4 Things to Do in Taman Jurong Shopping Centre Singapore

Taman Jurong Shopping Centre appears to be just another mall in Singapore. But it’s truthfully similar to a  treasure cave waiting to be scoured, a teeming nexus of vibrant shopfronts, echoing laughter, and enticing aromas that pull you in. 

Have you ever passed a place and thought, “I wonder what’s inside?” That’s the precise charm this mall exudes. 

Come on, don’t be shy. Here’s a little virtual stroll through the lanes of this shopping centre and unearth the four majestic things you can do within its confines.

About Taman Jurong Shopping Centre Singapore


First, the stage must be set. Picture a mall that captures the vibrant essence of the island city’s retail industry. That’s Taman Jurong Shopping Centre for you!

It isn’t one of those newborn malls that popped up overnight. Nope, this place has a history since its establishment in 1976, and the shopping centre has seen trends come and go. Today, it continues to evolve, ensuring it remains a hot favourite mall among Singaporeans and tourists.

Here’s a swift snapshot of the shopping centre’s details:

Address399 Yung Sheng Rd, #01 39, Singapore 610399
Operating HoursOpen Mondays through Sundays from 10 AM to 7 PM.
Contact Number+65 9375 5333
Best ServicesCustomer Service Desk, Wheelchair & Stroller Rental, Complimentary Wi-Fi

1. Shopping in Taman Jurong Shopping Centre


Here’s a thought. Why do people shop?

Sure, there’s the apparent reason – to purchase stuff. But if you dig deeper, there’s actual science to it. 

When you buy stuff, your brain releases dopamine, giving you that much-needed delightful buzz. Now, how do you ensure the maximum release of this happiness hormone?

You can attain such a goal by confirming and being at the right place, with the right stores around.

Here’s what you can explore at this shopping centre:

Picture Perfect Memories
  • CHOSEN PICTURE FRAMER & GIFTS: For those timeless moments that deserve to be framed for years.
Daily Essentials & Groceries
  • FairPrice: Your go-to for everyday groceries and household needs.
Active Living & Sports
  • K1 Sports: Everything for the sports enthusiasts.
  • Fishing Buddy Pte Ltd – West Branch: For the angler in you.
Fashion & Children’s Wear
  • X’ Quisite Children’s Wear: Dress your kiddos in the latest style.
  • Regal Tackle: Elevate your wardrobe game.
Tech & Electronics
  • Wisdom Plus Electronics (S) Pte Ltd: Your tech nirvana.
  • Future Time & Trading: Explore the latest in electronics.
Home & Furniture
  • Yi Sheng Furniture: For that cosy corner in your house.
And More
  • ABC Bargain Centre: Deals you can’t resist.
  • Useful Things: As the name suggests, find valuable items here.
  • Chin Poh Thye: Dive into a variety of products and treasures.

So, there you have it. Whether you are hunting for the latest gadget, hoping to snag a deal, or enjoying some window shopping time, this shopping centre promises an experience uniquely Taman Jurong!

2. Dining in Taman Jurong Shopping Centre


Ah, the epicurean pleasures await you at Taman Jurong Shopping Centre! Whether you are a dedicated food enthusiast or someone hunting for a quick yet filling snack, this place’s sights, aromas, and tastes will no doubt have your mouth watering in no time. 

An excellent dining affair is more than mere food; although it’s not hard to admit, it’s a BIG part of it. It’s also about the atmosphere, the company you’re with, and the pleasures of savouring flavours that resonate with your soul. Think of the memories, the laughter, and the stories shared over a meal. In this shopping centre, you are not simply consuming food but creating moments.

With an impressive spread of restaurant choices delivering various cuisines, the hardest decision you will make is choosing where to dine.

Here are the prime delicious choices waiting to satisfy your cravings:

Quick Bites and Beverages
  • Yung Sheng Beverage (90): Quench your thirst with tempting drinks.
  • U C T: Refreshing drinks for your shopping bonanza,
  • Taman Pk Cold & Hot Drinks Eating Stall: What is better than a cold drink after a hard shopping day?
Western Gratification
  • Subway: Grab a sub, and make it yours! Healthy and hearty.
  • Prima Deli: Savour those mouth-watering pastries and more.
Local Flavours
  • Koufu: Dig into the delightful range of local dishes.
  • Chang Cheng Chinese Mixed Vegetables Rice: For those who fancy a comforting bowl of mixed rice.
Baked Pleasures
  • B&W Bakery Confectionery Pte Ltd: Freshly baked goodies tantalising your taste buds.
Culinary Experiences:
  • Yung Sheng Foodcourt: A medley of tastes that celebrates Singapore’s multicultural culinary landscape.

A trip to this shopping centre will lead to finding something that fills your tummy and warms your heart.

3. Beauty and Wellness in Taman Jurong Shopping Centre


Do you know that exhilarating feeling when you leave the salon with a fresh cut or the soothing sensation after a revitalising spa day? This shopping centre understands all these too well! With numerous selections of beauty and wellness shops, you will attain retail therapy and a holistic experience.

Here are the perfect unwinding and beautifying choices you can encounter:

Hair Salons
  • Bliss Hair Salon & D & David Saloon
  • Hair Cube Salon & J.s.hairdressing & Beauty Saloon
  • Jenny Beauty & Hair Studio
  • Mano Ravi Indian Barber Shop
Beauty and Nail Care
  • Angel Fair Beauty
  • Aemea Hair & Nail Salon
Health and Optical Care
  • Point Medical Equipment & Unity Pharmacy
  • Yeta Optical
  • Ban Foh Tong Chinese Medical Hall
  • Ezen Holistic

4. High-Standard Services in Taman Jurong Shopping Centre


Imagine: You have wrapped up a shopping spree, and suddenly, it hits you – you forgot to run some vital errands, But you don’t need to stress about it. This shopping centre will handle this dilemma, as it offers convenience.

Thus, whether you have to snap a quick passport photo, send a parcel, or even try your luck with a lottery ticket, this mall guarantees you get more done with less hustle.

Here are the essentials at your fingertips:

Banking and Financial Services
  • AXS Pte Ltd
Daily Necessities
  • 7-Eleven
  • Wonder Wash Self-Service Laundromat
  • Singapore Pools Pte Ltd
Childcare and Photography
  • Iman Childcare (Jurong) Pte Ltd
  • Small Wonder @ Taman Jurong
  • I Photo Studio Pte Ltd
Home and Miscellaneous
  • Universal Homemart
  • SAM

Getting to Taman Jurong Shopping Centre

Time is gold, and there’s no feeling quite like the buzzkill of getting lost. Knowing your directions is more than just a convenience; it’s your ticket to seize the day. So, if you’re going to the shopping centre, all the transportation options are below.

  • Singapore’s efficient MRT system can zip you to the vicinity. While there isn’t a direct MRT station to the shopping centre, one can alight at Lakeside station, and it’s just a few bus stops away.
  • Several buses ply the route leading to the shopping centre, such as 178, 30, 98, 98M, 240A, 140, 246. Check your local bus schedules and routes; chances are there’s one that drops you right at the doorstep.
  • There’s ample parking at the shopping centre for those who fancy a drive. Just key the address into your GPS, and you’ll find your way there. And remember, early birds often get the best parking spots!

Grab a taxi or book through your favourite ride-hailing app for further convenience. Most drivers are familiar with the shopping centre, ensuring a breezy ride.

Maximising Your Taman Jurong Shopping Centre Day

You’ve heard of life hacks, but have you ever considered shopping centre hacks? Maximise your visit to Taman Jurong Shopping Centre with these nifty tips, transforming you from a tiny wanderer to a shopping centre ninja!

  1. Arrive early, especially during weekends. Not only will you skip the crowds, but you may also score some morning deals.
  2. Take a few minutes to scan the directory. Knowing where you are headed saves you time, money, and steps.
  3. If you are planning a meal, aim for off-peak hours. Late lunch or early dinner gives you the pick of the best seats.
  4. Stay connected by logging into the mall’s free Wi-Fi. Browse, share, and stay updated.

Need More Cash for Your Taman Jurong Shopping Centre Escapade?

Ah, Taman Jurong Shopping Centre – will be your shopping destination and an experience. But what happens when you stumble upon that must-have item or decide on an impromptu splurge? Sometimes, your wallet requires a little boost.

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