ING Bank Singapore: Exploring the 8 Extraordinary Truths Behind ING

In Singapore, we indeed thrive on stories, correct? Do you remember the ‘Monet Not Enough’ movie that intelligently portrayed everyday Singaporeans’ struggle with finances? But like all films, any person’s financial battle can have a lighter note, which the ING Bank Singapore will provide you with.

The story behind ING Bank isn’t purely an economic saga; it isn’t! It’s an incredible narrative of aspirations and dreams, a symphony that plays gently but enchantingly within the heart of the Lion City. 

So, if you’re curious about what makes it such an engaging tale, as relatable as your most beloved local movie characters? You have to read further below!

ING Bank Singapore: A Global Giant in the Heart of Asia

Did you know that the famous and most sought-after ING Bank originated from the world’s biggest flower exporter, the Netherlands?

Yes, that is a fact, my dear friend! The ING Bank was established in the early 1990s, specifically in 1991. Since its momentous foundation, it did not restrain itself from spreading its banking geniuses across forty countries worldwide!

If you’ll honestly think about it, it’s compared to the prominence and influence beyond Jack Neo on the Singaporean cinematic scene! Since its establishment in SIngapore, ING Bank has progressed successfully.

It’s unlike how the ‘Money No Enough’ series has acquired much traction. It’s primarily because ING Bank Singapore is acknowledged for its impressive credit ratings and ingenious banking solutions. 

Safety is the New Cool: Banking Security at ING Bank Singapore

Have you watched the ‘Ah Boys to Men?’

Do you remember the particularly intriguing seriousness towards safety protocols? 

Well, it’s the expectation many Singaporeans resonate with, especially in needing the best security accessible. ING Bank Singapore comprehends the crucial needs and continuously fights off IT security risks on all fronts!

The bank has since organised meticulous planning, diligence, and consistent risk management program executions. Not only that, but they also support their valued employees by ensuring they attain accurate information and knowledge through an ambitious security awareness program. 

With these sincere efforts to adopt advanced technological systems and techniques, you, as a customer, will experience transaction safety and security that’s beyond remarkable. It’s the kind of security measure reliable as Moses Lim’s comedic timing, protecting your financial interest in the best and most innovative way possible.

Your Digital Best Friend: The ING Bank Singapore Way

Just as Anthony Chen has brought everyone in Singapore closer to the complexities of the modern-day relationships in ‘Ilo Ilo’, ING Bank Singapore embraces the digital era with much passion. Thus, banking services will be as attainable as the film’s most relatable narrative.

The bank’s digital banking platform, the ‘InsideBusiness’, offers the smooth and integrated banking approach you’ll love. What can you expect from InsideBusiness? 

You have two types of channels to select from that grant you access to:

  • Payments
  • Trade Finance
  • Cash Management
  • Financial Markets
  • Lending

With the InsideBusiness Portal and the InsideBusiness App, you can access the notably growing selections of Wholesale banking products and assistance worldwide. Anticipate secure connectivity resolutions, safe and secure access to channels, KYC made easy, hassle-free administration, and you’re the one in control!

So, the platform is as handy as the renowned ‘Good Morning’ towel, ready to grant you banking assistance anytime and anywhere!

ING Bank Singapore Commitment to Green and Sustainability

Do you love a good ‘Think Forward’ strategy?

That’s what ING Bank Singapore offers you; it isn’t only a good but exceptionally efficient strategy emphasising sustainability. It will remind you of ‘881’ by Royston Tan, promoting eco-awareness in a subtle yet powerful manner.

The bank has been acknowledged widely and even obtained the attention of Sustainalytics, with an ‘AA’ for the ESG rating. MSCI endorsed it in September 2022 for the third year!

It affirms ING Bank Singapore as a true leader in social risk and environmental management, underscoring its commitment to sustainability and green practices.

ING Bank Singapore: Understanding You, The ‘I Not Stupid’ Approach

Parallel to the widely favoured film ‘I Not Stupid’ bringing forth the necessities of identifying individual potential, the bank sincerely values your particular financial needs. Many Singaporean communities need diverse loans, like personal loans, to ease financing issues.

What’s great about the bank is its remarkable personal banking services! It includes the crucial requirements of savings accounts, home loans, and time deposits, outlined with the ‘I Not Stupid’ technique. 

When a bank recognises and puts value on your individuality of each customer’s banking requirements, you know that you have a champion bank in your midst!

Uncompromising Evolution: The Banking Sector’s ‘Ah Boys to Men’ 

Do you love the ‘Ah Boys to Men’?

Does it catch the true essence of resilience and growth?

It can rival the ‘Ah Boys to Men’ recruits’ determination and perseverance if you agree. Economic ups and downs happen a lot, and it’s fickle as it may come. Nothing is planned out; thus, you have to prepare yourself. 

Despite such events, the bank has shown steady growth and progress with its diversification into insurance solutions and wealth management. The ING Bank Singapore has developed through and through to cater to the customers’ broad spectrum of financial needs.

Accessibility for All: As Friendly as a Kopitiam Chat

Do you prefer a bank that has strong philosophies?

As you would know, philosophies enrich and enhance an individual’s problem-solving capabilities. And with ING Bank Singapore, their main philosophy is accessibility. It’s the key to the bank’s principles. 

They’ve made understanding financial services as easy as learning, knowing, and executing Singlish. With their efforts to simplify the complexities of banking jargon into relatable terms, you can be sure that you’ll always be aware and in control of your financial decisions.

The Community’s Heartbeat

The ING Bank Singapore, like the ‘Homerun’ baseball team, believes in the community’s power. They’ve demonstrated this sincerity via their immense corporate social responsibility initiatives. Among these are focusing on financing education, sustaining the country’s local heroes of startups, and participating in diverse charitable causes.

But, you cannot engage with the bank for some loans; you always have Accredit to lean on. Accredit is Singapore’s revered licensed moneylender, granting the best and most reliable moneylending practices since 2002. So, you don’t have to worry because everything you need is within reach.

So, now you have unravelled the ING Bank, Singapore’s truths are akin to dissecting the essence of your most beloved Singaporean movies. Its approach to banking is the perfect blend of honesty, humour, and humanity, similar to the films that have become a vital part of Lion City’s culture and legacy.

Wouldn’t you agree that the facts behind ING Bank Singapore are as memorable as ‘881’ in the banking sector’s grand narrative? If so, there’s no need to wait any further. 

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