GXS Bank Singapore: The Legendary Digital Financial Trailblazer

The finance world is fast-paced, as it’s here where the markets ebb and flow like a bustling river. Also, many banks have withstood the test of time and emerged as a true legends in the banking world. It is GXS Bank Singapore.

Are you curious about this legendary financial trailblazer? If you are, you are not alone. Many have expressed interest in this bank because of its innovation, trustworthiness, and great background. 

Let’s get you the fun facts and details of this bank to prepare you for a financial journey you’ll never forget!

GXS Bank Singapore’s Inception: A Visionary Foundation

In this digital era, it cannot be helped that you will learn about the latest innovations in digital banking. Among such digital banking and financial trailblazers is the legendary GXS Bank Singapore. 

Why is it legendary?

For one, it’s among Singapore’s four digital banks recently launched in the country’s financing industry. It’s Grab and Singtel’s digital lender and now offers different types of loan products like personal loans.

Also, a quick trivia on GXS Bank Singapore. It is the initial retail digital bank to launch.

The Power Partnership Establishes GXS Bank Singapore

Singapore Telecommunications Limited, more recognised as Singtel, is one of the largest influential telecommunications operating in the region. Its historical hold in Singapore’s telecommunication industry started in 1883. And now, it’s also the largest mobile network operator with over 4 million subscribers!

Another influential player in Singapore’s global technology industry is Grab Holdings Inc. The founding history of Grab came to life when Anthony Tan had an idea to create a taxi-booking mobile app for grand Southeast Asia while he was still at Harvard Business School.

With Tan’s sincere motivation to make taxi rides safer, he launched the “My Teksi” app in 2012, the first in Malaysia with Tan Hooi Ling. In 2013, GrabTaxi expanded throughout the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore. In 2016, GrabTaxi was rebranded to Grab and soon ventured into diverse industries, including the digital banking industry.

It was in December 2020 when Grab finally acquired its digital banking licenses from Singapore, as it works hand in hand with Singtel. Grab owns a 60% stake in the Grab-Singtel consortium.

When significant companies create a union, a power partnership, it would be long until you see its state-of-the-art innovation. And it’s what happened when Telco Singtel and super-app Grab established the GXS Bank Singapore. 

GXS Bank Singapore Serves the Underserved

It’s truly amazing to find the befitting superhero at the right moment and right time. Many people in Singapore have had unfavourable financial circumstances, especially those in the underserved segments of Singapore’s population.

Thus, GXS Bank Singapore is considered a true legend because the bank’s primary objective is to serve those genuinely in need! You may acquire a personal loan for as low as $200!

With regards to the repayment terms, it’s most flexible too. Borrowers can pay the loan for two months. If customers prefer to spend earlier, whether in whole or partially, they can do so without worrying about fees!

Now, isn’t this the superhero everyone needs?

GXS Bank Singapore Anchors its Financial Background

Did you know GXS Bank Singapore’s rise wasn’t a small feat?

Yes, you read that right! In truth, many people regard it as a meteoric rise, and it’s primarily because of the rock-solid financial foundation. 

The Grab-Singtel powerhouse partnership had specific goals to attain and was determined to establish a digital bank with a strong presence in Singapore’s vibrant financial industry. Thus, the capital base was beyond outstanding, and with prudent risk management, the bank navigated through turbulent economic competition.

Even in its early career in the digital banking landscape, it’s now the top runner for Singaporean communities needing banking assistance. Moreover, it delivers exceptional financial solutions from personal loans and other products and services, making it the go-to institution for discerning investors and ambitious businesses.

Your Data is Protected at All Costs!

Okay, be honest; you do not trust any bank that has yet to receive some recognition. It’s fine. Many people feel the same way. 

It’s because accolades and recognitions are the testaments of a bank’s capacities and capabilities in serving its customers. Thus, you cannot deny that you want your money and data protected. 

Whether digital or traditional banking, it’s the most common standard a borrower or banking client searches for. Well, it’s a good thing that GXS Bank Singapore never disappoints!

In truth, upon its launching in 2022, it has already attained recognition for the Data Protection Trustmark by the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore. Talk about actual digital banking reliance. 

You won’t have to worry about identity theft or being a scam victim because GXS Bank Singapore will protect you and your data at all costs!

The Invisible Shield: GXS Bank Singapore’s Security Commitment

As GXS Bank Singapore protects your data, you also obtain its invisible shield. The bank has specialised cybersecurity efforts to go against cyber-attacks. Thus, you can feel sure that your information and financial transactions are well-hidden.

Moreover, GXS Bank continues its adherence to vigilance against financial crimes. Expect rigorous anti-money laundering and fraud detection system versus financial misconduct. 

1.58% Interest Per Annum Accrued Daily

Alright! Now that you’re ready to connect and become GXS Bank Singapore’s valued customer, you need to know something.

You have to take a deep breath first because it’ll surprise you! It’s a delightful surprise that GXS Bank now offers clients its savings account.

What is the per cent interest per annum accrued daily, you’re asking? 

Well, if you’re truly curious, it’s 0.08%! And customers like yourself may create “8 Pockets”! 

What are these pockets?

It’s the bank’s efforts to motivate and educate customers about financial literacy. With access to the savings accounts’  8 pockets, the customers can use each for their specific financial goals. 

Do you know what’s incredibly surprising about it? 

Each of the pockets gets you to earn 1.58% interest per annum!

Embrace the Financial Legends that Await You

With a heritage rooted in deep trust and a sincere commitment to excellence, GXS Bank Singapore invites you to unlock the digital banking world with many possibilities. From the bank’s easy and hassle-free application process personalised loan packages, it weaves a tale of simplicity with legendary flexibility and unparalleled support.

However, if you prefer an alternative option for personal loans, turn to a reliable and credible sidekick known as the Accredit Licensed Moneylender! Like a genuinely trusty companion, you obtain speed, and tailored financial solutions meeting your unique monetary demands, thus ensuring a seamless and pleasant borrowing experience.

Choose the path that makes you feel safe, secure, and hassle-free. You can move forward on your legendary financial journey with GXS Bank Singapore or opt for Accredit’s dependable support. Let these monetary heroes guide you to a prosperous future where your aspirations and dreams become a reality.

Awarded by Ministry of Law to operate a new Pilot Programme, we have been providing transparent and quality service since 2002.


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