Mizuho Bank Singapore Navigates the Blockchain Revolution

Was there a time when you were lost in the maze of financial transactions? 

Tracing an elusive thread through a vast labyrinth of paperwork can be challenging. Thus, the digital transformation of Mizuho Bank Singapore incorporates blockchain technology. 

Mizuho Bank aren’t simply spectators to the blockchain revolution but active participants! In truth, the bank’s participation in the groundbreaking trial using blockchain for trade finance between Australia and Japan was a spectacular technological banking experience. 

It was deemed not a simple financial journey. Mizuho’s adventure in blockchain technology supports the bank’s sincere and genuine efforts to ensure the demands of innovative banking solutions are secure, transparent, and efficient operations. 


Mizuho Bank Singapore branch has showcased its exceptional journey to growth, innovation, and dedication to sustainability. The workforce is diverse, the cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and supporting businesses and individuals in Singapore indicate societal advancements.

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