Japanese Things to Do in Singapore

Are you looking for a taste of Japan in Singapore? Look no further! Singapore is home to various Japanese experiences, from delicious cuisine to traditional art and relaxation treatments. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, there are plenty of options to explore.

One of the best ways to experience Japan in Singapore is through its cuisine. From sushi to ramen to wagyu beef, there are countless Japanese restaurants. You can even find unique experiences like a Japanese food street in Jurong Point or a themed staycation at Le Meridien Singapore with an onsen suite. And don’t forget to try some Japanese-inspired coffee at Suzuki Gourmet Coffee.

Singapore has many options if you’re interested in Japanese art and tradition. You can visit the Japan Creative Centre for exhibitions and events or visit the annual Japanese Film Festival. For relaxation and beauty treatments, Ikeda Spa offers an onsen experience and other traditional Japanese treatments. No matter your interests, there’s something for everyone regarding Japanese things to do in Singapore.

Key Takeaways

  • Singapore offers a variety of Japanese experiences, including cuisine, art, and relaxation treatments.
  • You can try unique experiences like a Japanese food street or a themed staycation with an onsen suite.
  • Don’t forget to explore the Japan Creative Centre and Ikeda Spa for more Japanese-inspired activities.

Exploring Japanese Cuisine in Singapore


If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine, Singapore has a lot to offer. From sushi and sashimi to tea and matcha experiences, you can find plenty of delicious Japanese food and drinks. Here are some of the best Japanese culinary experiences in Singapore.

Sushi and Sashimi Delights

Singapore has plenty of options if you’re looking for sushi and sashimi. You can find everything from affordable kaiten sushi chains to high-end Michelin-starred restaurants. Some of the best places to try sushi and sashimi in Singapore include:

  • Shinji by Kanesaka: This high-end restaurant offers traditional sushi and sashimi with fresh, seasonal ingredients.
  • Sushi Tei: With multiple locations across Singapore, Sushi Tei is a popular chain that offers affordable sushi and sashimi.
  • Tsukiji Fish Market Restaurant specializes in fresh seafood, including sushi and sashimi.

Tea and Matcha Experiences

If you’re a fan of tea and matcha, Singapore has plenty of options for you to explore. You can find everything from traditional tea ceremonies to modern matcha cafes. Some of the best places to try tea and matcha in Singapore include:

  • Hvala Singapore: This modern tea and matcha cafe offers a range of drinks, including matcha lattes and hojicha tea.
  • Japanese Tea Garden: Located in the Jurong Lake Gardens, this traditional tea house offers a peaceful escape from the city and a chance to experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.
  • Tsujiri: With multiple locations across Singapore, Tsujiri is a popular chain that offers matcha drinks and desserts.

Don Don Donki and Other Snacks

If you’re looking for Japanese snacks and other treats, Don Don Donki is a great place to start. This Japanese discount store offers a range of snacks, including Pocky, Kit Kats, and more. You can also find other Japanese snacks and treats at speciality stores across Singapore, including:

  • Meidi-Ya: This Japanese supermarket offers a range of Japanese snacks, ingredients, and more.
  • Oishii Corner: In the Takashimaya department store, Oishii Corner offers a range of Japanese snacks and sweets.

Whether you’re a sushi, tea, or snacks fan, Singapore offers plenty of Japanese culinary experiences. So why not explore the best of Japanese cuisine in Singapore today?

Japanese Art and Tradition


If you want to experience Japanese art and tradition in Singapore, you’re in luck. Many opportunities exist to immerse yourself in the culture and learn more about its history.

Kimono and Other Traditions

One of the most iconic symbols of Japanese culture is the kimono. You can learn more about this traditional garment at the Japanese Cemetery Park on Chuan Hoe Ave. You can also explore other Japanese traditions, such as the tea ceremony and calligraphy.

If you’re interested in history, visit the ISE Cultural Foundation in Jurong West. This non-profit organisation promotes cultural exchange between Japan and Singapore and hosts exhibitions and workshops on various aspects of Japanese art and culture.

Japanese Zen Gardens

Japanese Zen gardens are known for their simplicity and tranquillity. You can experience this peaceful atmosphere at the Japanese Garden in Jurong Lake Garden. This garden features a Chinese-style bridge called the Bridge of Double Beauty, stone lanterns and other traditional Japanese elements.

Another place to visit is the Chiba Japanese Garden at Changi Airport. This garden was designed to reflect the Momoyama and Muromachi periods of Japanese history and features a pond, a waterfall, and a variety of plants and trees.

Whether you’re interested in art or tradition or want to relax in a peaceful environment, Singapore has plenty to offer regarding Japanese culture.

Relaxation and Beauty Treatments


If you’re looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, Singapore’s Japanese spas and beauty treatments are a must-try. Here are two highly recommended options:

Ikeda Spa and Onsen Bath

At Ikeda Spa, you can indulge in a luxurious Japanese spa experience. The spa offers a variety of treatments, including massages, facials, and body scrubs, all inspired by Japanese traditions. One of the highlights of the spa is the Hinoki Onsen Bath, a Japanese-style hot spring bath made of fragrant Hinoki wood. This unique experience is said to have numerous health benefits, including improved circulation and detoxification.

Another unique offering at Ikeda Spa is the Ganbanyoku bed, a heated stone bed that promotes relaxation and detoxification. You can also enjoy a cup of Japanese green tea and some Japanese sweets as part of the spa experience.

Japanese Beauty Products

Japanese beauty products are known for their high quality and effectiveness. Many of these products are now available in Singapore, and you can find them at various beauty stores and online shops.

One popular brand is Shu Uemura, known for its high-quality makeup and skincare products. The brand’s cleansing oil is a cult favourite and is said to be one of the best makeup removers. Another famous brand is SK-II, which offers a range of skincare products that use a unique ingredient called Pitera, which is derived from sake.

Other Japanese beauty products to try include the Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream, which gives you a dewy, glowing complexion, and the Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate, which is said to strengthen and protect the skin’s natural defences.

In conclusion, Singapore’s Japanese spas and beauty treatments offer a unique and rejuvenating experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you want to relax and unwind or improve your skin’s health and appearance, these treatments are worth trying.

Exploring Japanese Destinations in Singapore


If you’re a fan of Japanese culture and want to experience it in Singapore, you’re in luck! Plenty of places you can indulge in Japanese food, fashion, and entertainment. Here are two areas in Singapore where you can explore Japanese destinations:

Orchard Road and Boat Quay

Orchard Road is a popular shopping destination in Singapore and home to a few Japanese stores. If you’re looking for Japanese fashion, head to the Isetan department store, which carries a range of Japanese brands. You can also find Japanese cosmetics and skincare products at Sasa and Tokyu Hands.

For Japanese food, go to Boat Quay, which is just a short walk from Orchard Road. Several Japanese restaurants in the area, including Koma Singapore, serve modern Japanese cuisine. If you’re a fan of sake, head to The Sake Place, where you can taste a variety of sake from different regions in Japan.

Japanese Spots in Jurong West

Jurong West may not be as well-known as Orchard Road, but it’s home to a few Japanese spots worth checking out. If you’re a cat lover, head to Neko no Niwa, a cat café serving Japanese snacks and drinks. You can play with the resident cats while sipping on matcha latte.

To taste Japanese culture, head to Jurong Point shopping mall, where you’ll find a mock Japanese food street. You can indulge in Japanese street food like takoyaki and yakitori and even try making your own sushi at Sushi Express.

Whether you’re in the mood for shopping, dining, or entertainment, plenty of Japanese destinations in Singapore are waiting to be explored.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some must-try Japanese desserts in Singapore?

If you have a sweet tooth, try some of the delicious Japanese desserts in Singapore. One of the most popular is mochi, a sweet and chewy rice cake filled with various flavours like red bean paste, matcha, and strawberry.

You can find mochi at many Japanese supermarkets and dessert shops around Singapore. Another must-try dessert is wagashi, a traditional Japanese sweets in various shapes and colours. Some popular wagashi shops in Singapore include Minamoto Kitchoan and Hattendo.

What are the top Japanese supermarkets to visit in Singapore?

If you’re looking for authentic Japanese ingredients and snacks, visit some of the top Japanese supermarkets in Singapore. One of the most popular is Don Don Donki, which sells a wide range of Japanese products, including fresh produce, snacks, and cosmetics.

Other great options include Meidi-Ya and Isetan Supermarket, which offer a wide selection of Japanese groceries and household items.

Where can I find the best Japanese cafes in Singapore?

If you’re looking for a cosy spot to enjoy some Japanese-inspired drinks and snacks, there are plenty of great cafes in Singapore. One of the most popular is Hvala, which serves delicious matcha drinks and desserts.

Other great options include Kurasu, a Japanese coffee shop offering a range of speciality coffee drinks, and Nigiro Cafe, which serves tasty Japanese-style sandwiches and cakes.

What are some unique Japanese things to do in Singapore?

If you’re looking for something different in Singapore, why not try some unique Japanese activities? One of the most popular is visiting a Japanese onsen or hot spring. Yunomori Onsen and Spa is a great place to relax and enjoy traditional Japanese bathhouse culture.

Another fun activity is visiting a Japanese izakaya, a casual bar serving delicious food and drinks. Some popular izakayas in Singapore include En Sakaba and Izy Fook.

What are the most famous Japanese shops to visit in Singapore?

If you’re a fan of Japanese fashion, beauty, or lifestyle products, check out some of Singapore’s most famous Japanese shops. One of the most popular is Muji, which offers a wide range of minimalist and functional products for the home and office.

Other great options include Uniqlo, which sells affordable and stylish Japanese clothing, and Tokyu Hands, which offers a wide range of unique and innovative products.

How can I experience the culture of Japan while in Singapore?

If you want to experience the culture of Japan while in Singapore, there are plenty of great options. One of the most popular is visiting the Japanese Association in Singapore, which offers a range of cultural events and classes. You can also visit the Japanese Garden, a beautiful park with traditional Japanese landscaping and architecture. Finally, be sure to check out the various Japanese festivals that occur throughout the year, such as the Bon Odori Festival and the Japanese Film Festival.

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