6 Things to Do in Alexandra Central Mall Singapore

Walao eh! If you think you have seen every Singaporean Mall, wait until you have been to Alexandra Central Mall. This mall is more than just your average shopping centre in a busy city. It’s an amusing assortment of unique stores, leisure spots, and dining experiences.

So, wear your best walking shoes and take a trip down to this mall’s laneway. Uncover the six astounding things to do that might be your next weekend plan!

About Alexandra Central Mall

There might be others besides Alexandra Central Mall to pop into your head regarding Singapore malls. But underestimate it at your peril! 

It’s located conveniently near Queenstown MRT, the gem that has been charming Singaporeans since its establishment in 2015. Rich with a mix of retail, dining, and leisure, it’s a hub of activity for young and old alike.

So, here are the mall details you must know first:

Address321 Alexandra Rd, Singapore 159971
Operating HoursOpen Mondays to Sundays from 10 AM to 10 PM.
Contact Number+6561002386
Best ServicesComplimentary Wi-Fi, VIP Parking, stellar customer service

1. Shopping

When was the last time you treated yourself? Shopping, as everyone knows it, is not simply about swiping that card.

It’s therapeutic, lah! Whether you are the ‘buy now, think later’ type or the ‘just window shopping, thank you’ kind, this mall has something in store for you. 

The joy of discovering a new find multiplies when you are spoilt for choice! So, here’s where you can treat yourself in the best way possible:

Fashion Features
  • Hello Station: The ultimate stationery heaven. From notebooks to artsy pens, everything’s here!
  • Funky Junior: Kiddos in tow? It’s the place that will make them look cuter if that’s possible!

2. Learning Enrichment, Hobbies & Lifestyle

Life does not only revolve around work & play. Sometimes, you need that boost – for the brain or the soul. 

Alexandra Central Mall does not cater only to shopaholics but also to those with an unending thirst for knowledge and hobbies. This place will serve you well whether you want to strum a new tune or solve mathematical mysteries.

You can check enrichment stores and centres here:

  • Teacher Ping School of Music: Learn to play your favourite songs here, from the most classical to the trendiest music worldwide.
  • THRIVE Learning Centre (Tuition Centre): Need academic help? Expert tutors are on hand to guide you.
  • New World Music Centre: The world of notes and rhythms is perfect for all music enthusiasts. 

3. Dining In

Do you think Alexandra Central Mall is only about shopping and music? Think again! It’s a haven that promises to tempt your tastebuds, leaving you craving for more. 

Now, don’t play; having an epic dining experience is crucial. It’s about filling the stomach and making the heart full!

A perfect meal can turn an ordinary day into a memorable one. With many choices of restaurants encompassing various delicious cuisines, this mall is truly a diner’s delight, and the selections are endless and drool-worthy!

Here are cuisine highlights you can try:

Japanese Delights
  • Otoko Ramen 漢
  • Minami Maki
  • Japanese BBQ TORA
  • Kumo Japanese Dining
Local Favourites
  • Prata Alley
  • Master Prata Alexandra
  • 28 Katong Laksa
Western Culinary Ventures
  • The Gogi
  • The Brown Cookie
  • The Bakehouse Carpenter and Cook
Refreshing Drinks
  • CocoBoss
  • Toast Box
  • V Wine Studio Pte Ltd
Exquisite Asian Savours
  • Soi Thai Soi Nice
  • Viet & Beans Bistro
  • Yummy Punjaby

4. Convenience, Home Goods & Reliable Services

Ah, who said shopping malls are just for shopaholics and foodies? Enter Alexandra Central Mall’s super accommodations, home goods, and top-notch services section. Like they say, all your home and daily essentials are under the same roof!

Having the best convenience and home goods stores in a mall transcends shopping. It makes your life much easier. 

Why travel far when you can get everything from a trendy lampshade to the freshest produce nearby? So, here are the highlight stores you need:

Daily Essentials
  • Parc One21
Home Decors
  • Summerhillfiore
Art & More
  • Heng Artland Co. Pte Ltd

5. Hair, Beauty, & Healthcare

Do you want to dazzle, look radiant, and feel good all day? Say no more! Alexandra Central Mall goes beyond clothes and food; it’s where beauty and healthcare thrive, too.

How you look and feel plays a huge part in your confidence. It’s self-care. With an array of beauty and personal care stores, get ready to be pampered.

Do you need some rejuvenation? Try some fantastic treatments, or acquire the latest beauty tech. You can get fresh haircuts or that relaxing food reflexology, and you will leave feeling and looking your best.

Here are the beauty & care options for you:

Medical Aesthetics
  • Trust 8 Medical Aesthetic Clinic
Tech Beauty
  • Choi Gaeul Hairdresser Singapore
  • kcuts
Nails & More
  • BeDazzle Nails Spa
  • Project Zen Wellness
  • Foot Reflexology

6. Hotel 

Remember those movies where shopping-exhausted characters fall into plush hotel beds? It’s not just in the film; it’s a reality at Alexandra Central Mall.

After that perfect shopping spree, you no longer need to drag your feet and bags. The Momentus Hotel Alexandra is not a hotel but an experience, only a few steps from your shopping paradise.

Imagine, after a day of shopping, dining, and pampering, you can hop into a luxurious bed. Convenience and luxury? It’s a win-win!

So, here’s why you should stay at the Momentus Hotel Alexandra:

  • Immediate Comfort
  • Central Location

Getting to Alexandra Central Mall

Remember when you would get lost on your way to a fabulous destination and think a little direction could have saved your day? Well, getting to this mall should not be a wild goose chase.

It’s time to turn that possible misadventure into a breezy commute!

  • Get off at the Redhill MRT Station. From there, the mall is only a short skip away.
  • Multiple bus lines service the area, such as 153, 147, 197, 198, 961M, 33, 64, 120, 195, 3A, 195A, ANCHORPOINT LUNCH SHUTTLE, 14, 123, 196, 573, 729, 855, 961, and PA. Check the local bus schedules, and aim for the bus stop near the mall.
  • Set your GPS for Alexandra Central Mall. There’s ample parking space, but checking peak hours is advisable to snag the best spots.
  • Just tell your driver, “Alexandra Central Mall, please!” Easy peasy.

Tips for Maximising Alexandra Central Mall

Have you ever felt you were only scratching the surface of an encounter? When it comes to this mall, there’s a gold mine of experiences waiting. But to strike gold, you need the right tools – or, in this case, tips!

  1. Come early to avoid the crowd and grab those early-bird deals.
  2. Why wander when you can have a game plan? So, check the directory.
  3. Wear your comfy shoes; your feet will thank you after a shopping marathon.
  4. Sometimes, being loyal brings you extra perks and discounts. You have to join the loyalty program.
  5. Take breaks. Sip a drink or munch on a snack. Recharge yourself as you do your phone.

Need More Cash for Alexandra Central Mall?

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