10 Important Things to Tell Your Maid About Moneylenders 

If you’re an employer of a domestic helper or maid in Singapore, it’s super important to take care of their financial well-being and protect them from any possible risks. There’s one topic that often gets overlooked but really deserves attention: moneylenders. Yes, those folks who lend money to those who need quick financial assistance. So, let’s dive into the essential info you need to share with your maid about moneylenders in Singapore. 

1. Get to Know Moneylenders in Singapore

Alright, let’s start with the basics. Your helper should have a good grasp of what these moneylenders are all about. They’re the ones who dish out quick loans to folks in need of some immediate cash. It’s crucial for your maid to realize that moneylenders can be an option when she’s in a financial pinch, but she should tread carefully.

2. Licensed Moneylender vs. Loan Sharks 

When it comes to dealing with financial emergencies, moneylenders can come to the rescue. But hey, not all of them are cut from the same cloth. Let’s make sure your maid knows how to tell the good from the bad. It’s important to steer clear of those shady characters lurking around. Teach her to stay vigilant and approach only licensed moneylenders. These folks play by the rules and treat borrowers fairly. 

On the flip side, there are those notorious loan sharks who employ illegal tactics and slap borrowers with sky-high interest rates. Now, let’s break it down further and look at the main differences between licensed moneylenders and loan sharks in Singapore:

AspectLicensed MoneylendersLoan Sharks
Legal StatusRegistered and licensed by the Registry of Moneylenders under the Ministry of Law.Operate without the necessary licenses and permits.
CredibilityAdhere to strict regulations and guidelines set by the government.Engage in illegal and unethical practices.
Interest RatesFollow the prescribed interest rate limits imposed by the government. The interest rate cannot exceed more than 4% per month.Charge exorbitant and unregulated interest rates that can reach up to more than 10% per month or more.
TransparencyProvide borrowers with clear and comprehensive loan terms and conditions.Lack of transparency in loan agreements, often hiding additional fees and charges.
Debt Collection Follow legal procedures for debt collection and are prohibited from using threats or violence.Resort to aggressive and illegal tactics to recover debts, including harassment, threats, and physical harm to borrowers or their loved ones.

3. Risks and Dangers of Dealing with Loan Sharks

Loan sharks, also known as unlicensed moneylenders, are a real headache in Singapore. They bring about a whole bunch of risks, especially for people like maids. It’s important to make sure your maid understands just how dangerous it can be to borrow money from these shady characters. These illegal lenders aren’t exactly the friendly neighborhood bank. Nope, they resort to aggressive tactics, charge ridiculously high-interest rates, and make life miserable for borrowers with their harassment, threats, and even physical violence. 

Picture this: you’re scrolling through your messages on WhatsApp or Telegram, and out of the blue, you see a message like this:

“Need some cash? We’ve got you covered! 

Reasonable rates 

Flexible repayment plans 

Fast paperwork process 

Even available for reloans! 

Just give Mark Chan a call at 9255 xxxx.”

Now, imagine the trouble your maid could find herself in if she falls for this trap. But fear not! By taking the time to inform your maid about the potential dangers lurking behind unlicensed moneylenders, you can help her steer clear of these treacherous situations.

4. Licensing matters 

It’s crucial to ensure that your helper grasps the significance of engaging with authorized moneylenders. These licensed folks are the real deal, obliged to adhere to the rules. They’ll hand over a contract that spells out all the essential terms and conditions, leaving your maid well-informed about the whole deal. Encourage her to request their license and verify its legitimacy before accepting any money. 

Alternatively, you can guide her to the Ministry of Law’s website, where she can check the license of the moneylender and find a list of all the registered moneylenders in Singapore. It’s all about staying safe and secure when it comes to dealing with money matters, especially with those maids about moneylenders.

5. Interest rates and fees 

Alright, let’s talk about interest rates and fees when it comes to borrowing money from moneylenders. It’s essential for your maid to grasp these concepts so she can make informed decisions. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Maximum interest rate: 4% per month
  • One-time administrative fee: Up to 10% of the loan principal
  • Late payment fees: Maximum of $60 per month for each late repayment
  • Legal fees: Applicable in cases of default and court-ordered recovery

Remember, it’s essential for your maid to be aware of these interest rates and fees to make sound financial decisions. Encourage her to ask questions and seek clarification from the moneylender to ensure she understands all the costs involved. 

6. Borrowing wisely

When it comes to managing money, there’s something important you need to discuss with your maid—moneylenders. But not just any moneylenders, we’re talking about the licensed ones. You see, while unlicensed moneylenders can be quite risky, it’s essential to educate your maid about the safer option—licensed moneylenders.

Here’s the deal: licensed moneylenders have a limit on how much your maid can borrow. Let us break it down for you based on the amount your maid earns as a Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW):

  • If your maid earns less than $10,000 a year, she can borrow up to $500.
  • If she earns $10,000 or more, but less than $20,000 a year, she can borrow up to $3,000.

7. Awareness of Assistance Services Available

Did you know that there are support services and helplines available to assist your maid with financial matters? It’s true! In Singapore, we’ve got various government initiatives and programs that provide financial assistance to those in need. Here are some helpful resources she can reach out to:

Make sure your maid knows about these resources. They can provide guidance and support during tough times. By arming her with this knowledge, you’re giving her a safety net and empowering her to seek help when she needs it most.

8. Reporting illegal activities 

When it comes to those shady moneylenders, we want to keep your maid safe from their tricks. It’s essential that she knows what to do if she encounters any illegal or unethical practices. Start by explaining the risks involved and share a real example of how these moneylenders operate. 

Let her know that she can report these activities to the authorities. Whether it’s the police or the Ministry of Law, there are people out there ready to help. By giving her this knowledge, you’re empowering her to protect herself and others.

9. Understanding the Self-Exclusion

Here’s a nifty trick your maid can use to take control of her financial choices. She can ask you, her employer to help her resist the temptation of taking loans from licensed moneylenders. It’s called self-exclusion, and it’s a commitment to stay away from unsecured loans for a specific period.

10. Promote Financial Literacy

It’s important to empower your maid to assess her financial situation and consider other options before turning to borrowing money. Help her understand the importance of creating a monthly budget to keep track of her income and expenses. By doing this, she can effectively manage her money and steer clear of unnecessary debt and financial stress.


Ensuring that your maid is well-informed about moneylenders in Singapore is essential for their financial security. Now, picture this scenario: if your maid is in need of a loan, there’s a fantastic option worth considering. Accredit Moneylender, one of the finest licensed moneylenders in Singapore, is dedicated to making the entire process a breeze. Rest assured, they have your maid’s back when it comes to offering reliable financial assistance.

Take a moment to encourage your maid to give Accredit Moneylender a try today. Let them experience firsthand the convenience and ease of their services. With just a simple step, your maid can access the much-needed financial support they deserve!

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