Best Things to Do in Bali with Family

Are you planning a family-friendly vacation to Bali? Look no further! Bali is a perfect destination for families, with plenty of activities that cater to all ages. From exploring the island’s natural beauty to experiencing its rich culture, Bali has something for everyone.

One of the best things to do in Bali with family is to explore the island’s natural beauty. Bali is known for its stunning beaches, lush rice terraces, and stunning waterfalls. Take a day trip to Nusa Penida, a small island off the coast of Bali, to see the famous Kelingking Beach and its beautiful turquoise waters. For a more relaxed day, visit Tegalalang Rice Terrace and stroll through the rice paddies.

Thrilling adventures are also a must-do in Bali. Take your family white water rafting down the Ayung River, or go on a jungle trek to see some of Bali’s exotic wildlife. For the more adventurous, try a Bali Swing, where you can swing high above the jungle canopy for a breathtaking view.

Key Takeaways

  • Bali is a perfect destination for families, with plenty of activities that cater to all ages.
  • Exploring the natural beauty of Bali and experiencing its rich culture are some of the best things to do with family.
  • Thrilling adventures, cultural immersion, and family-friendly activities are just some of Bali’s many things.

Exploring the Beauty of Bali with Family


Bali is a beautiful destination with plenty of attractions and activities for families. From lush rice fields to stunning beaches, Bali has it all. Here are some of the best things to do in Bali with your family.

Ubud Attractions

Ubud is a cultural hub that is located in the heart of Bali. It is known for its beautiful landscapes, rice fields, and Hindu temples. One of the must-visit attractions in Ubud is the Ubud Monkey Forest. This sanctuary is for over 700 grey macaques living in the lush forest. You can walk around the forest and watch the monkeys play and interact with each other. Don’t forget to bring your camera to take some fantastic photos.

Another popular attraction in Ubud is the Tegalalang Rice Terrace. This is a beautiful rice field that is located in a valley. You can walk around the rice terrace and enjoy the stunning views. You can also learn about the traditional irrigation system used to grow rice in Bali.

Beach Fun in Seminyak and Canggu

Seminyak and Canggu are two of the most popular beach destinations in Bali. They are known for their beautiful beaches, surfing, and beach clubs. If you want to learn how to surf, you can take a surf lesson in Seminyak or Canggu. The beaches are also perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Don’t forget to bring your swimwear and sunscreen.

In Seminyak, you can visit the Potato Head Beach Club. This famous beach club offers excellent food, drinks, and music. You can relax on the beach or by the pool and enjoy the beautiful views.

In Canggu, you can visit the Finns Beach Club. This famous beach club offers excellent food, drinks, and music. You can also enjoy water sports such as kayaking and paddleboarding.

Overall, Bali is an excellent destination for families. You can explore the beautiful landscapes, visit Hindu temples, and have fun at the beach. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture all the fantastic moments.

Thrilling Adventures in Bali with Family


Looking for a thrill? Bali has plenty of exciting adventures for the whole family. Whether you’re into water sports or outdoor excursions, there’s something for everyone.

Water Sports and Activities

Bali is famous for its beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters, making it the perfect destination for water sports and activities. Snorkelling is a great way to explore the underwater world and see Bali’s diverse marine life up close.

You can even snorkel with turtles and find Nemo at some of Bali’s best snorkelling spots. If you want something more adventurous, try kite surfing or stand-up paddleboarding. Bali has some of the best waves in the world, making it a surfer’s paradise.

Bali offers a range of water parks with thrilling water slides and rides for those seeking an adrenaline rush. The most popular water parks include Waterbom Bali, Splash Water Park, and Bali Wake Park. These parks offer a variety of water activities, from lazy rivers to high-speed slides.

Outdoor Excursions

If you’re looking for an adventure on land, Bali has plenty of outdoor excursions. One of the most popular activities is white water rafting. You can experience the thrill of rafting down the Ayung River or Telaga Waja River, surrounded by Bali’s stunning natural beauty.

Bali has several animal sanctuaries for those who love wildlife where you can get up close and personal with some of the island’s native species. Bali Safari and Marine Park is a must-visit, where you can have breakfast in a lion’s den or take a safari ride to see zebras, elephants, and more.

If you’re up for a challenge, why not hike Mount Batur and watch the sunrise from the top? This active volcano is one of Bali’s most popular hiking destinations, offering stunning views of forests, lakes, and other volcanoes.

Bali is also home to some of the world’s most beautiful swings, offering a thrilling ride through the island’s natural habitat. The Bali Swing and Tegalalang Rice Terrace Swing are the most popular, offering breathtaking views of rice paddies and forests.

No matter what kind of adventure you’re looking for, Bali has something for everyone. Get ready to experience the thrill of a lifetime!

Cultural Immersion in Bali with Family


When visiting Bali with your family, immersing yourself in the local culture is a must-do experience. Bali is known for its rich culture and traditions, and there are plenty of opportunities to learn about them. Here are some ways to immerse yourself in Bali’s cultural experiences.

Temples and Sacred Sites

Bali is home to many beautiful temples and sacred sites worth visiting. The Uluwatu Temple is one of the most popular and picturesque temples in Bali. This Hindu temple is perched on a cliff and offers stunning views of the Indian Ocean.

Another must-visit temple is the Tirta Empul Temple, known for its holy water spring. Visitors can participate in a purification ritual by bathing in the holy water.

Local Life and Traditions

To truly experience Bali’s culture, learning about the local life and traditions is essential. The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud is a great place to start. This sanctuary is home to over 600 Balinese long-tailed monkeys; visitors can observe them in their natural habitat.

The Subak system is another important aspect of Balinese culture. This traditional irrigation system is used to grow rice and other crops, and UNESCO has recognised it as a World Heritage Site.

In addition to these attractions, there are many other ways to experience Bali’s culture. You can visit local markets to see traditional crafts and taste local cuisine. You can also attend a Balinese dance performance, a beautiful and intricate art form passed down through generations.

Overall, immersing yourself in Bali’s culture is an exciting and enriching experience that your whole family will enjoy. By visiting temples and sacred sites, learning about local life and traditions, and exploring the many other cultural attractions Bali offers, you can gain a deeper appreciation for this beautiful island and its people.

Activities in Bali with Family


If you are planning a family trip to Bali, plenty of activities are fun for adults and kids. Here are some of the best family-friendly activities in Bali:

Animal Encounters

Bali is home to some fantastic animal sanctuaries and parks that allow you to get up close and personal with some of the world’s most fascinating creatures. Here are a few animal encounters that you and your family will love:

  • Bali Bird Park: This park is home to over 1,000 birds from 250 species. You can walk through the park and see the birds up close or attend one of the daily bird shows.
  • Bali Zoo: The Bali Zoo is home to over 350 animals from 60 species. You can take a guided zoo tour or have breakfast with the orangutans!
  • Mason Elephant Park: Take an elephant ride through the jungle at this sanctuary, home to over 30 rescued elephants. You can also watch the elephants bathe and play in the river.

Fun and Learning

Bali also has plenty of activities that are both fun and educational. Here are a few:

  • Tsavo Lion Restaurant: This restaurant is a unique dining experience where you can eat while watching lions roam around a nearby enclosure. The restaurant also has a petting zoo and playground for kids.
  • Dolphin watching: Take a boat ride to see dolphins in their natural habitat. This is an excellent activity for kids who love marine life.
  • Bali Butterfly Park: This park is home to over 15 different species of butterflies. You can walk through the park and see the butterflies up close or attend one of the daily butterfly releases.
  • Bali Treetop Adventure Park: This park has a variety of obstacle courses and zip lines suitable for all ages. It’s a great way to get some exercise and have fun at the same time.
  • Pondok Pekak Library: This library has a great selection of books for kids and adults, art classes and cultural workshops. It’s a great place to learn about Balinese culture and history.
  • Trans Studio Bali: This indoor theme park has rides and attractions for all ages. It’s a great place to escape the heat and have fun with the family.

No matter your family’s interests, there is something for everyone in Bali. You will have an exciting and memorable trip, from animal encounters to educational activities.

Food and Dining in Bali with Family


Bali is a food lover’s paradise, and there are plenty of options for families looking for a great meal. Here are some of the best options for food and dining in Bali.

Local Delights

The food in Bali is a unique blend of Indonesian, Chinese, and Indian influences. Some must-try dishes include Nasi Goreng (fried rice), Sate Lilit Ikan (grilled fish skewers), and Babi Guling (roast suckling pig). You can find these dishes at local warungs (small eateries) all over the island. Some great options include Warung Wardani and Warung Yess in Denpasar and Kuta and Stop Makan Yuk in Jimbaran.

Unique Dining Experiences

Bali is home to some truly unique dining experiences that are perfect for families. One of the most popular is breakfast with orangutans at the Bali Zoo. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet while watching the orangutans play in their enclosure. Another great option is visiting a coffee plantation, where you can learn about the coffee-making process and sample some of the best coffee in Bali.

If you’re looking for something more upscale, Bali has plenty of high-end restaurants offering stunning views and delicious food. Some great options include the Rock Bar at the Ayana Resort and Spa, which is perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean, and the Kubu Restaurant at the Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, which is set in a beautiful bamboo structure overlooking the Ayung River.

No matter what your taste, Bali has something for everyone regarding food and dining. So don’t be afraid to explore and try something new!

Shopping and Souvenirs in Bali with Family


Bali is a shopper’s paradise; you can find many souvenirs and local handicrafts to take home with you. Here are some of the best places to shop for souvenirs and gifts for your family.

Local Markets and Shops

The local markets in Bali are a great place to find unique souvenirs and gifts. The Ubud Art Market and the Kuta Art Market are the most popular. At these markets, you can find everything from traditional Balinese clothing to handmade jewellery, wood carvings, and paintings.

If you want something more upmarket, head to Seminyak and explore the many boutique shops and designer stores. Here, you can find high-end fashion, jewellery, homeware items, and unique souvenirs you won’t find anywhere else.

Art Galleries

Bali is home to many talented artists, and you can find many art galleries throughout the island. One of the best galleries to visit is the Tamora Gallery in Canggu. Here, you can find a range of art, fashion, and homeware items, all created by local artists and designers.

Another great gallery is the Berawa Art House, which is also in Canggu. This gallery showcases the work of both established and up-and-coming artists, and you can find everything from paintings and sculptures to photography and mixed media pieces.

Whether looking for traditional Balinese handicrafts or high-end fashion and art, Bali has something for everyone. So why not take a break from the beach and explore the island’s vibrant shopping scene?

Accommodation and Transport in Bali with Family


When travelling to Bali with your family, it’s essential to consider your accommodation and transport options. You want to ensure your family is comfortable, safe, and able to get around quickly. Here are some things to keep in mind when planning your trip.

Family-Friendly Stays

When it comes to accommodation, Bali has plenty of family-friendly options to choose from. With its calm waters and many resorts, Nusa Dua is famous for families. Consider staying at the Como Uma Canggu, which offers family suites and a kids’ club.

Booking your accommodation in advance is essential, especially during peak season. You can use websites like to find the best deals and read reviews from other families.

Getting Around

When it comes to getting around Bali, there are several options available. Taxis are a popular choice, but negotiate the fare before getting in. You can also rent a car, but keep in mind that traffic can be hectic and roads can be narrow.

Another option is to hire a driver for the day, which can be more convenient and comfortable for your family. You can book a driver through your hotel or use a service like Transport in Bali.

Bali offers plenty of family-friendly accommodation and transport options to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable. Just plan and book in advance to ensure a stress-free vacation.

Practical Information for the Bali Trip With Family


Budgeting Your Trip

Bali is a popular tourist destination, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. With careful planning, you can enjoy a memorable family vacation without overspending. Here are some tips to help you budget your trip:

  • Research the costs of various activities and attractions in advance. This will help you avoid any surprises and allow you to plan accordingly.
  • Consider staying in a homestay or villa instead of a hotel. This can be a more affordable option and allow you to experience local culture.
  • Eat at warungs (local eateries) instead of restaurants. Not only is the food delicious, but it’s also budget-friendly.
  • Take advantage of free activities like visiting beaches, temples, and markets.

Bookings and Reservations

Planning and making bookings and reservations in advance is essential to make the most of your family vacation in Bali. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Popular attractions and activities can be booked quickly, especially during peak season. To avoid disappointment, make your bookings as early as possible.
  • Check online reviews and ratings before making any bookings. This will help you avoid any scams or low-quality experiences.
  • Be aware of any cancellation policies and fees. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and have a backup plan in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Consider using a reputable travel agent to help you plan your trip and make bookings. They can often offer insider tips and deals that you may not be able to find on your own.

Following these tips, you can enjoy a stress-free and budget-friendly family vacation in Bali.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top family-friendly activities to do in Bali?

Bali is an excellent destination for families with various activities to suit all ages. You can visit animal sanctuaries like the Bali Safari & Marine Park, where you can have breakfast in a lion’s den, or the Bali Bird Park, where you can see exotic birds up close. Watersports like surfing, snorkelling, and paddleboarding are also popular.

You can also explore Bali’s rich culture by visiting temples and markets or taking a cooking class to learn how to make traditional Balinese dishes.

Where are the best places to stay in Bali with young children?

Many family-friendly hotels and resorts in Bali cater to young children. Some popular areas to stay include Kuta, Seminyak, and Nusa Dua.

These areas have various accommodation options, from budget-friendly to luxury resorts, and are close to many family-friendly attractions.

What are some fun things to do in Nusa Dua with the family?

Nusa Dua is a popular area for families, with many activities to entertain everyone. You can visit the Bali Collection shopping centre, which has a range of shops and restaurants, or explore the beach and participate in watersports.

The Museum Pasifika is also worth a visit, with its collection of art from around the Pacific region.

Which part of Bali is ideal for families with toddlers?

Sanur is a popular area for families with toddlers, as it has a calm and shallow beach perfect for young children. The area also has many family-friendly restaurants and shops and various accommodation options.

How many days should we plan to spend in Bali with our family?

The amount of time you should spend in Bali with your family depends on your interests and budget. However, we recommend spending at least a week in Bali to experience all the island offers.

This will give you enough time to visit the top attractions and relax on the beach.

What are the safest places in Bali for families with kids?

Bali is generally a safe destination for families with kids, but some areas are more family-friendly. Kuta and Seminyak can be busy and crowded, so families with young children may prefer to stay in Sanur or Nusa Dua, which are quieter and more relaxed.

Take basic safety precautions, such as watching your belongings and avoiding unlit areas at night.

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