6 Things to Do in Singapore’s Suntec City

Ah, Suntec City Singapore! The name resonates with glitz, glamour, and the good life. 

Strategically located in the heart of the island city, it’s the place that’s beyond the shopping centre exterior. Do you feel intrigued and curious yet?

Read on to uncover the secrets that make this mall a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike.

About Suntec City

Opening its doors in 1992, Suntec City has become synonymous with grandeur and quality. From its architectural marvel to the iconic Fountain of Wealth (the largest known fountain in the world ), the significant mixed-used development or integrated development genuinely transcends the ‘mall’ categorisation. 

In truth, it has become a firm and substantial symbol of Singapore’s progress and cultural richness.

Address3 Temasek Blvd., Singapore 038983
Operating HoursVisit Suntec City between 10 AM to 10 PM daily!
Contact Numbers+65 6266 1502
Official Websitehttps://sunteccity.com.sg/
Top ServicesFlash Sales, Rewards, Events, Tourist Priviledges

Known for hosting world-class conventions and exhibits and presenting an unparalleled shopping experience, this mall is a name that’s etched deeply into every Singaporean and tourist’s heart.

1. Artful Shopping Venture

Imagine a place where every shop feels crafted for you, your needs, and your tastes. Wouldn’t you say that the idea already excites you?

Why wouldn’t it? As a shopper and customer, you only deserve the best choices, and that’s how this mall will be for you!

It’s genuinely a shopper’s paradise, with hundreds of merchants and retail stores spanning a glorious area. Why, you ask?

  • Variety: Everything is there for you under one roof, from fashion to gadgets.
  • Exclusive Stores: Think brands like H&M, Zara, Uniqlo, and many local gems.
  • Seasonal Sales: Ever experienced a Great Singapore Sale? It’s a bonanza, for real!

And as you go and shop, which stores you must visit? 

  • If you seek luxury, you can check out Levi’s, whose high-quality and timeless collection awaits you.
  • Do you believe that even casual wear can make a statement? Then you have to browse through the choices at Superdry.
  • When you cannot control the bookworm inside of you, you can lose yourself in Singapore’s largest bookstore.

2. Where Taste Meets Grace

Food is, undoubtedly, everyone’s fundamental happiness. Why wouldn’t it be? It satisfies your cravings and comforts your soul.

What’s life without the spice of great food, right? This mall offers a gastronomic adventure that could make any food lover swoon. From casual bites to fine dining, the savoury flavours here are as diverse as Singapore’s culinary treasure. 

Food and Beverages 

  • Asian Delights: Japanese, Thai, Korean, Chinese, Indian, Malay. Are you drooling yet?
  • Western Flavors: Steaks, burgers, Italian pasta – all freshly prepared to excite your palate more.
  • Dessert Parlors: Ice creams, cakes, and traditional Singaporean sweets from Four Leaves, Fruit Paradise (Halal Certified), KAZO, and RIVE GAUCHE that you cannot live without are just a bite away.

The Star Culinary Attractions

  • Din Tai Fung: Their xiao long be ( steamed dumplings ) are legendary.

Would you agree that this mall outshines the concept that it’s a popular place just because it is, but rather acknowledging that it’s an emotion? It’s where shopping happens, food meets culture, and every visit becomes a memorable story.

Whether it’s that dress you spotted in a window or the flavour that still lingers on your palate, the place truly has a way of staying with you, calling you back for another delightful experience.

Speaking of another beautiful experience, and in all honestly, what you can do here isn’t done yet. Of course, you could feel the need for thrill and fun, and this mall can deliver such desires.

3. Entertainment at Suntec City

Let’s be honest; life can sometimes be a never-ending list of tasks. Now and then, everyone needs to take a much-needed break and let their hair down. It’s the situation you may find yourself in.

If you’re wondering where to go for that deserved time of entertainment and pleasure fix, look no further than Suntec City! A world of exhilarating entertainment options awaits you here.

Movies and More!

This mall boasts state-of-the-art cinema halls from the Golden Village, where you can catch the latest blockbuster films. So grab your favourite flavoured popcorn and indulge in a cinematic expedition.

Live Performances Anyone?

Ever so often, this mall hosts live performances ranging from musical bands to stand-up comedy.

Check their event calendar because you surely don’t want to miss out!

Arcade & Gaming for Everyone!

For the young and young at heart, arcades and gaming zones are where you’d like to be. Challenge your friends and family, win prizes, and relish that adrenaline rush at Cow Play Cow Moo, SuperPark Singapore, and more.

4. Hobbies and Leisure Unlocked

Everyone’s tastes are incredibly different. That’s what makes you beautiful and unique.

So, you must complete most such activities because they’ll make you feel alive and rejuvenated. And don’t worry, whatever your hobby or leisure activity is, chances are you’ll find something related at Suntec City.

Release Your VR Prowess!

For those who love virtual reality gaming, ZERO LATENCY is dedicated to pleasuring your gamer self!

Karaokes Galore!

Whether you’re a budding singer or a pro or enjoy singing your heart out, Suntec City’s music stores cater to all your karaoke needs, from HaveFun Family Karaoke and Teo Heng KTV Studio

Making Memories

Have you ever wanted to make memories with the people you love most? Keep an eye out for Life4Cut.

Other shops you can explore are ARCH, Duome Doll, Gift Greetings, Habanos, HANDS, Infinity Kpop, La Tendo, LEGO Certified Store, Miniso, Myths and Legends Collection, Otaku House, Spectrum Store, Steve Florist, and The Singapore Mint.

5. Sports Extravaganza

Exercise and physical activities are noted to have an excellent influence on one’s overall health. So, if you are fitness enthusiasts who want to experience the best fitness equipment, trainers, and services, you must visit Suntec City. It’s no less than a treasure trove.

Sports Gear

Shops are loaded with the latest equipment and gear for tennis, badminton, or other sports.

Fitness Centres

From the most relaxing and enthralling yoga studios to high-intensity training gyms, there’s always something for everyone.

6. Exploring Around

If you’ve had your fill of the mall and are seeking to explore the vicinity, you’re in luck. You have the best places to explore around this mall, which includes the following:

Gardens by the Bay:

Just a short drive away, it’s the most famous nature park and is perfect for reconnecting with nature.

Marina Bay Sands Skypark:

It’s a landmark that offers panoramic city views and is the quintessential zone to catch the sunset.

ArtScience Museum:

Dive into art and science with interactive exhibits you’ve never seen before.

Fun Fact: Did you know a lotus flower inspires the ArtScience Museum’s architecture?

Trip to Suntec City, Singapore

Getting to Suntec City, Singapore, isn’t like solving a complex math problem. In truth, you can get there in a flash.

You will quickly get to the central location, whether a tourist or local. How? Well, you have plenty of options to choose from. 

Here’s the breakdown:

  • MRT: Suntec City is accessible via the Promenade and Esplanade MRT Stations on the Circle Line. Just follow the sign, and you’ll be shopping in no time!
  • Bus: Numerous bus services stop right at Suntec City. Check out local transportation apps or websites for the one that’s most convenient for you. Among these are 36, 111, 133, 133A, and 162M.
  • Car or Taxi: If you’re driving, ample parking is accessible. Do you prefer taxis? They’ll readily bring you without a fuss, and most drivers know it.

Suntec City Maximized!

Before you take the trip to Suntec City, first and foremost, you must understand why you want to go there. What do you want to experience, or maybe you’d only love to soak in the fantastic customer opportunities from good to excellent?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Check out the website to see if there are new events, store promotions, and workshops you’ve been waiting for.
  1. Keep in mind that the mall’s layout is incredibly vast. So, grabbing a map may be a good and brilliant idea. Pick up a directory or use the online map to navigate like a pro.
  1. Stay connected with your friends and family with the accessible free Wi-Fi; you can share it with them in real-time.
  1. What do customers like you need the most when feeling lost and confused? The mall has an outstanding and friendly customer service team who are constantly looking to assist with your queries or guide your directions.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to wear comfy shoes. You’ll be on your feet with so much to explore!

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