4 Things to Do in Palais Renaissance Singapore

Hello, dear reader! If you’re looking for an in-depth guide to one of Singapore’s most opulent shopping destinations, you’re in the right place. It’s time to unravel the enchanting tale of the Palais Renaissance Singapore together.

Stepping into Palais Singapore is akin to entering a realm of luxury and elegance. Situated in the heart of Orchard Road, this shopping centre isn’t just a place to make purchases; it’s where memories are crafted. 

Are you now even more curious about what sets it apart? Dive deeper below.

About Palais Renaissance Singapore

Palais Singapore has stood tall since 1993, presenting Singaporeans and tourists with an incomparable upscale shopping experience. The establishment has deep roots in Singapore, representing a confluence of architectural artistry and Singapore’s modern, urban vibes.

Over the decades, it’s grown not just in physical size but also in its significance to Singapore’s retail landscape. It’s not just a mall – a symbol of luxury, a testament to Singapore’s booming economy and evolving fashion sense.

Why it’s a Must-Visit

Several factors make Palais Singapore a magnet for shoppers:

  • Exclusivity: It offers niche brands and unique stores not found elsewhere in Singapore.
  • Architectural Splendor: The mall’s design stands out, making it more than a shopping destination – it’s an experience.
  • Location: Situated on Orchard Road, it’s at the heart of Singapore’s shopping district, creating an exceptionally accessible means to shop.
Address390 Orchard Road, Singapore 238871
Operating HoursYou can visit the Palais daily between 10 AM to 10 PM.
Contact Number+65 6737 6992
Official Websitehttps://www.palais.sg/
Top ServicesF&B Reservations, Free Wi-Fi, Handicapped Parking Lots and Toilets, Mobile and EV Charging Stations, Lost & Found, Nursing Room, BETS Cashcard Top-Up

1. Shopping In Palais Renaissance


There’s a reason we often hear that shopping is therapeutic. But at Palais Renaissance, it’s more than the therapy; it’s an incomparable encounter. 

Find out here precisely the reasons why.

The Art of Shopping

Walking through its corridors, you’ll be greeted by a myriad of boutiques, each with its unique offerings. From high-end fashion brands to exclusive local designers, the Palais caters to the discerning shopper. If you’re looking for items that are out of the ordinary, this is indeed the palace to be.

Stores Galore!

Here are some must-check-out stores that elevate the shopping experience:

  • LUXEHOUZE: Luxury in every design. Perfect for those who value quality craftsmanship.
  • L’ECRIN BOTIQUE SINGAPORE: The boutique showcases the best of Hermes Birkin.
  • Merci Marcel Concept Store: For anyone who is a home and living enthusiast, it’s the store that delivers exclusive designer pieces, toys, homeware accessories, and interior finishings with the latest Paris trends that will enhance your life significantly.

2. Dining In Palais Renaissance


Dining at the Palais will strike a chord if you believe life’s too short for unsavoury food. It’s the destination that will introduce you to a world beyond only eating but a culinary escapade waiting to be explored.

Take a gastronomic tour right now!

The Culinary Canvas
  • Asian Pleasure: The Asian delicacies are perfectly prepared from ISHINOMAKI GRILL & SAKE, Ki Teppan & Rogama, Sushi Kimura and more!
  • European Elegance: Craving a French coq au vin or Italian risotto? You’re in for a treat at the French Fold.
  • Casual Cafe Culture: Sometimes, you only need a good coffee and the perfect cake at the PS. Cafe.

At the Palais, dining is an experience to be savoured, not rushed. Each bite, every flavour, tells a story, and it’s one you’ll want to relive.

3. Entertainment Near the Palais Renaissance Singapore


You said, “All work and no play” makes life dull. Who can ever deny the truth behind it? It’s a great thing that Palais Renaissance agrees and understands the sentiment.

Entertainment is not a simple option near the Palais but an invitation to joy. Find out how precisely.

  • Esplanade Theatres on the Bay: Are you a big fan of the performing arts? If you are, you must visit the Esplanade, only a few minutes from the Palais, where you can watch a play, concert, movie, or dance performance.
  • National Gallery Singapore: It’s essentially the best choice for people who appreciate aesthetics, and the art galleries exhibit contemporary art pieces that will leave you pondering.
  • Live Performances: On certain weekends, you can enjoy live music, ranging from classical to jazz, setting the perfect evening ambience.
Nearby Attractions of Extended Fun at the Palais 

Exploring the space where Palais is offers the opportunity for further adventure. Much so that you will find these tourist attractions near its location, such as the following:

  • Chinatown
  • Little India
  • Orchard Road

There’s no shortage of entertainment and leisure, and the Palais Renaissance Singapore guarantees that your time will never be boring. Instead, it’ll be filled with smiles and unforgettable days.

4. Beauty and Wellness In Palais Renaissance


Wouldn’t it be nice to pamper yourself after a day primarily of shopping, dining, leisure and entertainment? The Palais think so, too!

Wellness Centres
  • Spa Retail: Indulge in therapeutic massages and treatments that promise to melt your stress away.
Top Picks
  • Self Aesthetics Medical Spa: Known for its top-tier, professionally medical-grade facial treatments, it’s a must-visit for those with tired muscles.

It’s more than self-care; it’s a commitment to living your best life, and Palais Singapore provides the perfect platform for it.

How to Get to Palais Singapore?

Are you heading to Palais Renaissance Singapore? Brilliant choice! It isn’t primarily about the destination; it’s the experience waiting to unfold.

But wait, how do you get there? Fret not; your trusty travel guide has the perfect options to whisk you to this magical place!

  • MRT: Go to the nearest station, the Orchard (NS22). Exit the Orchard MRT, take Exit A, and stroll down Orchard Road. It’s about a 10-minute walk, and you’re there!
  • Bus: You can take bus numbers 7, 36, 77, 105, 106, 111, 123, 132, 174, and 502, 502A, or choose the SMRT buses 77 and 106. These buses will drop you at the bus stop near the entrance. Easy-peasy!
  • Car: Check the map for directions via GPS to 390 Orchard Road, Singapore 238871. Don’t worry; there’s an ample parking space.
  • Taxi: Tell your friendly taxi driver, “To Palais Renaissance, please!” and they know where to take you.

So whether you choose the hum of the MRT, the bus’ convenience, your car’s comfort, or the ease of the taxi, getting to the Palais Renaissance won’t be an issue. It’s almost like the place calls out to you.

Ordinary Won’t Do, So Maximize Your Palais Renaissance Experience

Palais isn’t your regular mall; it’s an adventure waiting to happen. Here are some handy tips to elevate your experience from good to fabulous!

  1. Plan!
  2. Join the membership club!
  3. Take a guided tour.
  4. Dress comfortably.
  5. Don’t rush.

Remember, Palais Renaissance Singapore is all about the experience, so make sure you make the most of it.

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