BNI Bank Singapore: The 6 Shocking Facts of the Bank Worth Uncovering

Can an Indonesian state-owned bank make a massive wave in Singapore’s banking industry? Yes, it can. That’s what the BNI Bank Singapore did and is still doing today.

In recent years, you may have heard a lot of news regarding BNI, such as obtaining much higher profits, global conventions, and its continued growth as it runs 86 outlets with its 48 “O-Branch” to serve its customers better. 

BNI’s evolving to become among the top banks in Singapore, and here you’ll learn about the seven facts that’ll daze you about its resilience, adaptability, and innovation. Be amazed and see why BNI Bank is a great bank to choose from!

BNI Bank: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Have you ever wondered how BNI Bank grew from a modest single domestic brand into an exponentially formidable international banking force?

Let’s rewind the clock and look at BNI Bank’s roots, milestones, and expansive journey.

The Grand Beginnings

Once upon a time, on July 5th 1946, the PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) TBK was born. Many expected such a bank to become Indonesia’s Central and commercial bank. Its primary services were to issue and handle Indonesian currency.

In a few months. BNI officially disbursed the first and official Indonesian currency – the Oeang Republik Indonesia or ORI.

Memorable Milestone

BNI evolved with time and has made many milestones since its establishment. Among these milestones is its shift to a development bank during the 1950s. As a result, BNI acquired the financial and legal rights to operate and act as a foreign exchange bank.

BNI Bank Singapore’s Endeavors in the Lion City

The journey to the Lion City was another breakthrough for BNI Bank. The BNI Bank’s Singapore branch was established on October 14th, 1955. It’s ideally nestled in Lion City’s central business district.

Do you know what’s more astounding about BNI Bank’s Singapore branch?

It’s the sole Indonesian Bank to hold an accreditation of a Full-Bank license in the region! Now, that’s what you call a groundbreaking breakthrough that only BNI Bank Singapore achieved!

BNI Bank intends to encourage the growing relations between Singapore and Indonesia. Also, the bank wishes to focus on successfully facilitating financial transactions for many Indonesian citizens and businesses within the grand Lion City.

Aside from the Indonesian citizens and businesses, the expansion into Singapore also motivated other networking and collaborations with other monetary institutions and enterprises in Singapore. The bank effectively branched out to its valued customers, strengthening its presence in the region’s banking industry.

BNI Bank Singapore’s Emblem of Tenacity

Do you agree that a logo isn’t just a drawing?

It’s more than that. In truth, it points out one’s identification. A symbol, an emblem, that one’s customers may use to recognise the branding and services of an enterprise or corporation. 

In 1989, BNI launched by then its new logo. It was represented by “the ark of sailing in the middle of the ocean“. 

The corporate logo depicts BNI Bank’s clear intention and reflection to express the Company’s expectations of sailing through the local and international banking industry with strategic planning and efficient developments. 

In 2004, BNI Bank incorporated and launched its newest corporate logo and identity. It relates to the enterprise’s efforts to build its firm and formidable image of the Company regardless of competition.

BNI Bank Slogan

Do you agree that mantras may have an influential impact on one’s life or business endeavour?

Mantras are essential, especially in businesses, because these are internal messages that can fuel the enterprise’s purpose, values, mindset, and culture through philosophy. Such are the philosophical effects accessible from the BNI Bank Singapore’s slogans. 

Why slogans?

It’s because the BNI Bank tagline’s development has three phases, including:

  • 1994 to 2003:

Terpercaya, Kokoh dan Bersahabat” when translated in English means “Trusted, Sturdy and Friendly”.

  • 2003 to 2004:

Melayani dengan Kebanggaan Sebagai Anak Negeri” meaning “Serve with Pride as Children of the Country”.

  • 2004 to Present:

“Melayani Negeri, Kebanggaan Bangsa” with an English translation of “Serving the Country, Pride of the Nation”

BNI Bank Singapore’s Test of Resiliency

As BNI Bank’s boat sailed through diverse banking industries, a financial crisis struck heavily in Indonesia and the rest of Asia. It was among the most challenging times in the financing industry, and it was the 1997 Asian financial crisis.

An enormous economic predicament gripped East and Southeast Asia during these periods. The crisis began around July 1997 in Thailand and was recognised as the Tom Yam Kung crisis. 

The Thai bhat collapsed. South Korea and Japan saw their currencies slump and soon spread throughout several countries.

It was a ripple effect of financial downfall, which raised fear prophecies of a worldwide economic breakdown because of the economic contagion. 

However, the crisis didn’t manifest in the totalisation of the economic meltdown. In 1998-1999, the recovery period began and was rapid. BNI Bank Singapore and its other branches dealt with the crisis with much care and smart strategising.

Thus, ensuring customers then and now that BNI Bank has the banking expertise and financing knowledge to resolve domestic and international economic crises. This includes the most recent COVID pandemic of 2020. 

The Top Services That You Need

BNI Bank Singapore’s branch is a treasure trove of banking services. Each of these is customised to suit their customers’ needs or financial demands, including:

  • Remittance Services
  • Current Account and Fixed Deposits
  • BNI SingPlus
  • Commercial/Corporate Lending?Loan Syndication
  • Financing (Credit Fatalities)
  • Project Financing
  • Investment Loan
  • Working Capital
  • Term Loan
  • Full-suit of Trade Financing Solutions
  • Hospital Guarantee
  • Treasury Activities
  • Trade Financing
  • Custodian Services

Thus, as a customer, you can get essential individual or corporate banking services from BNI Bank Singapore branch. 


As you bid farewell to the shocking yet captivating saga of the BNI Bank Singapore, one thing is clear: it’s a financial institution that has created and continues to leave an incredible mark of relevance and efficiency in the Singapore banking industry. 

BNI Bank’s beginning is far from modest. In truth, it was already a picture of impact and influence. As you can expect, you know that the bank aims to push its current stature of excellence.

Choose BNI Bank Singapore for its services, and you’ll obtain high-quality banking assistance. But, if you cannot acquire a personal loan from BNI Bank Singapore, you can turn to Accredit. Accredit’s a licensed moneylender in Singapore that’s earned the trust of countless borrowers in the region for it grants flexible loan choices, competitive interest rates, and transparent terms.

So, don’t worry, dear reader, because as you continue your financial expedition, you can obtain unparalleled professional and top-standard financing services from BNI Bank Singapore.

Joining the League of the Wise and seize the reins of your financial destiny!

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