Barclays Bank Singapore: 9 Mind-Blowing Facts From Past to Present

Oh, an enthusiastic banking adventurer wishes to obtain the best banking services in Singapore. Many people share your curiosity about the hidden jewel of Barclays Bank Singapore. You’re not alone in this conquest; many seek the same treasure.

Your curiosity is fueled by the desire to have more empowerment and open the doors to new possibilities. It’ll be an exhilarating journey for you, mainly because you will uncover the seven mind-blowing facts from past to present!

All these details will help you answer your questions about Barclays Bank Singapore, of its banking expertise and give you the confidence to pursue banking success. 

Barclays Bank: A Heritage of Magnificence

Do you enjoy travelling back in time? 

If you do, you understand that knowing the history of a company and its product or services is to your advantage. Why?

A simple background check lets you see what you can expect and whether the company is reliable. And you’ll have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of uncovering the Barclays Bank heritage of magnificence.

Freame & Gould in 1690

Would you believe that Barclays Bank’s ancestry dated back many, many, many centuries ago? 

It seems too intricate to believe, but it’s more than a fact. Barclay’s heritage came to be because of John Freame and Thomas Gould. These two English men are Quakers, and they are goldsmith bankers. 

They strategically situated the then-Freame & Gould in a specific part of the City of London as they’ve found their primary target market, a quarter of Quakers within the population. 

Barclays Bank Quaker Roots

Soon enough, the founders’ younger family members joined the business. The most significant among these family members was Freame’s son, Joseph. Joseph Freame needed a partner to grow the bank further.

Then enters James Barclay. He was married to John Freame’s daughter, Sarah. Joseph Freame, son of John Freame, partnered with his brother-in-law James Barclay to strengthen the bank’s solidarity and legacy.

It was already a tangible partnership since Freame and Barclay families were close-knit. From Freame & Gould, it became Freame & Barclay. Upon John Freame’s death, his sister Priscilla who was married to David Barclay, had two sons, John and David, who actively and bravely expressed their distaste for slavery. 

They soon became partners of the then Freame & Barclay Bank and renamed it Barclay, Bevan, and Bening in 1776. Another name change occurred in 1896 as the ‘Barclay and Company, Limited’, then altered to ‘Barclays Bank Limited’ in 1917, and in 1982 became ‘Barclays Bank PLC’.

From then on, the name Barclays Bank remained through the centuries. It has become an enduring and prominent presence in the financing industry, granting personal loans, diverse banking assistance, and a domestic and global household name.

What are ‘Quakers?’

Do you love to eat Quaker oats?

Those oats are delicious! Most people thought the brand’s logo was only that, a simple logo. But, it was, in fact, real people from England, United Kingdom!

The Quakers were Protestant Christians and were the specific denominations recognised as the Religious Society of Friends. They got their name because, during their earlier meetings for worship, some participants felt the Lord’s presence so strongly that they would soon begin to shake, or ‘quake’.

Barclays Bank Singapore: The Pursuit of Banking Brilliance and Growth

As Barclays Bank proceeds to grow even more with its proficient banking expertise for many centuries, it sets out to expand to Asia. Among the countries in Southeast Asia, they reached Singapore. 

In 1997, the Barclay Bank Singapore was ACRA-accredited and continues to operate today for more than 25 years. Its official legally registered name is the Barclays Merchant Bank (Singapore) LTD, and have a splendidly spotless public record.

Thus, you can feel assured that all transactions with the Barclays Bank Singapore are legitimate and abides by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Barclays Bank Singapore is For Everyone!

Barclays Bank Singapore has been there for you since establishing the bank in Singapore. You can benefit from the Barclays Group’s global strength to provide customised and worldly-wise solutions to clients, connecting you to the capital markets in Europe, the UK, and America.

The bank serves ultra-high-net-worth individuals in the region and family offices.

Barclays Bank Singapore Perfect Banking Services

With you as their client, Barclays Bank Singapore will always serve you with the most convenient banking services you require. You will relish the offshore independence which Barclays conveys, with 330 years of banking trust and expertise!

You’ll enjoy the following: 

Banking and Credit Solutions

  • Savings Accounts
  • Digital Banking
  • Structured Credit
  • Securities-backed Financing
  • Treasury Deposits
  • Money Market Funds
  • Notice Accounts
  • Real-estate Financing
  • Trade Finance

Investment Services

  • Discretionary Services
  • Execution Only
  • Advisory Services
  • Direct Access

Wealth Advisory

  • Have a corroborate conversation with Barclays Bank Singapore’s advisors to smoothen out complex legal and international complications.
  • Succession Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Liquidity Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Family Offices

The Barclays Bank Singapore’s Firm Values

When you partner with a bank, you must know its values. Through their values, you’ll uncover their genuine and sincere intentions for their business, especially for you as a customer. 

The Barclays Bank Singapore’s firm values reflect the Barclays Bank’s core values and purpose. Barclays have five specific values:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Excellence
  • Stewardship

These five values embody the company’s moral compass, the fundamentals of who they are and what they believe is right.

The Barclays Bank Singapore’s Majestic Logo

Logos are essential in every business, as these help with branding and marketing. When you see a logo, you immediately know what the company offers and whether it’s worth getting.

The Barclays Bank Singapore’s majestic logo dates back further than you could imagine. It’s an eagle linked to the company since the 1700s. Back then, it was a spread eagle emblem in black.

It has stayed with the organisation for centuries and founded the unique visual presence worldwide that all branches incorporate. Today, the Barclays Bank heraldic eagle is transforming into a simple silhouette. It appears as the bird becomes like a shield, with a colour palette of lighter blue shades. 

Empower Your Unique Needs and Finances

As life is full of unexpected challenges, so are opportunities, and Barclays Bank Singapore understands the requirement for financial flexibility. Personal loans are loans you can access to help you with your aspirations. 

If you want an alternative option, you can obtain personal loans from a licensed moneylender in Singapore, like Accredit. They’re acknowledged for being responsible with lending practices, transparent terms, and swift cash disbursement. 

The journey to empowering your unique needs and finances is about to be wrapped up, and it’s clear Barclays Bank Singapore is a financial institution with solid values backed with 330 years worth of banking experience and proficiencies. Remember, you’re a customer – with them- and an active part of the community, driving empowerment and progress. Let Barclays Bank Singapore be your catalyst for success. 

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