How to find the right agent for your real estate buying and selling

Are you planning to buy a house in Singapore or sell your existing one? If yes, then you might need a real estate agent by your side to make the process easier and faster. A real estate agent will spread the word across the market and fix meetings with potential buyers or sellers. They will ensure that you complete all the necessary documentation correctly and help you with closing the deal. But out of the large pool of real estate agents in Singapore, how do you select the right one for yourself? A real estate agent who will understand your requirements and may not charge you excessively. To make the search for the real estate agent simpler, you just have to follow the following steps and tips.

Search Online on Listings

The best and most popular way to find a real estate agent in Singapore is by turning to the internet. Look up for the leading real estate agent listings in Singapore and begin your search from them. Council of Estate Agents, SRX Property,, iProperty, and PropertyGuru are where you can start from. Look up for the details of the agents in your area. Look for their experience, kind of projects handled, fees, ratings and reviews of the agents and shortlist the ones you like. You can then directly get in touch with them and take it ahead from there.

Ask For References

Another way to find a good real estate agent in Singapore is by asking your acquaintances. In case, your friends or relatives have recently bought or sold a property in your city, talk to them. Find out which real estate agent they worked with. Ask for their experience with the agent. After that, you can ask several other questions and know everything you wish to know about an agent. In case, the options seem fine to you, take their contact details from your friends or relatives and get in touch with those agents.

Attend Open Houses

Pay attention to various open houses that are about to happen in your neighborhood. Attend those open houses. You will surely spot the real estate agent who is making the open house event happen. Talk to the agent and see if he or she suits your requirements.

Another way of shortlisting a real estate agent is by noting when the open house takes place and how soon the house is sold. In fact, the agent who sells the plot the fastest might be better for you.

Look For Advertisements

You may see a lot of home buying and selling advertisements in newspapers, magazines, your email, and even in your neighborhood. These advertisements are put up for two reasons. #1 to spread the word of the house that is open for buying or selling. And #2 to promote the real estate agency or agent. Make the most of these advertisements and get in touch with the advertiser. In case, it an agency, talk to them and let them know what kind of agent you are looking for. If you get in touch with an agent, talk to him or her directly.

Talk to The Agents

Once you have a few shortlisted names, start having an in-depth conversation with them. Ask them about their previous projects, their area of specialisation, their availability, services they will provide, their way of working, the fees they’ll charge, and so on. It is important that you meet those agents personally before finalising a professional. Don’t rely on phone calls and video chats. You must know everything about them and feel comfortable with the person you would want to work with. Once you have details of all the shortlisted agents, compare them and find the right professional.

Check Their License

Today, a lot of people claim themselves to be real estate agents in Singapore. But it is important to work with only the professional, licensed ones. The unlicensed ones may n ot know the market well and may also fail to complete the home buying or selling process in the correct manner. They may not even know about all the necessary documents needed for these processes. On the other hand, a licensed agent will ensure that you follow the right process and complete all the necessary obligations. Therefore, ask every real estate agent that you consider for their licence.

Test Their Knowledge

It is crucial for the real estate agent that you are hiring should have in-depth knowledge of your neighborhood. Find a person who knows the neighborhood in and out, someone like a hyperlocalist. In fact, this person should have access to the market data and should be able to connect you with potential people looking to sell or buy a house. A person who doesn’t know the area well may take a long time to close a deal, which is something you surely don’t want.

Talk to Their Past Clients

There is nothing wrong in trying different ways to know more about a real estate agent. Thus, ask for the list of clients the real estate agent has worked with. Don’t worry; it isn’t something weird. People generally do this in Singapore. Once you have the list of past clients, get in touch with these ex-clients and know more about the agent. Get all your doubts cleared. Ask questions related to the kind of services the agent had provided to them.

Make sure that you follow all these steps before hiring a real estate agent. Ultimately, go with your gut. In case, you don’t feel good about a professional, don’t hire him. Look for another option and repeat the steps until you find the right person.

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