4 Things to Do in Boon Lay Shopping Centre Singapore

Are you itching for a spot in sunny Singapore that’s the real McCoy? Well, folks, look no further than Boon Lay Shopping Centre! Nestled snugly in the heart of Jurong West Town, this place is pure gold. It caters to one and all, whether you’re a local or just breezing through. 

Today, we’re spilling the tea on four sizzling experiences you can’t miss at Boon Lay Shopping Centre Singapore. Picture yourself snagging your daily essentials, devouring lip-smacking bites, and more. Ready to take the plunge? Let’s dive right in!

About Boon Lay Shopping Centre Singapore

Before we dive into the fun stuff, let’s get to know Boon Lay Shopping Centre a bit better. You’ll find it right on Boon Lay Place, and it’s a breeze to get there with Lakeside MRT Station just a short kilometer away. 

This place is a one-stop-shop for all your needs, with a wide array of stores and delicious eateries. Whether you’re after daily essentials, beauty treatments, eye care, a doctor’s visit, or some seriously good grub, you’ll find it all right here.

Address221 Boon Lay Pl, Singapore 640221
Opening Hours7:30 AM – 10:30 PM
Good ForShopping, dining, beauty and medical care 

1. Go on a Retail Therapy 

Boon Lay Shopping Centre boasts some stores that are the real deal, such as:

  • FairPrice: When it’s time for groceries and household stuff, NTUC FairPrice is the big name in town. They’ve got everything you need, from fresh produce and groceries to meats, seafood, dairy goodies, baked treats, frozen treasures, and home essentials. Whether you’re stocking up or grabbing goodies for your next meal, FairPrice has you covered.
  • ValuDollar: If you’re all about hunting down awesome deals, ValuDollar is your jam. They’ve got a massive range of stuff at prices that’ll make your wallet do a happy dance. Keep an eagle eye out for their blowout sales happening in stores all over the island. That’s where you can snag amazing goodies at jaw-dropping prices.

2. Feast Your Senses 

Once you’ve had your retail therapy fix, it’s time to treat your taste buds to some local delights at Boon Lay Shopping Centre. Here’s the scoop on where to chow down:

  • Hup Lee Fried Bee Hoon: Get ready for a mouthwatering spread of fried bee hoon, mee, and rice, paired with all your favorite stir-fried veggies and deep-fried goodies like fish cakes, meat rolls, sausages, and even otak otak.
  • Srisun Prata: If you’re a fan of South Indian flatbread, Srisun Prata is your go-to spot. They’ve got you covered from breakfast to dinner with their delectable prata offerings.
  • Difference Bakery: Got a sweet tooth? Difference Bakery is your sweet escape. They’ve got a delightful range of cakes and pastries that’ll satisfy your cravings in no time.
  • Bahulu Warisan: Dive into the world of traditional Malay snacks and desserts at Bahulu Warisan. Don’t miss their must-try bahulu (mini sponge cakes), perfect as souvenirs or simply to treat your taste buds to something special.

3. Indulge in Pure Relaxation

We all have those days when we could use a little TLC, right? Well, Boon Lay Shopping Centre has got your back with its fantastic selection of beauty and wellness havens. Here’s where you can truly kick back and relax:

  • Mix Hair House
  • G-one Hair Studio
  • Rosmi Hair Spa Salon
  • Enard Professional Beauty Centre

So, while you’re strolling through Boon Lay Shopping Centre, don’t pass up the chance to treat yourself to some well-deserved pampering. Your body and soul will sing your praises for it!

4. Your Health Matters 

Let’s talk about something that’s pure gold – your health. Boon Lay Shopping Centre gets it, and they’ve made sure you’ve got easy access to medical care. Here are some top-notch options for your healthcare needs:

  • OneCare Medical: When you need a doctor’s advice or a check-up, OneCare Medical’s right here in the shopping center. They’ve got your back.
  • New Asia Optical Co.: For those of us who rock glasses or lenses, New Asia Optical Co. is the place to be. Find quality eyewear without breaking a sweat.
  • Joo Guan Leong Trading Co Optician Merchant: Here’s another spot to keep your peepers in tip-top shape. Joo Guan Leong Trading Co Optician Merchant offers up a bunch of eyewear choices and top-notch eye-care services.

Getting to Boon Lay Shopping Centre

Getting to Boon Lay Shopping Centre is a breeze, thanks to these nifty transport options: 

  • Via MRT: The closest MRT station is Lakeside MRT Station, just a hop, skip, and jump away. 
  • Via Bus: Boon Lay Shopping Centre is a public transit hub. You can catch a ride from several bus stops, like the ones near Boon Lay Swimming Complex, Blk 207, Boon Lay Place, and right outside the shopping center. There’s a whole bunch of bus services, like 99, 174, 174E, 198, 240, 246, NR5, 5N, and 502, that’ll get you there without any fuss.

Tips For Maximizing Your Boon Lay Shopping Centre Experience

Want to make your Boon Lay Shopping Centre adventure top-notch? Check these nifty tricks:

  • Plan Ahead: Scope out the mall’s shops and grub joints before you roll in. It’ll help you nail down your must-hit spots.
  • Bring Cash: Even though plastic’s cool at most spots, it’s smart to stash some cold, hard cash. Especially handy when you’re poking around little shops and kiosks.
  • Explore Surrounding Areas: After soaking in Boon Lay Shopping Centre’s vibes, why not roam the Jurong West hood? You’ve got parks, fun zones, and more waiting to be discovered.

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