4 Things To Do in Jem Singapore

Ah, Singapore! An island city that truly never sleeps, blending modernity with tradition. But amidst its skyscrapers and green landscapes, one star, the Jem Singapore, shines brighter in Jurong East.

It isn’t if you’re wondering if it’s a celestial body. It’s a mall in Singapore.

If you are a big fan of shopping, trying new and different cuisines, or discovering more about what the mall can give you, you’re in the perfect place to start your journey!

So, move forward to find the four marvels of what this mall has in store for you!

About Jem Singapore


There are a lot of malls in Singapore, but Jem stands out. Perhaps it’s because of the excellent experience of any shopper visiting there. Situated strategically within Jurong East’s heart, it’s a structure that’s a living testament to Singapore’s evolution into a global shopping utopia.

The History

The mall opened in 2013, quickly becoming integral to the Singaporean lifestyle. Over the years, it has been a shopping goal and an epicentre for community engagements, cultural events, family gatherings, and more! 

One of the most notable things you’ll notice first is the mall’s design. There have been claims of creation inspiration by the interlocking crystals, embodying the core of unity and diversity, symbolising Singapore’s unique cultural tapestry.

The Glistening Fame in Singapore

Admit it; it’s not hard to understand the mall’s significance in the local scene. Its clever location in the new regional centre and proximity to housing estates make it a convenient haven for shopaholics and casual visitors. Its eclectic range of stores and food outlets fulfils every Singaporean’s and tourist’s tastes and preferences.

Address50 Jurong Gateway Rd, Singapore 608549
Operating HoursOpen daily from 10 AM to 10 PM
Contact Number+65 6225 5536
Official Websitehttps://www.jem.sg/
Best ServicesConcierge Services, Family-friendly Facilities, Valet Parking

1. Shopping in Jem


Who would dare deny the thrills of finding the perfect purchase? It’s like assembling a jigsaw puzzle, where each piece fits just right. At Jem Singapore, it isn’t just an occasional feeling; it’s a daily reality.

The Allure of Shopping

Shopping is a considerable layout of self-expression. Whether choosing a new outfit, finding a suitable tech gadget, or selecting a gift, each purchase tells a story. The mall encapsulates this ethos, delivering the best products and worthwhile occasions.

Spotlight Stores

The mall’s retail land is varied and vast. Here’s a glimpse into some of its standout stores:

  • Fashion: Brands like 6ixty8ight, Charles & Keith, Cotton: ON, ALDO, MANGO, Levi’s, and Uniqlo offer trendy outfits every season.
  • Electronics: From ATRIX Service Experience Centre, Authorised Mi Store, Gadget Mix, iStudio, and OPPO to Challenger, tech fans can find the latest gizmos and gadgets.
  • Home & Lifestyle: Stores such as Courts, Eazea Smart Lock, WHST Design, and IKEA Jurong cater to those looking to improve their living spaces. You have Muji, Gifts Greetings, HAKO, Scent by SIX, Pet Lovers Centre, The Chinese Wedding Shop, The Green Party, Yankee Candle, and Samsonite are your best bets!
  • Health & Beauty: Apgujeong Hair Studion, AsterSpring, Avone Beauty Secrets, Beauty Language, Beijing 101, CHANEL, Chen Kang Wellness, DIOR Beauty Boutique, Eu Yan Sang, Fresh, Innisfree, and Guardian, to name a few, cater to beauty lovers and health buffs.
  • Children’s Wear & Toys: Kid-friendly spaces like Toys R Us and Cotton On Kids make shopping fun for the younger lot.

In qualities, the mall surfaces above the mall chronology. It’s a canvas where stories unfold, experiences are shared, and memories are created.

2. Dining in Jem


Ah, the universal language of food. Every person may have diverse tastes, but there’s one thing you can surely agree on the sheer happiness of diving into a mouthwatering dish in just the right ambience. At this mall, every dining spot promises a feast for the stomach and the soul.

A Gastronomic Expedition

The mall offers many prime dining choices, delivering a succulent menu to every palate and making it a food haven.

  • Asian Pleasures: From the spicy tangs that only Hing Kong delicacies offer at Tsui Wah to the aromatic allure of Chinese dishes at Din Tai Fung, the pleasurable flavours of Asia converge here.
  • Western Choices: Craving for some Western flair? SIMPLEburger Inc. and Stuff would satiate those desires.
  • Quick Bites: Sometimes, you only need a quick sandwich or a bubble tea. Baker’s Brew and Boost Juice Bar have got you covered.
  • Sweet Treats: Twelve Cupcakes and Awfully Chocolate offer delectable delights that will make anyone’s day!

But what stands out the most? It’s perhaps the Hainanese Chicken Rice. It’s a symphony of savoury flavours, with the tender chicken and aromatic rice complemented by zingy chilli and ginger paste.

It is Singapore on a plate!

3. Entertainment in Jem


Life happens, that’s for sure. And sometimes, you realise that it’s all too short. So, why not make the most out of it?

While the humdrum of daily life can sometimes get to everyone, it’s essential to let your hair down and let loose once in a while. The Mall Singapore can present and deliver the perfect blend of entertainment options you need to experience.

Fun Begins Here
  • Cathay Cineplex: A state-of-the-art theatre where blockbusters come to life. Whether a romantic comedy or an action thriller, every movie feels extra special here.
  • Plushies All Year Round: Does anyone in your family adore plushies? Or do you have friends who love to collect plushies? Then you should go to Plushies Island! Here, you’ll get to experience a Claw Catcher arcade fun time!

4. Beyond Shopping in Jem


Do you agree with the notion that the best shopping centres are those that go beyond shopping? If you firmly believe in such perspectives, you will love this mall. 

It’s because the mall takes its role seriously and thoroughly understands the needs of shoppers like yourself. You’ll find yourself getting diverse offers of services, leisure, and hobby options tailored to meet your demands.

Beyond Shopping
  • Sports: Numerous sports choices offer a myriad of sports equipment. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or picking up a new hobby, they’ve got something for everyone.
  • Hobbies: HAKO is a paradise for those who prefer toys, gifts, phone accessories, fashion, and other items in town, while Hakken caters to the Otaku in you!
  • Services: Need a haircut? Visit Clipper’s Barbers. For the best Korean facials? You have skin! Banking needs? UOB Bank’s right there! From beauty salons and spas to banking, this mall has it all!

Getting to Jem Singapore

You’ve probably heard of a mall, a gem (pun intended) in the heart of Jurong East. If you’re already dreaming of the dining and shopping wonders that await, it’s the ideal moment to talk about the next big thing: getting there!

Every journey starts with a single step, or in this case, picking your mode of transportation.

Transportation Options Unveiled

MRT: Jem is just a breezy walk away from Jurong East MRT station. Whether you are coming from the North-South or East-West line, just alight here, and voila, retail heaven beckons!

Bus: Multiple bus services are accessible here, including 51, 78, 79, 97, 143, 197, 333, and 334 to the mall. So, pick your favourite seat, gaze out the window, and before you know it, you’re there!

Car: This mall has ample parking space if you’re all about hitting the road. You can use your GPS for faster and more accurate destination location. Remember to check the parking rates and peak hours to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Tips to Maximizing Your Ventures

With a busy, rampant, and expansive place like this mall, it’s easy to feel like a kid in a candy store. So, how do you guarantee to yourself that you will make the most of every minute and every dollar?

All the details you need are right below!

Strategies for a Fabulous Venture
  1. A little research goes a long way with the sheer number of stores. Identify precisely what you need and which stores offer them.
  2. It’s known that the weekends can get incredibly crowded. If possible, visit during weekdays or early mornings for a more relaxed adventure. 
  3. There are numerous stores offering loyalty cards and memberships. Sign up for these to avail excellent promotions and deals.
  4. Make the most of the vast dining options. Periodic breaks can rejuvenate you for another exploration round!

Boost Your Cash For Your Shopping Quest

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