Best Things to Do in Da Nang and Hoi An

Da Nang and Hoi An are two of the most popular cities in Vietnam, both offering a unique blend of culture, history, and natural beauty. Da Nang is a bustling coastal city with a vibrant nightlife, while Hoi An is a charming ancient town with a rich heritage. Together, they make for a perfect travel destination that caters to all types of travellers.

Exploring Da Nang is a must-do activity when visiting Vietnam. From the stunning beaches of My Khe and Non Nuoc to the majestic Marble Mountains, there is no shortage of natural wonders to explore. For those who love history, the city is home to many cultural landmarks such as the Linh Ung Pagoda and the Cham Museum. And if you’re looking for a fun night out, Da Nang has plenty of bars, clubs, and restaurants to keep you entertained.

Unveiling Hoi An is like stepping back in time. This ancient town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is famous for its well-preserved architecture, lantern-lit streets, and colourful markets. Take a stroll along the Thu Bon River, visit the Japanese Covered Bridge, or explore the many art galleries and tailor shops that line the streets. And of course, no visit to Hoi An would be complete without indulging in the town’s famous cuisine, which blends Vietnamese, Chinese, and French influences.

Key Takeaways

  • Da Nang and Hoi An offer a unique blend of culture, history, and natural beauty that caters to all types of travellers.
  • Exploring Da Nang’s beaches, cultural landmarks, and nightlife is a must-do activity.
  • Unveiling Hoi An’s ancient architecture, lantern-lit streets, and famous cuisine is a must-do activity.

Exploring Da Nang


Da Nang is a vibrant coastal city in Vietnam that offers a wide range of activities for visitors. Here are some of the best things to do in Da Nang:

Ba Na Hills Adventure

Ba Na Hills is a popular attraction in Da Nang that offers a unique experience for visitors. You can take a cable car ride to the top of the hills and enjoy panoramic views of the city and surrounding mountains. The Golden Bridge, a famous bridge that appears to be held up by two giant hands, is also located in Ba Na Hills. In addition, there is a French village and an alpine coaster that you can explore during your visit. A Ba Na Hills tour is a great way to experience this attraction.

Beach Escapades

Da Nang is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. My Khe Beach is a popular spot for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. Non Nuoc Beach is another great option for those looking to relax and enjoy the scenery. You can also take a walk or jog along the coastline and enjoy the fresh sea air.

Historical Marvels

Da Nang has a rich history and there are several historical sites that you can visit during your trip. The Marble Mountains are a collection of five hills that are home to several caves, pagodas, and temples. You can climb to the top of the mountains and enjoy panoramic views of the city. The Dragon Bridge is another famous attraction in Da Nang. This bridge is illuminated at night and spits out fire and water on weekends.

Overall, Da Nang offers a variety of activities for visitors of all ages and interests. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or history, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs in this vibrant city.

Savouring Da Nang’s Cuisine


Da Nang is a food lover’s paradise with a diverse range of dishes to tantalise your taste buds. From street food gems to high-end restaurants, you will be spoilt for choice. Here are some of the best places to savour Da Nang’s cuisine.

Top Restaurants

When it comes to dining in Da Nang, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are some of the top restaurants:

Restaurant NameCuisineSpeciality Dish
Waterfront RestaurantSeafoodGrilled Seafood Platter
Madame Hanh RestaurantVietnameseChicken Rice
La Maison 1888FrenchBeef Wellington

Waterfront Restaurant is a popular choice for seafood lovers, offering a wide variety of grilled seafood dishes. Madame Hanh Restaurant is a must-visit for those who want to try the famous Da Nang chicken rice. La Maison 1888 is a high-end French restaurant that serves exquisite dishes like beef wellington.

Street Food Gems

If you want to experience the local food scene, then you must try the street food gems in Da Nang. Here are some of the best street food vendors:

  • Banh Xeo Ba Duong: This eatery is known for its crispy banh xeo (Vietnamese pancake) filled with shrimp, pork, and bean sprouts.
  • Banh Beo Ba Be: This street vendor serves delicious banh beo (steamed rice cakes) topped with shrimp, scallions, and crispy pork skin.

These are just a few of the many street food gems that you can find in Da Nang. Make sure to explore the city’s streets and alleys to discover more local food delights.

In conclusion, Da Nang’s cuisine is a must-try for any foodie. Whether you prefer high-end dining or street food, there is something for everyone. So, go ahead and indulge in the local food scene to experience the best of what Da Nang has to offer.

Unveiling Hoi An


If you’re looking for a destination that combines rich culture, history, and natural beauty, Hoi An is the place for you. This charming town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known for its well-preserved ancient architecture, colorful lanterns, and mouth-watering cuisine. Here are some of the best things to do in Hoi An:

UNESCO Heritage Walk

Take a stroll through Hoi An’s Old Town and immerse yourself in the town’s rich history and architecture. The Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is home to well-preserved ancient buildings, temples, and pagodas. You can also visit the Japanese Covered Bridge, a symbol of Hoi An, and the Tan Ky House, a 200-year-old merchant’s residence that has been lovingly preserved.

Sunset at Cua Dai Beach

Cua Dai Beach is a beautiful stretch of sand that’s perfect for a relaxing afternoon. You can lounge on the beach and soak up the sun, or take a dip in the crystal-clear water. The beach is also known for its stunning sunsets, so make sure to stick around until the end of the day to catch a glimpse of the sky turning pink and orange.

Cham Island Excursion

If you’re looking for an adventure, take a day trip to Cham Island. The island is a short boat ride from Hoi An and is known for its stunning coral reefs and crystal-clear waters. You can go snorkeling or scuba diving to explore the underwater world, or take a hike through the island’s lush forests. Make sure to try some of the island’s fresh seafood, which is caught daily by local fishermen.

Hoi An is a destination that has something for everyone, from history buffs to beach lovers to adventure seekers. Make sure to add these activities to your itinerary for an unforgettable trip to Vietnam.

Indulging in Hoi An’s Gastronomy


If you’re a foodie, Hoi An will be a paradise for you. The city is famous for its delicious local cuisine, which is a fusion of Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese culinary traditions. Here are some of the best ways to indulge in Hoi An’s gastronomy:

Cooking Class Experience

One of the best ways to learn about Hoi An’s cuisine is to take a cooking class. These classes are usually held in a local’s home or a restaurant and provide a hands-on experience of preparing traditional dishes. You’ll get to visit a local market to buy fresh ingredients and learn how to cook dishes like Cao Lau, Banh Xeo, and Mi Quang. Some popular cooking classes in Hoi An are Red Bridge Cooking School, Ms. Vy’s Cooking School, and Tra Que Vegetable Village.

Local Specialities

Hoi An’s cuisine is known for its unique and flavourful dishes. Some of the must-try local specialities are:

  • Cao Lau: A dish made with thick noodles, pork slices, bean sprouts, and herbs, served with a savoury broth. This dish is only found in Hoi An and is made using water from a specific well in the city.
  • Banh Mi: A Vietnamese-style baguette sandwich filled with meat, pate, vegetables, and herbs. Hoi An’s Banh Mi is famous for its crispy bread and delicious fillings.
  • Mi Quang: A noodle dish made with turmeric-infused noodles, pork, shrimp, herbs, and peanuts. This dish is hearty and flavourful, and is a favourite among locals.
  • White Rose Dumplings: A type of shrimp dumpling made with translucent rice paper, shaped like a rose. These dumplings are a Hoi An speciality and are served with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce.

In conclusion, Hoi An’s gastronomy is a must-try for any food lover. From cooking classes to local specialities, there’s something for everyone to indulge in.

Planning Your Itinerary


Excited to plan your trip to Da Nang and Hoi An? Here are some tips to help you create the perfect itinerary.

Duration of Your Trip

To fully enjoy Da Nang and Hoi An, we recommend spending at least 3 to 5 days in the area. This will give you enough time to explore the main attractions, soak up the culture, and relax on the beautiful beaches.

Getting There

The easiest way to get to Da Nang is by flying into the Da Nang International Airport. From there, you can either take a private car transfer or a guided tour to your hotel in Da Nang or Hoi An.

Itinerary Options

There are many ways to plan your itinerary, depending on your interests and preferences. Here are some popular options:

  • Da Nang and Hoi An Combo: Spend 2 nights in Da Nang and 2 nights in Hoi An to enjoy both places to the fullest and minimize transportation costs.
  • Hoi An and Hue Combo: Spend 2 nights in Hoi An and 1 or 2 nights in Hue to explore Vietnam’s Imperial Capital.
  • Beach Vacation: Spend all your time in Da Nang to enjoy the beautiful beaches and water activities.

Must-See Attractions

Here are some must-see attractions that you should include in your itinerary:

  • Marble Mountains: A cluster of five marble and limestone hills in Da Nang, with caves, temples, and amazing views.
  • Hoi An Ancient Town: A UNESCO World Heritage Site with well-preserved buildings, temples, and markets from the 15th to the 19th century.
  • Ba Na Hills: A hill station and theme park in Da Nang, with a cable car ride, French village, and Golden Bridge.
  • My Son Sanctuary: A UNESCO World Heritage Site with ancient Hindu temples and ruins from the Champa Kingdom.

Remember to plan your itinerary according to your interests and preferences, and leave some time for relaxation and spontaneity. Have fun exploring Da Nang and Hoi An!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top attractions in Da Nang and Hoi An?

Da Nang and Hoi An offer a wide range of attractions for visitors. Some of the top attractions in Da Nang include the Marble Mountains, Son Tra Peninsula, and Ba Na Hills. In Hoi An, you can explore the ancient town, visit the Japanese Covered Bridge, and take a boat trip along the Thu Bon River.

What is the recommended itinerary for a trip to Da Nang and Hoi An?

For a 4-day trip to Da Nang and Hoi An, it is recommended to spend 2 days in Da Nang and 2 days in Hoi An. On the first day in Da Nang, you can explore the Marble Mountains and Son Tra Peninsula. On the second day, visit Ba Na Hills and the Golden Bridge. In Hoi An, spend the first day exploring the ancient town and the second day taking a boat trip along the Thu Bon River.

Where is the best place to stay in Da Nang or Hoi An?

There are many great places to stay in Da Nang and Hoi An. In Da Nang, some of the best areas to stay include My Khe Beach and the city centre. In Hoi An, stay in the ancient town to be close to the main attractions.

What are some fun things to do near Da Nang Airport?

If you have some time to spare before or after your flight, there are several fun things to do near Da Nang Airport. You can visit the Cham Museum, explore the Dragon Bridge, or take a walk along My Khe Beach.

How long does it take to travel from Hoi An to Da Nang?

It takes approximately 45 minutes to travel from Hoi An to Da Nang by car. You can also take a taxi or a shuttle bus between the two cities.

What are some must-see sights at the Marble Mountains in Da Nang?

The Marble Mountains are a popular attraction in Da Nang. Some of the must-see sights at the Marble Mountains include the Huyen Khong Cave, the Tam Thai Pagoda, and the Linh Ung Pagoda. Don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes as there are many steps to climb!

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