5 Things to Do in Yew Tee Square Singapore

Ah, Yew Tee Square! It is not the most prominent name when people list shopping destinations in Singapore, but it is certainly not one to be overlooked.

Tucked strategically in Choa Chu Kang, it may not have the razzle-dazzle of Orchard Road, but it has its incredibly unique charm. It’s a hub where the neighbourhood meets novelty. 

And if you are intrigued about what this humble mall offers, you are in for a pleasant surprise! You better gear up, lah, as you explore through the aisles and corridors of this shopping centre.

About Yew Tee Square

What better way to know more about the mall than acknowledging the facts first? For one, Yew Tee Square is different from the typical sprawling mall. 

But it’s where familiarity intertwines with excitement. Since its inception in 1996, it is a place that has been transcending the shopping spot narrative; it’s been a cornerstone for the Yew Tee HBD residents. It’s a venue for weekend family outings and a respite for the weekday shopping marathon.

Here are the crucial details of this mall at a glance:

Address624 Choa Chu Kang Street 62, Singapore 680624
Operating HoursOpen between 10 AM to 10 PM from Mondays to Sundays.
Contact NumberN/A
Official Websitehttps://www.hdb.gov.sg/residential/where2shop/explore/choa-chu-kang/yew-tee-square
Best ServicesEfficient customer service desk, Free Wi-Fi, Wheelchair Accessibility

1. Shopping

You know the feeling when you have some extra cash and are itching to spend it? What about you prefer to spend your time only on window shopping? Yew Tee Square feels your vibe.

Whether it is the trendiest fashion items you are searching for, attaining value-for-money purchases, or those everyday necessities, there’s always something for every shopper’s soul.

And here are the selections for retail therapy:

Chic & Trendy
  • N S Department Store: Offering the latest in fashion and trends.
Value Picks
  • myCK – Choa Chu Kang (Yew Tee): It’s where your dollar stretches further.
Household & Basics
  • C K Department Store: It’s the unsung hero for your daily necessities.

2. Electronics & Technology

In this digital age, who is not on the lookout for the next tech gadget? Remember, being up-to-date isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. And Yew Tee Square does not let you down. 

Whether you are the techie hunting for the best and most current tech gadget, the gamer searching for new adventures, or someone who needs a new phone charger because you lost it again! You will find what you’re searching for here.

Here’s how you can stay wired:

Mobile & More
  • Egome Communications: For when your phone is not the latest anymore.
Gadget Paradise
  • G22 Electronics: Find gadgets you did not even expect you needed.
For the Gamers
  • Gameplus: Where gaming dreams come alive.

3. Dining In

Sure, after all that shopping and tech-browsing, the stomach grumbles a bit, right? It’s a good thing that Yew Tee Square is not only a feast for the eyes; it’s a proper feast for the tummy, too!

And there’s something you have to know first-hand: eating isn’t simply eating. In Singapore, where food is almost a religion, a great dining experience can turn any ordinary day into something special.

There is nothing quite like the aroma of your favourite dish wafting through the air, promising a plateful of sheer delight. From the comforting familiarity to the heart goodness of meals, this mall has a palate pleaser for every foodie.

And here are the palate selections for hungry shoppers:

Fast Food Flavours
  • McDonald’s: Oh, come on. Who can resist a McSpicy after a shopping day?
Local Lovin’
  • Kopitiam: Where a steaming cuppa and Kaya Toast set all wrongs right.
  • Mixed Veg Rice: A balanced meal that’s wallet-friendly too.
  • Hup Lee Fried Bee Hoon: A nostalgic bite into the heartlands.
  • Ban Mian, Fish Soup: Comfort food at its finest.
  • Local Delights: Ah, the name embodies it all!
Bakery Bliss
  • UT Bakery: Fresh out-the-oven treats to satisfy your sweet cravings.
  • Moon River Cake Shop: For those times when a slice of cake just feels right.
Culinary Corners
  • Vegetarian Food: Green and clean delights for the soul.
  • Bowl & Grill: Grilled to perfection every time.
  • Pick & Bite Food Court: An array of options for when you can’t decide.
  • Aston Food & Beverage Specialities Pte Ltd: For when you want something a tad fancy.
  • Ming Kitchen Seafood Restaurant: Dive into a sea of flavours.

4. Market, Convenience, Home Goods & Reliable Services

Have you ever felt that worry when you realise you have run out of eggs? Or may you require that last-minute birthday card? Everyone’s been there once or twice.

Thus, it’s only natural to seek a mall with everything because the joys of everything are just a few steps away! That’s the Yew Tee Square promise for you. It is a one-stop, got-it-all kind of place where convenience is king. 

What’s fascinating about this mall is its big brands and fancy eateries, but it is also about real-life conveniences. Here are the essentials and more:

Fresh Market
  • Yew Tee Market
General Stores & Conveniences
  • Valu$
  • Bess Point
Services to Rely On
  • Thye Joo Pawnshop Pte Ltd
  • SH 24 Hours DIY Laundry
  • Domestic 21 Maid Agency 家佣21介绍所
  • AXS Pte Ltd
  • Nanayam Foreign Exchange Pte Ltd

5. Hair, Beauty & Healthcare

Whoever said beauty is skin deep clearly never set foot in Yew Tee Square! From haircuts to health check-ups, everything is set out for you.

After all, taking care of oneself does not mean a luxury; it’s essential. And it’s about time you start treating it as one. 

Here are the options that will do wonders for one’s mood and health:

Snip & Style
  • Charm Beauty & Hair Salon
  • Hair Flair Gallery
Beauty Therapy
  • Kushi’s Beauty & Bridal Services
  • Beauty Reveal Exquisite Pte Ltd
Seeing Clearly
  • Visionlink Options & Contact Lens
  • Yi Eyecare
Traditional and Modern Medicine
  • Beyond Tonic TCM & More
  • Tai Sin Medical Hall
  • Temasek Medical Centre
  • Greenlife Clinic & Surgery Pte Ltd
Eye, the Window to Your Soul
  • The Point Optical

Getting to Yew Tee Square

Have you ever had the “I can’t find my way!” mini panic attack? No fun, right? 

Knowing your way around is priceless in the vast urban sprawl that Singapore can sometimes be. Luckily, reaching this mall is more accessible than pronouncing “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” backwards!

Here are the best methods to travel cleverly:

  • Hop on to the North-South Line and alight at Yew Tee MRT Station. From there, it’s only a breezy walk to this shopping oasis.
  • Multiple buses play to Yew Tee, such as 302, 979, 302A, G89, G46, G47, G111, 307, and 307A. Check the local bus schedule and pick the most convenient for you. 
  • GPS is your best friend! Type in “Yew Tee Square” and let technology guide your way. There’s no need to worry about parking; ample space awaits you.
Taxi or Ride-hailing Services
  • Mention “Yew Tee Square” to the uncle or auntie behind the wheel, or key it into your app, and you will be at this mall before you know it.

Tips for Maximising Yew Tee Square

At Yew Tee Square, do as the savvy and intelligent shoppers do! Think of shopping as a marathon sport. You would not enter a race without a strategy, would you?

Here are your Yew Tee winning tactics:

  1. Mornings can be quieter, making it the perfect time for uninterrupted retail indulgence. 
  2. A shopping list is not only practical; it’s an art form. Stick to it for maximum efficiency.
  3. The age-old adage rings true, especially when you are on a shopping marathon.
  4. Identify places to take short breaks. A quick sit-down can supercharge the next shopping sprint.
  5. Use the mall’s Wi-Fi. Check deals online, compare prices or simply update your shopping adventures on social media.

Need More Cash for Yew Tee Square?

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