6 Things to Do in Buangkok Square Mall Singapore

Ah, Buangkok Square Mall. The name itself oozes a certain charm. For many Singaporeans, the mall isn’t another shopping place; it symbolises your local culture and vibrant community spirit. 

Now, if you have been contemplating whether or not to drop by for a visit, some things will entice you. From educational hubs to fitness pods, there’s an unexpected variety waiting for you to uncover. 

So, take a leisurely walk and uncover what this mall has in store. Find out more below!

About Buangkok Square Mall Singapore


Perched comfortably near the iconic HDB establishments, Buangkok Square Mall is not purely a modern-day shopping centre but a page from Singapore’s history. It’s the mall that has roots, lah!

Since its inception and launch in 2019, it has been a testament to Singapore’s ever-evolving retail oasis. Known for its blend of local and international stores, it’s the go-to spot for many in the community.

And here are the vital details before you take a trip to this mall:

AddressBlock 991 Buangkok Link, Singapore 530991
Operating HoursOpen every day from 8 AM to 10 PM.
Contact NumberN/A
Official Websitehttps://www.hdb.gov.sg/residential/where2shop/explore/sengkang/buangkok-square
Best ServicesWheelchair-accessible elevator, parking lot, entrance. Near the Buangkok Square Park and HDB Buangkok

1. Education, Art & Lifestyle in Buangkok Square Mall


Whenever people think about malls, the most common expectations are retail and food. But this mall delivers more than what you could expect. 

In truth, it’s a mall that is a true sanctuary for those hungry for knowledge and art. With Singapore’s ever-growing emphasis on lifelong learning, having a space that proposes and delivers to this is just shiok!

Here are the notable selections to fulfil your thirst for wisdom facts and to boost your talents:

Global Art Singapore

Imagine a space brimming with colours, creativity, and inspiration. Whether you are a dabbler or a dedicated artist, every visit you will have here promises a new and artful discovery.

Dancepointe Academy Singapore

Have you ever dreamt of swirling and twirling like a pro? From graceful ballet to high-energy street dance, find your rhythm here.

Cristofori Music

Ah, the universal language of music. Whether it’s piano, guitar, or even drums, they have the remedy for your musical itch.

Kuno Method

It’s time to reshape the boundaries of traditional education. Experience a learning method that promises more than just grades.

Mavis Tutorial Centre

Offer a helping hand to students, guide, mentor, and guarantee that learning is not a chore but a joy.

Berries World of Learning School

Making languages engaging and fun, it’s a favourite place among the kiddos. And here, they know exactly how to keep those young minds hooked!

2. Fitness in Buangkok Square Mall


Remember to keep yourself in tip-top shape! If the mind is a temple, the body is its foundation.

And in this mall, it guarantees you have all you require to build and maintain it.

Here’s where you can sweat it out:

The Gym Pod

There is more than only weights and treadmills; it is an intimate space providing customised workouts to meet every client’s fitness demands. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or simply starting, there’s a program waiting for you.

3. Dining in Buangkok Square Mall


Alright! You have flexed your brain with learning and stretched your muscles with fitness. What is next?

Ah, you guessed it – time to fuel up and feast! Now, there’s nothing more delightful than indulging in some mouthwatering grub after a day out. 

No day, be it ordinary or extraordinary, is complete without some tempting taste adventures. A meal can make or break any day, and why must you settle for ‘meh’ when you can have ‘wow’? From crispy chicken to bubbling beverages, this mall is like that splendid buffet you cannot get enough of.

And with so many restaurants ready to tickle your taste buds, where does one start? So, here are the top eats to sink your teeth into:

Cafes & Quick Bites
  • Papa Cafe: They say there’s no place like home. But here, every bite feels like a hug from Grandpa!
  • Grove Cafe 素林: The genuine oasis for vegetarians and health buffs. Tasty and nutritious – it’s the best of both worlds.
  • Bread Junction: For the love of all things baked and delightful. Those buns? Unbeatable!
  • Pizza Hut: Classic, timeless, and oh-so-cheesy. Get into a slice of heaven right here.
  • Nam Kee Pau: A local favourite that never gets old. That filling? Absolute bliss!
Local Enchantment
  • CRAVE Nasi Lemak: It is more than only a dish to take pleasure; it’s a whole mood! That rich aroma and taste? Irresistible.
  • Koufu: From laksa to char kway teow, it’s a mini Singapore on a plate.
  • Huang Kee Wuhan Beef Noodles: Get that hearty and irresistible bowl of sheer goodness. Each slurp is better than the last!
Thirst-Quenching Beverages
  • R&B Tea Singapore: Ah, the perfect refreshment that you will crave! With an incredible array of brews, from classic to quirky, every sip promises a burst of flavour.
  • IJOOZ: It’s nature in a glass! Freshly squeezed, rich, and oh-so-refreshing.
Noodle and More
  • New Noodle Hub: From ramen to pho, it’s noodle galore. Elate in a medley of textures and tastes that transport you across Asia.

4. For the Little Ones in Buangkok Square Mall


Every kiddo deserves a spot to unleash their endless energy and insatiable curiosity. Buangkok Square Mall, in its ever-so-thoughtful way, says, “Say no more!” because it’s got your back and your kids’ too!

Research, yes, the brainy kind, has consistently shown that a mix of educational enrichment and play contributes massively to a child’s cognitive development. A balance of both creates an environment where young minds can flourish.

So, what’s in store for the mini-me’s of this generation?

Learning & Growing
  • Skool4Kidz Preschool
Play & Adventure
  • Sunshine Childhood Playland

5. Market and Convenience in Buangkok Square Mall


“Can you pop by the supermarket later? Ah?” How many times have you said or heard that? Convenience, especially in your ever-hustling Singaporean life, is not just appreciated – it’s worth celebrating!

Are you having a mall that doubles as your one-stop shop for all things domestic? Pure gold. From weekly groceries to those pesky batteries you always forget – it’s under a similar roof.

And here are your choices:

  • Prime Supermarket
  • 7-Eleven
  • Value Dollar Shop
  • Suzy Ameer

6. Hair, Beauty and Healthcare in Buangkok Square Mall


Who said malls are purely for shopping alone? When it comes to taking care of yourself – be it your locks, looks or health – Buangkok Square Mall is like that trusty friend who knows the right place.

Everyone deserves pampering. Beyond the narrative of vanity, you are looking good and feeling fantastic, which impacts your well-being and confidence.

Groom & Bloom
  • Myeongdong Hair Studio Korean Inspired Salon 명동
  • 3-Quick CUT
  • Mr Snippers Classic BarberShop
Beauty & Care
  • ESUTA Cottage
  • Lumieve Aesthetics
  • Meijin Natural
Health First
  • Unity Pharmacy

Getting to Buangkok Square Mall

Have you ever had that feeling where you are all dressed up and ready to head out, but then – bam! – Do you realise you are unsure how to get where you are going? 

Talk about a mood dampener. Do not worry; here is the scoop on how to zip over to Buangkok Square Mall with the least fuss.

  • Hop onto the North-East Line and alight at Buangkok MRT Station (NE15). A quick tour and you are at the mall. It’s that easy!
  • Multiple buses ply this mall, such as 43, 114 or 43M. Check your best route based on your location, and you are all set for a breezy ride.
Car or Taxi
  • Thanks to Singapore’s oh-so-efficient roadways, this mall can be reached by car or taxi without a hitch. Set your GPS to the mall’s address (as mentioned above), and off you go!

Biking or walking? More power to you! You can easily access the mall with well-marked pedestrian paths and ample bike parking.

Tips for Maximising Buangkok Square Mall

Who says mall trips are about shopping? Turn it into an art with these top-tier and compelling pro tips:

  1. Plan. Take a few minutes to scan the mall’s directory online. Plotting your stops can save you heaps of time.
  2. “Comfort comes first” is a mantra you must follow. Your new heels are cute, but are they ‘walking the entire mall’ with cuteness alone? Opt for comfy shoes! 
  3. Snack breaks! Refuel at one of the fabulous eateries mentioned before because shopping is a sport.
  4. If you are on a shopping spree, carrying a foldable bag can be a lifesaver. Eco-friendly and chic!

Need More Cash for Buangkok Square Mall?

Phew! After an exhilarating day of shopping, dining, and all-around merrymaking at Buangkok Square Mall, there’s a slight hiccup: That gorgeous pair of shoes you have been eyeing or the gadget you have been drooling over is quite over budget. Every cloud has a silver lining!

For times like these, we, Accredit Licensed Money Lender, are here to help. Located conveniently nearby, you can easily take out a personal loan to bridge any financial gap. 

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