Best Way to Lower Your Mobile Phone Bills

According to a report, Singaporean has the highest smartphone penetration rate with 85% of mobile phone users carrying a smartphone. With so many people using smartphones devices, the population is dependent on communication purposes, making it more like a necessity. There are many expenses including the monthly housing, groceries, and utility costs, especially mobile bills that can create a burden on your entire budget. If you are tired with the mobile bills which are just adding to the costs, here are some of the ways to explore to reduce the mobile phone bills.

Make Use of the Corporate Plan or Student Plan

Before you sign up or renew your contract with the service provider, you need to ask them in case they have corporate plans for employees. You can even ask about the student plan if your children are studying in school. These plans can help you save on certain expenses on your monthly expenses. So, if you are working as an employee or have school-going kids, you can take advantage of these mobile plans.

Sign Up for the Right Plan

It might be difficult to know how much data, phone minutes, or even SMS messages you use every month to analyse. But you can always use your experience as your reference to decide the limit. Try to limit and use the services depending on your needs. For instance, if you are a data person, you need to choose the plans that provide you with more data. There are certain apps in the market such as WhatsApp that are providing you with the free calls and default tool for texting. If you are in need of data and calls, you can invest in data plans and use the phone minutes through the free apps available in the market.

Use Data Roaming and Data Sharing Plans

Many people love to travel overseas either for business purposes or just for a holiday. But, before you travel overseas, you need to take care of the data roaming costs that might incur during your travel overseas. Making a few phone calls or using data overseas can hike your mobile expenses. Choose a provider who offers reasonable roaming plans so that you might not incur astronomical fee later on.

Use WiFi for Many Purposes

You can always use your WiFi instead of your mobile data, to control the data expenses. Singapore is widely wired, and there are many places where there is much public WiFi available to use the internet for free. So switch on your mobile WiFi always, to connect to the available connections and cut off the mobile data. You may also have broadband at home and create your own WiFi network. You can utilise the data in places where you don’t have access to the WiFi.

Use Credit Cards to Earn Rebates on Recurring Mobile Phone Bills

Singapore has a lot of service providers offering benefits like rebates on vouchers if you enrol for specific credit cards. Many offers and rebates will help you reduce the mobile bills by several percentage points. No matter how many extremely competitive prices are available in Singapore, you need to take further research, choose the right plan, and use it in the most informed, effective and apt way possible.

Go Prepaid

If you are hesitant to choose the postpaid plan because of the mobile bills, you can always switch your plan to prepaid. Having a prepaid plan can help you avoid additional fees. Using a prepaid plan can help you limit yourself to the usage of the data, phone minutes, and even the additional unnecessary services that you might be using which is indirectly adding up to your mobile expenses.

Cancel Extra Services on your Mobile Phone Bills

You need to check the bills in detail to figure out the things that are adding up to the expenses. Scrutinise the statements carefully to identify statements that you might remember subscribing for or went unnoticed. You can even identify the aspects that you might be unconsciously overusing the services. It can help you figure things where you need to control the expense and identify the faults as well.

Notify Your Provider When There Is Extra Charges on your Mobile Phone Bills

If you do find faults in the mobile phone bills, you can always notify your service provider regarding the extra fees charged in the bill that you are unaware of. You can also unsubscribe to those services and ask for a refund for charging extra. Try negotiating with the service provider to provide you with better mobile plans and reduce the expenses as well.

Switch Between Carriers

If you have tried everything else and you are still not able to reduce the mobile expenses, all you need to research about other competitive mobile service providers. Compare the plans and research about the possible rebates that they are offering. You can ask your relatives, friends, read reviews, and choose the right service provider.

Cutting back on mobile expenses bill is just of the things that you need to consider to free up the expenses in your budget. It is important to keep an eye out on things that can take control of your money and your budget.

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