6 Things to Do in Queensway Shopping Centre Singapore

Welcome, welcome, welcome to Queensway Shopping Centre! Queensway is the place to be if you’re a seasoned Singaporean shopper or a tourist seeking to dive into the local retail scene!

It’s the shopping hub that’s more than a notable spot for shipping bags and credit card swipes. It blends history, culture, sporty vibrance, gastronomical delights, and much more!

So, take a closer look at the things you can do here!

About Queensway Shopping Centre Singapore


The Queensway Shopping Centre Singapore isn’t a simple shopping centre; it’s, in truth, a historical piece in the island city. Did you know that it was built in 1976? Yes, it was, and it’s among the oldest and the first multi-purpose shopping complexes.

Without a doubt, it’s a chapter in Singapore’s rich history. The nostalgic ambience, with its old-school escalators and familiar layout, has captured hearts for generations. More than just a shopping destination, Queesnway has become a staple in the community, nurturing businesses, local talents, and shoppers.

You must know the details first-hand:

Address1 Queensway, #B1-03, Queensway Shopping Centre, Singapore 149053
Operating HoursMon-Fri from 08:30 AM till 05:00 PM. On Saturdays, it’s from 08:30 AM to 12:30 PM. There are no operations on Sundays and Public Holidays.
QSC Management Office Phone Number+65 6479 8678
Official Websitehttps://www.queenswayshoppingcentre.com.sg/
Best ServicesFood Court, Supermarket, Bookstore, Pharmacy, ATMs & Currency Exchange Counters

1. Shopping in Queensway Shopping Centre


If you’re into sports, Queensway is your heaven. 

It’s called Singapore’s Sports Mall because it has many shops selling sporting goods and houses everything a sports enthusiast would crave. But this shopping centre grants more than that. 

A shopper’s oasis where every turn greets you with an invitation to discover something new. Here’s a roadmap you need to check out:

For the Fashionistas
  • Bonkers Link
  • In.Style
  • Levi’s Store
  • Limited Edt
  • JR Eagle Sportswear
Accessories to Accessorize!
  • Eillie Shoes Co
  • Golden City Clock and Watch Dealers
  • The Sunglass Shop
Get Personalised
  • EL Playtee Printing
  • VJ Tees & Services
Everything Under One Roof
  • Mahabub Dept Store
  • Saleh Enterprises
  • Sadat Store
Keep Those Feet Happy
  • Rising Shoe Shop

2. Dining in Queensway Shopping Centre


Shopping can be fun and thrilling but can leave you hungry. So, after all that shopping, you find yourself starving; what comes next on your itinerary?

It’s dining, and prepare yourself because there will be an array of mouthwatering dining options at Queensway. Why? Well, the shopping centre is nothing short of a culinary adventure. 

Here are your prime choices for either a simple day out or a grand day that is nothing short of memorable:

Taste The Flavours
  • 328 Katong Laksa
  • Hei Lun Shi Tang 黑轮食堂
  • Wangshify La Mian Xiao Long Bao
Cafes and Bakers Galore
  • Mama Hajjah Amrah Cafe Bakery
  • Queensway Lau Tan Tutu Kueh
Quench Your Thirst
  • LiHO Tea
  • Liminal Pte Ltd

3. Sports Zone in Queensway Shopping Centre


Lace-up your sneakers and prepare to get sporty! This shopping mall does not excel only in providing fashion and food – it’s also a haven for sports enthusiasts. 

With sports, every sports lover would agree that the connection is beyond the adrenaline rush; it’s about discipline, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence. Sports, whether playing or supporting, encourage a healthier lifestyle, foster teamwork, and build character.

So, what better place to foster this love than at Queensway, the sports capital of shopping malls? Here are your sports game plan options:

Running Enthusiasts
  • i Run (Sportshop 2000) & iRun
  • Backpackers Gallery
All Things Sports
  • Alternative Sports & Athletes Domain
  • Naseera Sports & Newlink Sports
  • Peregrinate & Sah Sports Centre
Specialty & Therapy
  • My Sports Center Therapy
  • Sports Connection Pte Ltd
  • Sports N More
  • Sports World & The Music Family
  • Transworld Sports

4. Gifts and Souvenirs in Queensway Shopping Centre


Are you looking for ways to freeze a moment in time? Or perhaps, find a souvenir that shouts, “I was thinking of you!”? Enter the world of gifts and souvenirs from this mall.

There’s a particular joy in giving and receiving gifts, an unspoken language of love. Science highlights that the act of ‘giving’ boosts your serotonin levels, and choosing the perfect souvenir?

Well, that’s the cherry on top! So, here are your gifting galore selections:

Tokens from Singapore
  • Alpha Plus Gifts & Souvenirs Pte Ltd
Unique Keepsakes
  • Rhythm8Heritage
Inspiring Reads
  • The Word @ Queensway

5. Optical Care in Queensway Shopping Centre


You’ve heard of love at first sight, but what about clear eyesight every day? At QSC, they ensure your windows to the world are in tip-top shape.

But why is optical care so pivotal? Science chimes in; your eyes are not simply mirrors of your soul; these are the fundamental tools that navigate your daily life. Regular optical care confirms early detection of anomalies, maintaining not merely clarity of vision but overall ocular health.

See the best with the best:

Comprehensive Eye Care
  • A Z Optics Centre
  • Eye Essentials
  • Eyecare Optic
  • IFocus Eyewear
Speciality Optics
  • Octagon SG50 
  • Optics Today
  • Optique Zone
  • Contact Lens Centre
  • Perception Pte Ltd
  • Seng Li Optometrists
  • Sinma Optical Co Pte Ltd

6. Special Services in Queensway Shopping Centre


The QSC charm relies on more than its retail stores or eateries. It’s also in those unique spaces that provide services you did not know you required until you did.

Here are your handy selections for speciality stores & services:

Printing & Embroidery
  • 2S Print Hub
  • 96@SIN Embroidery Printing
  • 98 Designs Embroidery Services
  • ABC Engraving Service
  • Aleph-Tav Pte Ltd (Embroidery & Printing)
Extraordinary Finds
  • Aki’s Bazaar
  • Astro-Cycle
  • Benz Tailor
  • Bowling is Fun!
  • Brighten Etch & Engraving
  • Carlton Trading Co  (Pte) Ltd
  • CHO-I-CE
  • Cider-bration LLP
  • Da’Cave Store
Self-Care & Leisure
  • Hardy Barber Shop
  • Healthy Mind Wellness Centre
  • Hobbies U1
  • Hugo Curtains & Blinds LLP
  • Joy Music Studio
  • Just Hair Cut
  • Lee Hwa Mobile Exclusive
  • Management Corporation Strata Title No. 572
  • Mathmatico | Math, English, and Science Tuition
  • Matt de Barber Shoppe
  • Meng Meng Alteration Centre
  • Nur Mohd Stylist Barber Shop
  • Patrick’s Design
  • Salon De Queen
And Many More!
  • Numis Lee Banknotes
  • Pindemic
  • Queens Printing
  • Queensway Printing Pte Ltd
  • Reuben Viton Career Services
  • Shekinah Assembly of God Church
  • Ultra Supplies
  • VC Marketing
  • Weston Corporation
  • Wilson Tailor
  • Yak Mee Trading Co
  • Yee Jin Tailor

Getting to Queensway Shopping Centre Singapore

Everything you’ve read is exciting, that’s without any doubt. Don’t you think it’s time to get to Queensway Shopping Centre? 

It’s an easy trip as the QSC is accessible by public transportation via the following:

  • MRT: On the East-West Line (EW19), then transfer to bus 51, 195(A/B). Or Redhill (EW18), then move to bus number 33(A), 120.
  • Bus: You can take bus numbers 51, 93, 61, 100, 147, 123, 153, 196, 198, 885, 961(C), or buses that Stop #11519 to the shopping centre.
  • Car: Parking is available at the Centre and accessible through Queensway Road.

Tips for Maximizing Your Queensway Shopping Centre Singapore Day

Whether a tourist or a local, you’d crave the best way to experience the Centre to its full potential. Here are a few tips to maximise your Queensway Shopping Centre day.

  1. Plan your trip ahead of time to avoid disappointments. Check the mall’s website for the latest discounts and promos, and decide precisely what you want to do and see in the shopping centre or visit tourist sites near it.
  2. Arrive early to avoid the crowd, or consider visiting on weekdays for a quieter mall time.
  3. Take your time to browse the shops, enjoy the food, and people-watch.
  4. Be prepared to haggle, especially if you plan to shop at the flea market for the best deals.
  5. Take breaks throughout the day and refuel.

Extra Funds for your Queensway Shopping Centre Escapade

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