Cheap Things to Do in Singapore


If you plan a trip to Singapore, you don’t have to break the bank to have a good time. Plenty of inexpensive and even free activities exist in this vibrant city-state. From exploring lush gardens and parks to indulging in delicious street food, rest assured the cheap things to do in Singapore have something for everyone, no matter your budget.

One of the best things about Singapore is its many parks and gardens, which are beautiful and free to visit. Stroll through the Singapore Botanic Gardens’ lush greenery, or marvel at the stunning Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay. If you’re feeling adventurous, head to MacRitchie Reservoir Park for a hike through the rainforest.

Regarding food, Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, and you don’t have to spend much money to sample the delicious cuisine. Head to a hawker centre like Maxwell Food Centre or Chinatown Complex Food Centre for some of the city’s best and most affordable street food. And if you’re looking for a unique experience, try a Singaporean breakfast of kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs at a traditional kopitiam.

Key Takeaways

  • Singapore offers plenty of inexpensive and free activities, making it an excellent destination for budget travellers.
  • Explore the city’s beautiful parks and gardens, such as the Singapore Botanic Gardens and Gardens by the Bay.
  • Sample the delicious and affordable street food at hawker centres like Maxwell Food Centre and Chinatown Complex Food Centre.

Discovering the Gardens and Parks in Singapore


Singapore is a city-state home to various outdoor spaces, from gardens to parks. Exploring these green spaces is a great way to enjoy the city’s natural beauty without breaking the bank. Here are some of the best gardens and parks that are among the best cheap things to do in Singapore:

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is one of Singapore’s most popular attractions. This futuristic park is home to the Supertree Grove, a collection of giant tree-like structures that light up at night. The park also features two conservatories, the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest, home to many plants worldwide. Admission to the outdoor gardens is free, although there is a fee to enter the conservatories.

Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the oldest gardens in Singapore. The park has many flora and fauna, including the famous National Orchid Garden. The garden is home to over 1,000 species and 2,000 hybrids of orchids, making it a must-visit for nature lovers. Admission to the garden is free, although there is a fee to enter the National Orchid Garden.

East Coast Park

East Coast Park is a great place to spend a day outdoors. The park features a long stretch of beach and various activities such as cycling, rollerblading, and barbecuing. Several food options are also available, ranging from hawker centres to restaurants. Admission to the park is free, although certain activities may have fees.

Mount Faber

Mount Faber is a hill located in the central part of Singapore. The park offers stunning views of the city skyline and is a popular spot for hiking and picnicking. The park is also home to the Henderson Waves, a pedestrian bridge that is a popular spot for photos. Admission to the park is free.

Southern Ridges

The Southern Ridges is a 10-kilometre trail that connects several parks and nature reserves in Singapore. The trail offers stunning city skyline views and passes through several iconic landmarks like the Henderson Waves and the Forest Walk. Admission to the trial is free.

Exploring the gardens and parks of Singapore is a great way to enjoy the city’s natural beauty without spending a lot of money. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day at the beach or a challenging hike, there’s something for everyone in Singapore’s outdoor spaces.

Relishing the Beach Adventures in Singapore


If you’re looking for fun in the sun without breaking the bank, head to one of Singapore’s many beautiful beaches. From Sentosa’s famous beaches to the quieter shores of the East Coast, there’s something for everyone, from the incredible cheap things to do in Singapore.

Sentosa Beaches

Sentosa Island has three stunning beaches: Siloso Beach, Palawan Beach, and Tanjong Beach. Siloso Beach is the liveliest of the three, with plenty of water sports activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, and beach volleyball. Palawan Beach is perfect for families, with a pirate ship playground and suspension bridge. Tanjong Beach is the most secluded of the three and is ideal for a quiet day of sunbathing and swimming.

East Coast Park Beach

Head to East Coast Park Beach if you want a more laid-back beach experience. This 15-kilometre stretch of beach is perfect for cycling, rollerblading, and picnicking. Plenty of food stalls and restaurants are nearby, so you can grab a bite to eat after a day in the sun.

Tanjong Beach

Tanjong Beach is a hidden gem located on Sentosa Island. This secluded beach is perfect for those looking for a quiet day of sunbathing and swimming. The beach is surrounded by lush greenery and has crystal clear waters, making it the ideal spot for a relaxing day out.

No matter which beach you choose, bring sunscreen, a hat, and plenty of water. And don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch or some snacks to enjoy on the sand. With so many beautiful beaches, you will have a great day without breaking the bank.

The Incredible Cultural Explorations in Singapore


There are many options if you’re looking for a cheap and culturally enriching experience in Singapore. Here are some top cultural exploration activities that won’t break the bank. It’s among the cheap things to do in Singapore that you’ll enjoy!

Little India

One of the most vibrant and colourful neighbourhoods in Singapore is Little India. This area is a hub for Indian culture, food, and shopping. Stroll down Serangoon Road and explore the shops selling traditional Indian clothing, jewellery, and spices. Don’t forget to check out the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, one of Singapore’s oldest Hindu temples.


Chinatown is another must-visit neighbourhood for cultural exploration. This area is home to the iconic Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, a stunning example of Buddhist architecture. You can also visit the Chinatown Heritage Centre to learn about the history of Chinese immigrants in Singapore. Be sure to try some of the delicious street food available in the area, such as steamed buns and dim sum.

National Museum of Singapore

For a more formal cultural experience, head to the National Museum of Singapore. This museum is dedicated to the history and culture of Singapore and features a wide range of exhibits and artefacts. Admission is free for Singapore citizens and permanent residents and only costs $15 for non-residents.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is a stunning example of Buddhist architecture in Chinatown. The temple is home to a sacred relic of the Buddha and features intricate carvings and decorations. Be sure to dress modestly and remove your shoes before entering.

Sri Mariamman Temple

The Sri Mariamman Temple is one of the oldest Hindu temples in Singapore and is located in Chinatown. This temple is dedicated to the goddess Mariamman and features colourful decorations and intricate carvings. Be sure to dress modestly and remove your shoes before entering.

Overall, Singapore is an excellent destination for cultural exploration on a budget. Whether you’re interested in Indian culture, Chinese history, or the history of Singapore itself, there are plenty of affordable options to choose from.

Distinctive Attractions in Singapore


If you’re looking for something different to do in Singapore, check out these unique attractions:

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa is a theme park with over 1,000 statues and dioramas depicting Chinese folklore and mythology. It’s a fascinating place to explore; best of all, it’s free! Spend an afternoon wandering through the park and admiring the intricate sculptures.

Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin is a small island off the coast of Singapore that’s perfect for a day trip. It’s a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with lush forests, quiet beaches, and charming kampong (villages) to explore. Rent a bike, cycle around the island, or take a boat tour to see the surrounding mangrove forests.

Merlion Park

The Merlion is a mythical creature that’s half lion half fish, and it’s the symbol of Singapore. Merlion Park is home to a giant statue of the beast, and it’s a popular spot for tourists to take photos. It’s also a great place to watch the sunset over Marina Bay.

Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel Changi Airport is a shopping and entertainment complex located at Changi Airport. It has a stunning indoor waterfall and various shops, restaurants, and attractions. Check out Canopy Park, which features a hedge maze, mirror maze, and sky nets for visitors to explore.

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore is a theme park located on Sentosa Island. It’s home to various rides and attractions based on popular movies and TV shows, including Transformers, Jurassic Park, and Shrek. It’s a great place to spend a day with the family.

Overall, there are plenty of unique attractions to explore in Singapore, from theme parks to cultural sites. Whether you’re interested in sightseeing or looking for something different, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant city.

The Savoury Food Experiences in Singapore


When it comes to cheap things to do in Singapore, experiencing the local food scene is a must. Singapore is known for its diverse and delicious food options, especially hawker food. Here are two food experiences you can’t miss:

Hawker Food

Hawker centres are the perfect place to try various local dishes at affordable prices. With so many options, it can be overwhelming to decide what to try. We recommend starting with classic dishes such as chicken rice, laksa, and char kway teow. These dishes are widely available and are a great introduction to Singaporean cuisine.

Another great thing about hawker centres is that you can find food from different cultures everywhere. For example, the Chinatown Complex Food Centre has a variety of Chinese, Malay and Indian food stalls. This makes it easy to try different dishes and find your favourites.

Old Airport Road Food Centre

Old Airport Road Food Centre is a must-visit for any foodie. This hawker centre has various stalls offering local favourites such as satay, rojak, and bak chor mee. One of the most popular stalls is the famous Lao Fu Zi Fried Kway Teow. This stall has been around for over 30 years and is known for its delicious fried kway teow.

The atmosphere at Old Airport Road Food Centre is also worth experiencing. It’s a bustling and lively place where you can see locals and tourists alike enjoying their meals. Plus, it’s open until late so that you can satisfy your cravings even after a night out.

Overall, trying hawker food and visiting hawker centres like Old Airport Road Food Centre are must-do experiences in Singapore. Not only will you get to try delicious food at affordable prices, but you’ll also get a taste of the local culture.

Adrenaline-Inducing Activities in Singapore


Singapore is a city-state known for its bustling city life, but you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities on a budget. Here are some of the best outdoor activities you can do in Singapore.


Biking is a great way to explore Singapore’s parks and scenic routes. Many bike rental shops are around the city, and some parks even offer bike rental services. You can cycle along the scenic East Coast Park, with a dedicated cycling path stretching for 15 km. Alternatively, you can explore the rustic charm of Pulau Ubin, where bicycles can be rented for as low as $5.


Singapore has many public swimming pools that are affordable and accessible to everyone. The most popular ones include the Jurong East Swimming Complex and the Sengkang Swimming Complex. If you prefer to swim in the sea, several beaches around the city are open to the public.


Kayaking is a fun and exciting way to explore Singapore’s waterways. You can rent a kayak at places like Marina Bay and paddle to landmarks like the Merlion and the Singapore Flyer. Alternatively, you can explore the mangroves of Pulau Ubin or the Kallang Basin.

Ice Skating

If you want a unique way to cool off from the Singapore heat, head to The Rink at JCube. This Olympic-sized ice skating rink offers affordable rates and is open to beginners and experienced skaters. You can rent skates and helmets at the rink, and there are also skating aids available for children.


Staying fit and healthy doesn’t have to be expensive in Singapore. Many parks around the city have fitness stations and equipment that are free to use. Some popular parks include Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park and Bedok Reservoir Park. You can also join free fitness classes at Xtreme SkatePark and the Singapore Sports Hub.

Overall, Singapore has plenty of affordable outdoor activities on a budget. Whether you’re looking for a scenic bike ride or an exciting kayaking adventure, there’s something for everyone who likes the cheap things to do in Singapore.

The Spectacular Nightlife and Entertainment in Singapore


You won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for excitement in Singapore after the sun goes down. The city-state has a vibrant nightlife scene that offers plenty of options for those on a budget. From partying at Clarke Quay to enjoying a movie at the cinema, there’s something for everyone.

Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is a popular spot for locals and tourists, especially on weekends. This historic riverside quay is home to various bars, restaurants, and clubs, making it a great place to party. You can find some great happy hour deals here, so check out the various promotions before deciding where to go.

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is a world-famous integrated resort that offers many entertainment options. The iconic hotel is home to a casino, shopping mall, theatre, and several bars and restaurants. One of the highlights of Marina Bay Sands is the nightly light and water show Spectra. This free show at the Event Plaza features a stunning display of water fountains, lasers, and music.


If you’re in the mood for a movie, plenty of cinemas in Singapore offer affordable tickets. Golden Village is one of the most popular cinema chains in the city-state, with several locations across the island. You can also check out the latest blockbusters at Shaw Theatres, which has cinemas in several shopping malls.

Overall, Singapore offers many entertainment options that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re looking for a night out at Clarke Quay, a visit to Marina Bay Sands, or a movie at the cinema, you will find something that suits your budget and tastes that fits the cheap things to do in Singapore itinerary.

The Fabulous Shopping Spots in Singapore


Singapore is known for its shopping culture, and there are plenty of places to shop for cheap things to do in Singapore. Here are some of the best shopping spots in Singapore that you should check out.

Orchard Road

Orchard Road is one of the most famous shopping destinations in Singapore. Local and international department stores, boutiques, and mega malls surround it. You can find everything under one roof, from budget apparel and electronics to high-end fashion labels and housewares.

If you’re looking for luxury shopping, you should visit ION Orchard. The luxurious shopping mall houses top designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Gucci. You can also find high-end restaurants and cafes here.

Aside from ION Orchard, other malls in Orchard Road cater to different budgets. For example, if you’re looking for affordable fashion, you should check out H&M, Zara, and Uniqlo at 313@Somerset. If you’re looking for electronics, visit Plaza Singapura or Lucky Plaza.

Orchard Road is also known for its street performers and live music. You can enjoy free entertainment while shopping.

In conclusion, Orchard Road is a must-visit shopping destination in Singapore. Whether you’re looking for luxury or budget shopping, you can find it all here.

The Phenomenal Off the Beaten Path in Singapore


If you’re looking for something different in Singapore, there are plenty of off-the-beaten-path activities to explore. Here are two ideas to get you started with the cheap things to do in Singapore:

Offshore Islands

Singapore is a city-state, but did you know it also has several offshore islands? These islands are great for a day trip and offer a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

One of the most popular offshore islands is Kusu Island. This small island has several temples and shrines, including a famous turtle sanctuary. You can take a ferry to Kusu Island from Marina South Pier and spend the day exploring the island’s natural beauty.

Lazarus Island is another excellent option for an offshore adventure. This island is known for its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. You can take a ferry from Marina South Pier to St. John’s Island and then walk or take a short boat ride to Lazarus Island.

Board Games

If you want fun and cheap things to do in Singapore in the afternoon, head to one of Singapore’s board game cafes. These cafes offer a wide variety of games to choose from, and many have a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

One popular board game cafe is the Really Really Free Market. This cafe is located in Chinatown and offers a variety of free board games to play. You can also bring your own games to share with others.

Another great option is The Mind Cafe. This cafe has two locations in Singapore and offers various board games, from classic favourites to newer titles. You can pay a small fee to play as many games as you want for a set amount of time.

Whether you’re looking for an island adventure or a fun afternoon of board games, Singapore has plenty of off-the-beaten-path activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some fun and affordable activities to do in Singapore?

Singapore has fun and affordable activities that won’t break the bank. You can start by exploring the city’s many parks and gardens, such as the Botanic Gardens or Gardens by the Bay, which offer free entry.

You can also visit Merlion Park and snap a photo with Singapore’s iconic mascot. Take a cable car ride to Sentosa Island or visit the Universal Studios theme park for a small fee. So, it’s an exceptional bouts of the cheap things to do in Singapore.

Where can I find free events or attractions in Singapore?

There are plenty of free events and attractions in Singapore that you can enjoy without spending a penny. You can check out the National Museum of Singapore, which offers free admission to all visitors.

You can also explore the city’s many street markets, such as Chinatown or Little India, which provide a vibrant and colourful experience. For a unique cultural experience, you can visit the Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple, offering free tours.

What artsy and creative things can be done in Singapore on a budget?

Singapore has a thriving arts and culture scene, and you can do plenty of creative things without breaking the bank. You can visit the ArtScience Museum, which offers a range of exhibitions and workshops at affordable prices.

You can also attend a free concert or performance at the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, which hosts various events throughout the year. For a hands-on experience, you can take a pottery class at Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle, which offers affordable workshops for beginners.

What unique and exciting places to visit in Singapore that won’t break the bank?

Singapore is full of unique and exciting places to visit that won’t break the bank. You can visit the Haw Par Villa, a colourful and quirky theme park that offers free admission. You can also explore the city’s many street art murals scattered throughout neighbourhoods, such as Tiong Bahru and Kampong Glam.

For a taste of Singapore’s history, you can visit the Changi Chapel and Museum, which offers free entry and tells the story of Singapore’s role in World War II.

How can I make the most of my morning in Singapore without spending too much?

Plenty of options are available if you’re looking to make the most of your morning in Singapore without spending too much. You can start by visiting the Singapore River, which offers a beautiful view of the city skyline.

You can also stroll through the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood, full of cafes, boutiques and street art. For a cultural experience, you can visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum, which offers free admission and is open from 7 am to 7 pm.

What great places to explore in Singapore with friends that won’t cost much?

Exploring Singapore with friends doesn’t have to cost a lot. You can start by visiting the Marina Barrage, which offers a beautiful view of the city skyline and is an excellent spot for a picnic.

You can also hike through the MacRitchie Reservoir Park, which offers a range of trails and is free to enter. For a unique experience, you can visit the Hawker Centres, which provide a range of cheap things to do in Singapore and delicious food options.

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