ICICI Bank Singapore Riveting Facts of Unmasking the Enigma

One of the best ways to know if you can genuinely trust a bank is by knowing its past and present and trusting the financial future you’ll acquire as you are worth with them. Banks like ICICI Bank Singapore aren’t just a fortress holding your money; they’re much more!

Banks like these are much like conductors. They have led the grand symphony called today’s “Economy” for many centuries and continue to this day.

Now, let’s unveil the voyage of one such maestro, the ICICI Bank.

Do you feel intrigued? 

If so, stay and navigate through its history, deciphering its name, and much more!

ICICI Bank Singapore: A Step Back in Time

Did you know that the ICICI Bank is much like a majestic banyan tree?


Because it had its roots in India in 1955, the establishment happened with the World Bank, the Government of India, and representatives of Indian industry initiatives.

In the 1980s, ICICI Bank concentrated on project finances and long-term funding for variations of industrial projects. In the 1990s, ICICI finally transformed into a business from a development financial institution. 

As India’s economy integrated into the world’s economy, ICICI Bank capitalised on these new opportunities and services to attract more customers. Soon after, in 1994, ICICI Bank was incorporated into the ICICI group.

In 1991, the bank reached a momentous milestone of being the first financial institution or bank and Indian company that’s non-Japanese Asia to be enlisted to the New York Stock Exchange!

Imagine a tree that’s expanding further and further. Its branches provide the shade many people need. 

That’s similar to ICICI Bank as it extends its services and financial assistance to Singapore’s thriving economic hub. 

ICICI Bank Singapore in Details

Were you ever curious about ICICI Bank Singapore’s details?

For instance, did you ever wonder what ICICI stands for? 

If you’re a cat with high curiosity, it’s time to unmask the lesser-known facts about the ICICI Bank!

  • What’s in a name?

ICICI Bank Limited is India’s multinational bank with its headquarters in Mumbai. The name ICICI means The Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India. Back then, it was merely a government institution. 

  • What does the logo mean?

One of the best ways to remember a product or company is through its logo. It’s a significant symbol that no one forgets when you’ve grown acquainted with a pleasant or unpleasant experience. 

One thing that catches one’s eye about ICICI Bank Singapore is its logo. It was in 1997 that the bank changed its name from The Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Limited to ICICI Ltd. 

After a year, in 1998, the ICICI bank launched its newest logo, symbolising the common corporate identification of the ICICI group. 

The meaning of latest ICICI Bank logo conveys dynamic individualism with conviction and drive and personifies the company’s human capital. It is indispensable to reach further progress. 

It also symbolises the group’s sturdy and robust retail identity when reaching individual customers or shareholders. 

The “i” you can see from the logo depicts numero uno or number one. It’s the position that ICICI always strives to attain. Moreover, the brand colours of Orange embody vitality, Grey represents warmth, Blue for depth and trust, Maroon symbolises stability, and White epitomises the highest standard of ethics.

ICICI Bank Expansion to Singapore

As ICICI Bank gains more and more recognition in India, the company felt it was time to expand its branches further. It’s a massive expansion and would greatly benefit businesses and individuals eager to acquire ICICI Bank’s financial services.

ICICI Bank Limited is now among the largest private-sector banks in India. Today, its subsidiaries are all over the United Kingdom and Canada, with prominent branches in Dubai International Finance Centre, Bahrain, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, the United States, and Singapore. 

ICICI Bank Singapore branch was recognised as the first overseas branch of ICICI Bank Limited. On August 1, 2003, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) finally granted ICICI Bank the certification and license for the branch banking in Lion City. 

In a few years, the Monetary Authority of Singapore presented the ICICI Bank with the Full-Bank License with Qualified Full Banking (QFB) privileges and ACU capabilities in April of 2010. 

These are among the milestones carved into the country’s banking industry. 

Pantheon of Services for Banking and Loans

Have you ever seen a Swiss Army knife?

Would you say it’s a nifty tool to have? 

Because it can be everything you need when needed, would you believe ICICI Bank Singapore is much like a Swiss Army knife?

It’s the most uncanny comparison as the bank offers many services customised to meet your every financial demand. Whether it be retail or corporate banking, from investments, and loans like personal loans, to wealth management, ICICI is a financial institution you can lean on!

In addition to such banking services, ICICI Bank Singapore is also a pioneer in Internet and digital banking. With Internet banking, customers can view account balance, details and history. It’s easy to obtain more information as you download your statement. 

The innovative step to expand banking assistance boosted the customer’s confidence in ICICI Bank Singapore’s operation.

ICICI Bank Singapore’s Dedication to Diversity and Inclusion

Singapore is a beautiful country with a uniquely perfect blend of heritage and culture. As you may expect, the community is filled with diverse traditions and practices.

Among the most fantastic banking ethics that ICICI Bank Singapore has shown since its establishment is its dedication to diversity and inclusion. It honours the sacredness of one’s origin and treats everyone fairly.

Thus, you can see that the bank’s workforce is a complementary blend of individuals from varied backgrounds. Such an ethical practice solidifies the bank’s advocacy to foster an inclusive and harmonious work environment.

Final Thoughts

The world of banking and finance is diverse. Through the years of its services, ICICI Bank Singapore has successfully etched its solid reputation from its history, unique attributes, and comprehensive banking services, especially with loans. 

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