4 Things to Do in Rivervale Plaza Singapore

Hey there, welcome to Rivervale Plaza! Nestled in the heart of Sengkang New Town, this place is like your trusty sidekick for convenience. It might not be the biggest mall on the block, but boy, does it know how to spoil you with choices. From groceries to grub, wellness to healthcare, it’s all here. So, let’s dive into the four must-try adventures at Rivervale Plaza Singapore. Ready? Let’s roll!

About Rivervale Plaza Singapore

Now, let’s talk about this gem called Rivervale Plaza. It’s more than just a mall; it’s like an old friend to Sengkang folks. This place was here before the shiny new malls started popping up, and it’s been holding it down ever since. It’s got just two levels, but don’t let that fool you – it’s packed with all you need for a smooth shopping experience.

Here’s the scoop: Rivervale Plaza has something unique up its sleeve. It’s got a wet market that’s a real blast from the past. You can soak in the lively vibes of a traditional market and grab some fresh fish while you’re at it. 

But wait, there’s more! You’ve got not one, but two food courts to curb your cravings. And if shopping is your jam, there are retail shops aplenty. Need a quick check-up? No worries, they’ve got medical clinics too.

Address118 Rivervale Dr, Singapore 540118
Opening Hours6 AM – 11 PM
Phone+65 6881 2621
Good ForShopping, dining, beauty treatments, and medical care

1. Bag Your Groceries

Alright, you can’t ignore the supermarket scene in any mall, right? Well, Rivervale Plaza serves up a gem. Picture this: NTUC Fairprice, Singapore’s heavyweight in the grocery game. 

They’ve got everything under the sun – fresh produce, meat, seafood, dairy goodies, bakery treats, frozen delights, packaged essentials, and all your household must-haves. Whether you’re prepping a homemade feast or just craving some quick snacks, NTUC Fairprice at Rivervale Plaza has your back.

2. Savor the Flavors 

Now, let’s talk about a mouthwatering journey through Rivervale Plaza’s gastronomic delights. This place is a treasure trove of dining experiences, from cozy eateries to your all-time favorite fast food joints. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick grub or a relaxed dining affair, this plaza won’t disappoint.

So, let’s dish out the scoop on the culinary gems you mustn’t miss:

  • Chang Cheng Chinese Mixed Vegetables Rice
  • Heavenly Wang
  • Juz Bread
  • KFC Singapore
  • Kopitiam Foodcourts
  • Koufu Pte Ltd
  • McDonald’s Singapore
  • Mr. Bean
  • Swee Heng Bakery Pte Ltd
  • Tenderfresh Express

At Rivervale Plaza, your taste buds are in for a treat, no matter your cravings. From local delights that sing with Singaporean flavors to international dishes that’ll take you around the world, and even a comforting cup of coffee to wrap it all up, this place has it all. Whether it’s hearty meals or delightful sweet endings, Rivervale Plaza is where culinary dreams come true.

3. Rejuvenation Time 

Alright, so you’ve wrapped up an epic shopping spree or savored a delicious, filling meal. Now, it’s high time you treat yourself to some well-deserved pampering. Rivervale Plaza boasts a variety of hair salons, each with its unique touch when it comes to hairstyling.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Rivervale local or just passing through the charming streets of Sengkang New Town – these salons have got you covered. Let’s explore a couple of standout options:

  • Azel & Jane Salon
  • Fashionable Unisex Hairdressing & Barber Salon

These pros are more than just your run-of-the-mill hairstylists; they’re artisans of the follicle! Whether you’re in the mood for a sleek, modern cut or you prefer the timeless charm of a traditional barber-style trim, these folks have the expertise to keep you looking razor-sharp.

4. Nurturing Wellness 

Taking care of your health is top priority, and Rivervale Plaza gets that. Here, you’ll discover a variety of clinics offering a wide range of medical services. They’ve got you covered. Check out these healthcare hotspots within the plaza:

  • Healthway Medical Group
  • SBCC Clinics Pte Ltd
  • Thomson Paediatric Clinic Pte Ltd

But wait, there’s more. Rivervale Plaza also boasts a flair for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Get a taste of ancient wisdom with these TCM options:

  • Hockhua Tonic Singapore
  • Jin Tai Tong Chinese Medicine Shop Sengkang

Modern or traditional, it’s your call. Rivervale Plaza ensures your well-being, no matter your preference.

Getting to Rivervale Plaza

Now that you’re all set to dive into the awesomeness of Rivervale Plaza, let’s chat about how you can get there without breaking a sweat. After all, convenience is the name of the game, and this place is connected like your favorite social media app.

  • Taking the MRT: Rivervale Plaza’s practically neighbors with Sengkang MRT (NE16) Station. So, hop on that train, and you’re practically there. No fuss, no muss.
  • Opting for the Bus: If buses are more your jam, Rivervale Plaza rubs shoulders with other malls like The Seletar Mall and Compass One. Just jump on buses like NR6, 119, or 136, and you’ll find yourself at the plaza in no time. Easy peasy!

Tips for Maximizing Your Rivervale Plaza Experience

Now that you’re ready to dive into Rivervale Plaza’s world, here are some savvy moves to elevate your visit:

  • Plan Your Shopping List: Before you hit the supermarket, jot down your must-haves to dodge overspending.
  • Try Local Delicacies: Venture into the food courts and savor homegrown flavors for that genuine Singaporean taste bud journey.
  • Book Appointments: If a salon pampering or a health check-up is on your agenda, consider booking ahead to skip the wait.

Keeping the Fun Flowing Without Breaking the Bank

Rivervale Plaza sure knows how to keep the good times rolling with its shopping, dining, and relaxation options. But hey, sometimes you might find yourself spending a tad more than you planned. Don’t sweat it; we’ve got a nifty solution. 

How about considering a budget-friendly personal loan with flexible payback terms from your friendly neighborhood Accredit Moneylender? Pop over to their nearest branch, submit your application, and voila! You could have the funds you need the very same day. So, you can keep enjoying all that Rivervale Plaza has to offer without a care in the world.

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