Merchant Banks in Singapore: Your Feast on Financial Finesse

Have you once wondered how many exquisite tastes a banquet can offer you? Similar to your palate yearning for a new flavourful in various dishes, each granting a unique relish like the cityscape’s financial vista filled with exceptional merchant banks in Singapore.

Each bank is as different and impressive as the other, with its distinctive taste. Much like uncovering the spicy richness of a homemade laksa or the delightful Gado-Gado salad tang, it’s the perfect time for the gastronomic journey through SG’s merchant banking panorama.

The Platter of Merchant Banks in Singapore

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see a simmering laksa pot?

You immediately think about the diverse ingredients parallel to merchant banks in  Singapore with a composite of many elements. Unlike traditional banks that offer financial products like personal loans, and other monetary assistance, a merchant bank focuses on corporate services.

What are those types of banking assistance?

It ranges from underwriting to consultancy, all geared to help businesses find the best way and most proficient methods possible. It’s the reason why they differ massively from other banks.

Can you now see how the zesty prawn laksa soup is like the multi-faceted merchant banks, while the other banks are plain rice, that’s simple?

Relishing the Top Merchant Banks in Singapore

Singapore’s financial vista is a diverse feast of delectable dishes that makes you ask for more. Just as you can select the best plates that suit your taste buds perfectly, you will now discover the top merchant banks in Singapore:

Axis Bank Limited: The Biryani of Banking

If you’re craving a fragrant Biryani of the banking industry, you need to have a plate of Axis Bank Limited Singapore Branch. It’s Singapore’s merchant bank that fuses several elements to form a wholesome banking experience. 

Founded in Singapore in 2005, although it’s still a relatively fresh entrant and provides a broad platter of banking assistance, such as:

  • Corporate Lending
  • Syndication
  • Trade Finance
  • Liability Business
  • Investment Banking

With Axis Bank Limited, you acquire merchant banking comparable to the Biryani’s aromatic spices and textures.

Bordier & CIE: The Chili Crab Merchant Bank

There’s nothing more exotic than a Chili Crab plate and a favoured local delight. Bordier & CIE matches the same fascinating taste of a Swiss private bank established in Singapore in 2010. It grants merchant banking services like the following:

  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Investment Philosophy
  • Private Banking
  • Cards
  • FinLab

Border & CIE clients will surely enjoy the delicious combination of spicy, sweet, and savoury merchant banking opportunities.

Daiwa Capital Markets Singapore Limited: The Sushi of the Merchant Banking Industry

Established in Singapore in 1972, Daiwa Capital Markets Singapore Limited is the sushi in your banking feast. With its international roots, it now becomes integral to SG’s local cuisine.

It’s Singapore’s merchant bank that provides a massive array of banking excellence, such as:

  • Investment Banking
  • Equities
  • Fixed Income
  • Wealth and Corporate Client Solutions

So, if you’re in for a sushi platter treat, you will have your fill of banking flavours!

Islamic Bank of Asia: Merchant Banks in Singapore’s Gado-Gado Salad

Do you love a refreshing plate of Gado-Gado salad?

It’s the type of delicacy with the freshest ingredients with the flavourful peanut sauce, and that’s how the Islamic Bank of Asia will satisfy you with its banking expertise. The reason behind its mouthwatering banking assistance is the perfect combination of:

  • Direct Investment
  • Advisory
  • Treasury
  • Capital Markets Services
  • Shariah-compliant Equity and Sukuk

It was launched in Singapore in May 2007, and the Islamic Bank of Asia stands out among the banking banquet spread.

KEXIM Global (Singapore) Ltd: The Bibimbap of Banking

The Bibimbap’s complex layers mirror the KEXIM Global Singapore Ltd. diverse facets. It’s Singapore’s Korean merchant bank that began its operations in 2022. It’s also the Export-Import Bank of Korea subsidiary.

Parallel to the Bibimbap’s colourful assembly of meat, vegetables, and egg, KEXIM Global presents a diverse bowl of banking services like:

  • Investment Banking
  • Project Development
  • Cryptocurrency

With KEXIM Global, pursuing export and substantial loans to guarantees and overseas investment credit will be easier. Isn’t that intriguing?

KfW IPEX-Bank Asia Ltd.: Merchant Banking’s German Pretzel

Do you enjoy a good snack like a German pretzel?

Regarding merchant banks in Singapore, the KfW IPEX-Bank Asia Ltd., founded in 2021, adds the perfect European twist to your Asian buffet banking spread. It’s the German pretzel that’s perfectly served alongside Asian delicacies.

The bank specialises in:

  • Project Finance
  • Export Finance Loan Products
  • Syndication
  • Advisory Services

Thus, the KfW IPEX-Bank Asia Ltd. makes your merchant banking experience as gratifying and dependable as biting into a hearty pretzel.

LGT Bank (Singapore) Ltd.: The Swiss Fondue of Banking

The LGT Bank Singapore Ltd. is parallel to a Swiss Fondue of merchant banking services, with its rich blend of luxury and comfort since its establishment in 2002. The bank provides a vast suite of private banking services which includes:

  • Wealth Management
  • Investment Services
  • Institutional Services
  • Financial Advisers

It’s the perfect merchant bank that’s as cheesy, rich and comforting as a Swiss Fondue.

Personal Loans and Accredit: The Savoury Rendang to Your Financial Platter

The personal loans will spice up your financial platter and provide a vital service for that financial health spicy kick. 

And although banks are the main course, Singapore’s licensed moneylenders like Accredit play the role of rendang – the deliciously delightful side that completes your financial dining experience. It’s a viable alternative to banks for personal loans. Accedit offers various lending services that are faster and more tailored to specific circumstances.

Enjoy the Flavours of Merchant Banks in Singapore for Financial Prosperity

Now that you are about to reach the bottom of your metaphorical laksa bowl, do you understand the financial relish that merchant banks in Singapore bring to the cityscape’s prosperity platter? The diversity is exceptionally astounding. It’s comparable to the passionately prepared meal, providing every banking customer in Singapore that’ll suit your various needs and tastes.

Regarding merchant banks, you’ll always have them for wealth management and advisory services. However, if you prefer to take on personal loans, Accredit will be your favourite dish. Dig deeper into these financial institutions and explore the diverse tastes of this financial feast.

Take your time to compare the banks and a licensed moneylender as you take a closer step to your financial journey. Can you taste the monetary prosperity waiting for you? Pick your monetary banquet wisely and enjoy the taste of success!

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