5 Things to Do in Katong Square Singapore

Hello there! Have you ever visited that enchanting corner of Singapore where history kisses modernity? Yes, it is about Katong Square. 

It’s the place that isn’t a regular shopping hub but where memories meet melodies. Are you feeling more intrigued already?

That is the charm of this mall. Stick around, and by the end of this article, you will be planning your next visit to this mall. So, here’s a walkthrough of the not-so-ordinary encounters you’re about to uncover.

About Katong Square Singapore


What better to know about an establishment than obtaining a quick background check? Katong Square stands tall and proud, not only through its physical structure but also in its historical essence.

Born from Singapore’s rich Peranakan heritage, this mall carries whispers of the past, perfectly blended with the retail razzle-dazzle of today. Established in the warm year of 2015, this mall has been turning heads and winning hearts ever since.

Vital details of this mall at a glimpse:

AddressE Coast Rd, #86-88, Singapore 428788
Operating HoursOpen Mondays to Sundays from 0730 AM to 12 AM
Contact Number65 6387 6337
Official Websitehttps://katongsquare.com.sg/
Best ServicesDining, Hotel, Event Venue

1. Dining In Katong Square


Now, if there’s one thing most people take seriously, apart from queuing, it’s food. And Katong Square?

It’s like the culinary Olympics! From your favourite cup of coffee to dishes that dance on your palate, this place delivers a flavourful symphony you cannot resist!

Here’s the breakdown you require:

Cafe Lovers Paradise
  • Starbucks: Get your classic cold brew or that Frappucino you adore.
  • 2Six Cafe: Sip on specially brewed coffee paired with delightful pastries.
  • CAMELLIA 茗岩 Tea Bar: For tea lovers, indulge in a selection of refreshing brews.
For the Authentic Cuisine Hunters
  • Baba Chews: Relish Peranakan dishes that scream Singapore!
  • Khao Hom by Rung Mama (Katong): Thai food that’s as real as it gets. Their Tom Yum soup is legendary; I’m just saying.
  • Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant: Sushi, sashimi, and everything Japanese delicious!
  • Goldleaf: Encounter genuine and authentic Taiwanese dishes, and prepare yourself for perfection.
  • Kaboodle: If you desire a bit of everything, this is your place!
Quick Bite Grabs
  • Killiney: Grab a quick bite without compromising on taste.
  • food etc.: Precisely what the name suggests. Everything food!

2. Hotel Indigo and Katong Square


Ah, the joy of mini-holidays or experiencing such treats on a busy work week. Even if you are from Singapore or a tourist searching for a top-quality hotel experience, why not indulge in a little ‘home away from home’ moment?

At Katong Square, you will find the Hotel Indigo Singapore Katong, an IHG Hotel. Why travel miles when you can have a luxury staycation right here?

You’ll acquire the following from this hotel:

  • Amenities: Plush rooms, rooftop pool, gym facilities, and more.
  • Services: 24-hour room service, complimentary Wi-Fi, and personalised concierge services.
  • Offers: Exclusive dining discounts, early check-in options, and weekend getaway packages.

3. The Ballroom In Katong Square


Have you ever had one of those days where you are all dressed up with nowhere to go? Oh, don’t worry, you aren’t alone. But that’s a thing of the past once you’ve stepped into this mall, especially when there’s an event powerhouse in the mix.

Where? At The Ballroom Singapore!

Mind you, this is not your grandma’s ballroom. It’s where class meets, sass! Here’s a glance at what awaits you:

  • Amenities: State-of-the-art sound system, dynamic lighting, and a dance floor that begs you to move.
  • Services: Event planning, catering partnerships, and themed evenings.
  • Offers: Membership benefits, early-bird event ticket discounts, and private party packages.

4. ArtHaus in Katong Square


Art lovers, rejoice! This mall has turned up the volume on creativity. Explore deep into a world where paint, canvas, and imagination rule supreme.

How? Well, it’s all thanks to The ArtHaus!

It’s genuine nirvana for people who find solace in sketches and strokes. You should know an artsy lowdown:

  • Amenities: Spacious studios, curated exhibitions, and an artsy cafe to satiate the artist and the foodie in you.
  • Services: Art classes, private viewing appointments, and custom artwork commissions. 
  • Offers: Art kits for beginners, discounts on group classes, and exclusive member previews.

5. Hair and Healthcare In Katong Square


Of course, good hair and good health, who doesn’t want it? After all, these aren’t just about looking and feeling excellent.

These are the silent confidence boosters, and science backs it up! Research shows that feeling fantastic about oneself reduces stress and improves overall well-being.

So, why not give your mane and health the Katong Square touch?

J&J Hair Identity ORGANIC Hair Salon Singapore
  • Specialities: Sustainable hair care treatments, organic hair products, and precision cuts.
  • Offers: Loyalty programs, first-timer discounts, and seasonal hair care packages.
International Medical Clinic
  • Services: General health check-ups, specialised treatments, and teleconsultation assistance.
  • Amenities: Modern clinics, professional and experienced doctors, and the latest medical tech.

Getting to Katong Square

Alright, it’s to let the truth bombs roll: In the world of instant gratification, everyone likes their pizzas hot, Wi-Fi fast, and directions quicker than ever! 

Knowing the fastest route is crucial whether you are a local or just here to soak in some rich Singaporean vibes. It’s especially vital if you are heading somewhere as legendary as this mall.

Here are your choices of means of transport to this mall:

  • The closest station is Dakota MRT (CC8). Once there, it’s a refreshing 10-minute walk to the mall.
  • Multiple services stop near this mall, including 12, 10, 14, and 32. What about your stop? The Katong Square, of course!
  • Arrive at the mall scratch-free using your GPS or follow the signs to 8-88 East Coast Road, Singapore 428788. Parking? Oh, they’ve got you covered!
  • Just tell the friendly driver, “Katong Square, please!” and enjoy the ride.

Tips to Maximise Katong Square

While some shop with abandon, others need a strategy! Do you want to get the most out of this mall? You got it!

  1. Arriving earlier than most guarantees you have the first dibs on exclusive deals and a relaxing shopping day.
  2. Join the Katong loyalty program for access to member-only promos.
  3. With all that shopping, remember to sip on something refreshing from one of the many cafes.
  4. Those trendy shoes might look good, but comfort always wins when you’re on a shopping marathon.
  5. Check out their website for ongoing sales or events – snagging a deal might happen soon!
  6. Stay connected with the free Wi-Fi access. It is handy for those instant IG updates.

Need More Cash for Katong Square?

Have you ever been there when that dreamy pair of shoes called out to you? Or you may desire a lavish and incredible wedding at The Ballroom but need more extra cash. Katong Square has a way of making you wish your wallet was a bit thicker with money.

But do not worry; help’s just a few steps away!

We, Accredit Licensed Money Lender, are ready to assist you. Whether it’s a fashion splurge or an exquisite surprise event, consider a personal loan from us. We guarantee easy-to-understand terms and an efficient process; you will return to Katong Square before you know it.

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