Is Borrowing Money From Loan Shark Illegal in Singapore?

Ready to explore a sizzling topic that’s got everyone talking in our sunny Singapore? We’re delving into the world of borrowing money from loan sharks – those not-so-friendly folks who promise quick cash but pack a nasty punch with sky-high interest rates and a whole lot of attitude if you can’t cough up the dough.

So, you’re probably wondering, “Hey, is borrowing money from loan sharks illegal in Singapore?” Well, hang on tight, because we’re about to unravel that mystery! 

This article is your guide to the ins and outs of borrowing from loan sharks in our little red dot, and the repercussions you might face if you tread down that risky path.

The Crackdown on Unlicensed Moneylending

Recently, the authorities in Singapore have been going all out to tackle this serious issue of unlicensed moneylending. They’ve been conducting extensive crackdowns! In a series of raids, the seven police land divisions and the Criminal Investigation Department targeted 124 individuals, ranging from 17 to 78 years old, suspected of engaging in unlicensed moneylending activities. Here’s what they uncovered:

  • Harassment at Debtors’ Homes: They caught 10 people suspected of harassing debtors at their homes. These loan sharks use this nasty tactic to scare people into paying back their debts.
  • Runners for Unlicensed Moneylenders: Brace yourself, 49 individuals were caught acting as runners for these illegal moneylending businesses. These runners help loan sharks by doing stuff like making ATM transfers, so the lenders can fly under the radar and stay out of trouble.
  • Providing False Info to Moneylenders: 1 sneaky person was allegedly giving fake contact info to an unlicensed moneylender. You know what that’s about – trying to make it harder for the law to catch them.
  • Facilitating Unlicensed Moneylending: Check this out – authorities caught 64 people collaborating with loan sharks. They willingly opened bank accounts, provided their ATM cards, PIN numbers, and internet banking tokens to aid these illegal lenders in moving money around undetected.

Is It Illegal to Deal With Loan Sharks?

No doubt about it – dealing with loan sharks is totally illegal in Singapore. The Moneylenders Act makes it crystal clear that there are strict penalties for anyone aiding these illegal activities. If you’re caught assisting a loan shark, you’re basically their accomplice in the shady business.

Now, you don’t want to mess with the consequences of being an accomplice in unlicensed moneylending. They come down hard on you like a ton of bricks:

  • You could get slapped with a fine anywhere between S$30,000 and S$300,000.
  • Plus, you might end up behind bars for up to four years.
  • And to top it off, you could get caned up to six times.

But wait, there’s more. If you act on behalf of an unlicensed moneylender to harass someone, the punishments are equally tough:

  • Prepare yourself for up to five years in prison.
  • And they could fine you anything from S$5,000 to S$50,000.
  • And yes, you might get caned too – between three and six strokes.

Authorities impose all these strict penalties for a reason – to deter people from engaging in illegal moneylending and to protect folks from falling prey to loan sharks.

Is It A Crime To Borrow From A Loan Shark In Singapore?

Worry not if you’ve borrowed from a loan shark; the cops won’t be after you. In this situation, you’re actually the victim, and seeking financial help from an illegal money lender won’t get you into legal trouble.

The authorities get it – life throws tough financial situations our way, and sometimes we end up seeking help in unconventional places. So, they’re more focused on busting those loan sharks and unlicensed moneylenders, not on going after folks who needed a hand.

How to Handle Illegal Money Lenders?

So, you find yourself caught in the clutches of loan shark harassment. Don’t panic, but take immediate action and report these shady characters to the police. Reach out for police protection and assistance by dialing 999 or the X-Ah Long hotline at 1800-924-5664. Additionally, you can report the money lender to the Registry of Moneylenders at 1800-2255-529.

Now, let’s go over some smart ways to handle these loan sharks:

1. Stay Away, Don’t Engage 

Your best bet is to completely avoid dealing with loan sharks and unlicensed money lenders. Don’t even entertain their offers. Even if they seem all nice and understanding in the beginning, they’ll eventually hit you with crazy interest rates that can keep you stuck in an endless cycle of debt.

2. Avoid Getting Tempted 

No matter how desperate your financial situation may be, resist the temptation of borrowing from a loan shark or unlicensed moneylender. Falling into their trap can lead to serious financial consequences that are tough to escape from.

3. Know Where to Complain 

If you ever feel uneasy or threatened by illegal moneylenders, report the incident through the I-Witness portal at or call the police hotline at 1800-255-0000. Your prompt report can help the authorities take action against these shady characters.

The Role of Licensed Moneylenders

In the battle against loan sharks, licensed moneylenders play a crucial role in providing a safe and regulated option for borrowers in need of financial support. These licensed institutions are governed by strict guidelines and interest rate caps, ensuring that borrowers are protected from predatory lending practices. 

Before approaching a licensed moneylender, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and compare rates and terms from different institutions. Reliable loan comparison sites and Google reviews can provide valuable insights into the reputation and credibility of various moneylenders. 

Additionally, the surest way to ensure the legitimacy of a moneylender is to visit the Singapore Ministry of Law website, where a list of licensed moneylenders operating in the country is available.

The Bottom Line

Borrowing money from loan sharks may not be considered a crime itself. However, it’s important to be aware that assisting illegal activities related to loan sharks, such as opening a bank account or providing an ATM card and PIN, is indeed a crime in Singapore. The authorities take a firm stand against unlicensed moneylending activities.

As responsible borrowers, it is crucial to steer clear of loan sharks and promptly report any suspicious activities to the police. Opting for financial assistance from licensed moneylenders provides a safer and more secure borrowing experience, safeguarding individuals from the clutches of loan sharks.

If you’re seeking a licensed moneylender you can trust, look no further than Accredit Moneylender. We provide fair interest rates and terms and hold a full operating license in Singapore.

Borrow with confidence and apply with us today. Your financial safety is our priority.

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